6 Helpful Tips For Beginners On How To Stop A Longboard

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Riding a longboard is greater than simply a method of transportation, it’s one of the most enjoyable and also tough tasks around. While discovering to ride is exciting, quiting can be a challenging job for novices.

This guide provides different techniques and also pointers for just how to stop your longboard, varying from beginner to sophisticated methods. Whether you just grabbed a board for the first time or have actually been riding for years, this overview consists of every little thing you need to know to boost your quiting abilities.

Exactly how to Stop a Longboard

Riding It


The most straightforward technique to quit a longboard is just riding it out. Ride at reduced or modest rates over a long stretch as well as allow rubbing to slow you down normally. Riding up a superficial hillside can reduce you down faster, as can riding on rougher surface areas like lawn as well as dust.

While novices can quickly pick this up as well as practice, it’s critical to keep safety in mind when riding it out. If you can not regularly brake with an additional approach, you must never ever exercise in a location with vehicles or other people. Confirm that you have lots of space ahead to make sure that you can quit without needing to carve hard or run into an item.

In a similar way, do not ride at broadband if you aren’t comfy stopping by hand. To make certain you remain safe in any way times, only ride your board out at speeds under 15 miles per hr. This guarantees that if you do face problem before pulling up, you can jump off your board without troubles.

Tips for riding it out

  • Just method in large, open spaces

  • Don’t exercise near individuals or vehicles

  • Flight at low speeds and coast to a stop

  • Guide into high-friction surfaces like turf to stop faster

Air braking

Air stopping is another stopping method that’s simple for novices to understand. To air brake, relocate your arms and body out to optimize your wind resistance and also slow yourself down as you coastline. Make sure not to overextend on your own, or you risk shedding your equilibrium as well as falling off your board. Just let the air do its work as well as decrease slowly.

Air stopping can be utilized combined with riding it bent on aid you quit quicker. Like the riding it out method, you shouldn’t depend on air stopping as your only stopping approach when riding. If you aren’t able to brake with your foot or slide to a stop, do not exercise in locations with other individuals or cars about.

If you’re an advanced biker, air braking can be an useful method to slow down in percentages while sculpting or to move to a quit.

Tips to air brake effectively

  • Extend your arms and also body to raise air resistance

  • Do not lose your balance; decrease progressively

  • See to it you have a lot of open area

  • Don’t exercise around cars and trucks or people

Foot Braking

As soon as you feel comfy riding and also quiting with novice methods, it’s time to understand foot stopping. Foot braking is by far the most typical method of quiting a longboard, and several advanced riders count on foot stopping for their day-to-day trips.

To foot brake, you move one leg off the board and also thoroughly skim your foot versus the ground as you ride. The friction developed between the sole of your footwear as well as the asphalt will reduce you down as you go, and permit you to quit much more rapidly and also regularly than riding your board out to a total quit naturally.

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When practicing foot stopping, it is essential to service your method to avoid unsafe falls. Several novices simply drop their entire foot onto the ground at once, shaking them to a stop and often resulting in a horrible spill. Rather, slowly reduced your foot versus the sidewalk, beginning with the sole as well as gradually going down the rest of your foot also.

Make sure not to push right into the ground but to allow your foot lightly skim the surface. This will maintain you balanced as well as upright while still reducing you down. If you have problem keeping your balance, flex your other leg (the one planted on your board) a little and also rest your hands on your knee to assist. Maintain a lot of your weight fixated the board, as opposed to in your stopping foot.

Tips for smoother foot braking

  • Lower your single first and also bring the remainder of your foot down 2nd

  • Skim the surface area of the ground; don’t push your foot hard

  • Rest your hands on your knee to maintain your balance

  • Practice with a pair of skateboarding footwear with thick soles

rest Braking

An advanced kind of foot braking, sit braking can be challenging but permits cleaner quits at the end of runs. To rest brake on a longboard, fall right into a resting setting and place your feet on the ground before the board.

To sit on your board, reduced your torso and move your knees and legs out as you take a seat. If it assists, you can utilize your hands to hold the sides of the board for equilibrium, though take care not to tilt the board and also guide on your own in an unwanted instructions.

Sit braking might look trendy, however the problem in getting involved in as well as out of a resting placement while moving methods sit braking is ideal made use of to stop your board completely. Dropping right into a seat while taking a trip at broadband can be harmful, so this method is just suggested at low or moderate travelling rates.

rest stopping ideas

  • Go down right into a sitting placement on your board

  • Position your feet before the board to stop

  • Just attempt at low or moderate rates

  • Best made use of to find to a full quit


For motorcyclists who’ve grasped foot and rest stopping, carving is a wonderful way to find to a stop without messing up the soles of your shoes. Sculpting entails tight kip down a vast zigzag pattern, similar to exactly how snowboarders or skiiers travel down a mountain slope.

To carve on your longboard, lean your body as well as transform till you take a trip virtually vertical to your previous direction, after that turn back the various other means and repeat the process. Carving can be particularly practical when going downhill, as it allows you to keep your speed under control without possibly shedding your balance.

Advanced bikers might have the ability to put a by far when sculpting, in a variation of what’s known as a Coleman slide. Maintain your center of mass reduced and also balanced over the board when practicing slides, and ensure to constantly use moving gloves so you do not injure your hands.

If you’re carving while relocating down a hillside, ensure to lean back right into the hill as you finish the turn. You do not want to transform completely sidewards against the instructions of capital, which will cause your wheels to shed grip and also skid, however you wish to keep your turns as limited as feasible to optimize your downturn.

carving ideas

  • Lean your body back and also into capital (if you’re on one)

  • Turn almost vertical, but do not skid

  • Keep repeating the process to decrease a lot more

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  • Footbrake or ride it bent on quit once you’re going slowly sufficient

bailing out

If you’re going also fast to brake securely as well as don’t have the area to ride it out up until you do, bailing off your board may be your only alternative. If possible, try to steer in the direction of an area of softer ground, like turf or dirt. Remain on your board for as long as possible to attempt as well as reduce on your own down.

If you can jump into a location of soft ground, roll your board right into the area. The unexpected rubbing will likely slow your board down as well as cause you to fall off— if you can, attempt to run the speed alter off till you can stop.

Bailing need to only be used as a last hope, as well as just on softer ground and with protective equipment. Bear in mind that recognizing how to bail out appropriately and taking a tumble on softer ground can save you from extreme injury.

pointers to bail out securely

  • Steer your board towards soft ground

  • Try to reduce using air stopping ideally

  • Bail off your board onto soft ground (not asphalt or concrete)

  • Try to run it off ideally

Important Gear for Ceasing a Longboard

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Exercising your quiting strategies on a longboard can be unsafe if you do not take proper preventative measures. To guarantee you remain safe and also avoid serious injury, you’ll require a few items of safety gear.

To begin with, a helmet is crucial for any kind of longboarder, regardless of the moment. Brain injury can occur from even the most harmless falls and has life-altering capacity. Wear a safety helmet at any time you step on a board, period.

If you’re a beginner practicing stopping, arm joint and also knee pads are a good concept too. While these aren’t definitely important like a headgear, brand-new motorcyclists may fall regularly and protective cushioning can conserve you from nasty scrapes and even busted bones.

For moving practice, gliding handwear covers are an essential. The gloves permit you to maintain hand call with hard surfaces without tearing up your skin. Grab a set before you practice your slides for the first time.

Finally, any type of longboarder needs a great set of skateboarding footwear. Strategies like foot stopping can wreck the soles of your shoes. Skateboarding footwear like Vans, DC, or Nikes have thicker, flatter soles, permitting a lot more effective braking as well as a longer life-span when compared to other shoes.

Must-Have Equipment for Exercising Quiting on a Longboard

  • Safety helmet

  • Moving Gloves

  • Knee and also joint pads

  • Skateboarding shoes


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Stopping a longboard may appear frightening for new bikers, and also can be hazardous if done incorrectly. Finding out to quit your board is an essential part of riding as well as must be practiced over and over.

We wish this overview has actually aided you discover just how to quit your longboard better and provided you enough pointers to practice safely. Happy riding!