Arbor Axis Longboard

There are many snowboarders that like to longboard in the off-season. The Arbor Axis Longboard is ideal for these enthusiasts due to the fact that the business designed it to mimic the snowboarding experience. The board itself if 40 inches as well as constructed out of various timber products sourced sustainably. This might show that the material is poor quality to some individuals however that is much from the situation. The longboard is durable as well as resilient. But contrasted to other boards, the cost for this model is in the higher cost range. So is this board worth it? Allow’s find out by going into the main features, specs, along with the benefits and drawbacks.

Arbor Axis Musician Collection 2017 Total Longboard New Costs Configuration
  • Arbor Axis Artist Collection 2017 Total Longboard Steps 40 ″
  • Bear Grizzly Black 180mm Longboard Trucks
  • Arbor Outlook 70mm 78a Longboard Tires
  • Arbor Black Hold Tape Applied
  • Comes Totally Put Together and All Set to Ride

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Deck product: Numerous wood product from sustainable resources
Tires: 69 mm
Board Length: 40 inches
Bearings: ABEC 5
Trucks: 50 ° 180mm vehicles
Cost Variety: High

Arbor Axis Longboard— Highlight

The very first point you’ll see concerning this longboard is its attractive style. It has a very west coastline retro feel that is pleasing to the eye. It additionally has a good wood coating that includes in its classic look. Currently when it concerns longboards, they generally concentrate on freestyle, downhill, or travelling. The longer ones like this design are excellent for travelling and downhills. It feels like the manufacturers focused on a quality board that used solid performance. This model is clearly except severe bikers that have a high requirement and also are trying to find a board that uses ideal feasible efficiency.

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Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions of this model is 40 x 8.75 x 30.5 inches
  • It’s equipped with ABEC 5 bearings.
  • A set of Paris 50 ° 180mm vehicles are attached.

Box Content

The longboard ships as is and does not come with anything else. It will be delivered with packaging material to avoid damages like nicks, bumps and scratches throughout transportation.


This is a board that is loved by lovers and also causal motorcyclists for many factors. Right here are the major pros of the board:

  • Although the material is made from various timbers, the coating is beautiful as well as durable. You might also appreciate that it’s made from lasting product if you are an eco-friendly consumer.
  • As stated previously, it aims to offer a snowboard-like feeling. It will not duplicate the specific feeling as it is stiffer. Yet many riders feel like this board is the closest thing you get to the snowboarding experience on hard surface areas.
  • The bearings as well as wheels offer a smooth ride right out of the box. If you’re intending on using this on the weekends and even to your walk to function, you will certainly obtain a great deal of value out of this board.
  • The longboard is rather long lasting. You shouldn’t reject it just because it is composed of various timbers. Naturally, it ought to be used for its primary objective and also should not be utilized for big jumps and freestyle.
  • This layout of the board is just cosmetically pleasing. The vivid colors on the bottom and the custom design surface actually make it appear like a premium board.
  • It seems that the wheels do actually well on smooth surface areas. This is highlighted even more when declining.
  • According to numerous customers, the board was great for both adults and teens. It wasn’t too large and also fit to ride for both age.


Like every other longboard, there are a couple of disadvantages that you should be aware of:

Arbor Axis Longboard – 2019 Review photo 2
  • A few customers did feel like it had some similarity of the snowboarding experience yet not enough. They wished that it was a lot more adaptable.
  • At the price factor, you ‘d anticipate it ahead with much better bearings. The bearings are not the fastest around, so do not expect a speedy board.
  • A couple of cyclists really felt that the wheels right out of package weren’t of the best. They really felt a drag out level surfaces as well as felt like the flight could’ve been smoother. Numerous recommend that you acquire upgrades for this board.
  • Some individuals felt that the grip tape mounted on the board really did not supply enough of the hold they were seeking. Bear in mind that this will impact the control as well as comfort while riding the board.

Best For

  • The arbor axis longboard is ideal for travelling. The shape of the board allows it to change effectively to anywhere you move your bodyweight to.
  • It’s actually excellent for downhills. The wheel as well as bearings that include it are not as well quick. So if you want a more controlled rate when you’re going down, you’ll value the restraint it provides.
  • Several clients have used this longboard to commute brief ranges without issues. This means it carries out well on concrete in addition to paved roadways.

What Users State

For the most part, consumers liked the top quality of the material and the design. They delighted in just how the longboard rode. It was secure, smooth, had excellent handling, as well as had good speed. A lot of the consumers that rode the board on flat surface areas and also downhills had not a problem. It is necessary to note that this board had not been developed to be functional. It ought to not be used for freestyle or vert skate boarding. You can plainly tell by the truth that there isn’t any kickstand.

Once more, the only small problem regarding the Arbor Axis Longboard is that a few individuals really felt that the wheels as well as bearings were not smooth and quickly sufficient. They suggested that customers purchase costs components and also install them for optimal performance.


Overall, The price is justified if you’re aiming to spend the money on a high quality longboard. But for the rate, the suppliers should have certainly consisted of higher efficiency wheels and bearings yet these components can be affordably changed.