Atom 41-Inch Drop Through Longboard

The Green Woody Atom 41-Inch Drop With Longboard is the excellent trip for those travelling longer distances or carving downhill at high speeds. When you are investing a significant amount of time on your board, you want a deck, vehicles, and wheels that give security as well as convenience. The ultra-low deck gives any skill cyclist more control of the board at high speeds. In conclusion, this is a suitable selection for making your method downhill.

Those riders who utilize the longboard to commute to work and also college or ride it often around university value being able to go longer distances with much less pain. Being lower to the ground, this longboard takes the deterioration out of intimidating community. Not having to decrease your core to be able to press off the ground will profit those using the longboard for prolonged time periods.

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Atom Drop-Through Longboard (41-Inch)
  • Ultra-low-riding longboard guarantees maximum stability, making it optimal for downhill sculpting
  • Ease of pushing takes deterioration out of around-town commutes, also
  • Special perimeter form provides 9.6-inches of take advantage of right into every turn, while additionally eliminating wheel bite
  • Full maple laminate deck; reverse King Pin (RKP) longboard trucks with 245-millimeter axles
  • Includes minimal one-year supplier’s warranty

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Deck Material: Complete maple laminate deck
Tires: 70mm 78a
Board size: 41.7 x 4.7 x 10.6 inches
Bearings: Ultra-low-riding longboard
Trucks: Reverse King Pin longboard vehicles
Price Variety: Tool Range

Main Features of the Atom Decrease Through Longboard

Seeking a board that can sculpt promptly downhill or lowers drag on lengthy commutes, the Atom 41 Inch Decrease Through Longboard is a perfect fit for your requirements. The Green Woody item is a very sturdy board, able to deal with various weights while reducing and also turning even on a tight span.

This longboard will have the ability to make it through collapsing into visuals and also still come out penalty. The board can flex as well as is really lightweight, implying much less fatigue if carrying and also able to conveniently make those cuts effortlessly.

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As a result of the lightweight building and construction of the deck, it can survive severe collisions without getting a scrape. Unlike larger boards that endure serious damage after an accident, the Atom 41 Inch Decrease Through Longboard bounces right back as well as is ready for the following challenge.

When it concerns sculpting downhill, you’ll appreciate the lower deck as it helps to boost your stability. The reduced center of mass appeals to a range of bikers of numerous skills. Having the ability to stay centered on the board for longer ranges reduces tiredness and also boosts the ride.

Atom Drop Via Longboard Technical Specs

  • Weight: 9 extra pounds/ 4 kg
  • Warranty: N/A
  • Dimensions: 41.7 x 4.7 x 10.6 inches

Box Content

  • Reverse King Pin longboard vehicles
  • Full maple laminate deck
  • 70mm 78a wheels


  • Wheels are soft, grippy, and put on slowly and equally
  • Perfectly secure as well as simple to start on flat surfaces
  • Deck has a great amount of flex and also feels wonderful when declining
  • Board makes easy turns so you don’t shed your equilibrium
  • The wheels have a rounded lip that means they’re less complicated to burglarize slides with and will adhere to the motorcyclist naturally


  • Loosen the kingpins out of package to aid improve transforming ability
  • Wooden texture revealed on the bottom of the deck is unreal timber
  • If you desire ridiculously long cruise distances, upgrade to much better bearings

Atom 41 Inch Drop Through Longboard Best For

The Environment-friendly Woody was designed with the convenience of the cyclist in mind. Whether riding downhill for rate or commuting around the city or campus, you’ll need a board that is very easy on the legs. The reduced deck of the Atom longboard not just helps to lower fatigue in feet and legs, but it additionally assists motorcyclists in stability.

Carving downhill simply obtained that a lot easier since you will have much more control of the deck as your rate rises. Commuting around community will certainly take its toll on your feet. Nevertheless, the Atom 41 Inch Decrease Through Longboard lowers all the damage on the body as you are pushing around the streets.

Right here is just how the Atom 41-Inch Drop With Longboard will certainly benefit motorcyclists making constant turns. The Green Woody has a really unique boundary form. What this does is give the cyclist practically 10 inches of leverage in each turn all the while assisting to get rid of that wheel bite.

The maple outdoor decking is long lasting but adaptable also. Therefore, it can aid to soak up much of the blemishes on the road, track, or hillsides.

What Users Claim Regarding the Atom 41 Inch Decline With Longboard

Although every biker has their own distinct needs and also ability level, there are a lot of people raving regarding this longboard. Below are a few of the remarks that may aid you obtain a far better feel for the advantages of riding the Atom longboard.

  • Don claims, «You may require to loosen the vehicles a little, especially if you intend to carve. The hold as well as wood surface of the board is adaptable as well as building of the board does not really feel economical.»
  • Zach claims, «This board is a great one to find out on due to the fact that it is extremely stable and easy on the legs and feet to ride. I could ride it fairly well after about an hour.»
  • Cbax says, «If you’re looking for a longboard as a newbie or intermediate cyclist, just add this one to your cart. No complaints here. Smooth, great top quality, easy to ride when discovering.»
These are a few things bikers did not like concerning the Atom 41-Inch Longboard:
Some cyclists are claiming that the hold tape began dividing after two complete hours of riding. Truck place screws use a statistics sized hex screw, so it could end up being hard to tighten if you have the incorrect tools. Make sure to tighten up whatever before each flight.
Still, the bushings are truly soft even after tightening the kingpin. Expect rate totters when decreasing a hillside past 20 miles per hour.

Last Thoughts

The Atom 41 Inch Drop Through Longboard is the leading when it involves ultra-low trips. This helps motorcyclists to delight in more stability, whether carving or riding downhill. This board decreases deterioration on the legs and feet when travelling around town also. If you currently have as well as have experience with the Atom Decline With Longboard, please share your experiences here so we can help notify our readers on the most effective board for their certain requirements.
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