The Best Cheap Longboards on a Budget – TOP Picks

Are you looking for the best cheap longboard? Skateboarding is a sport that requires control and maintaining dynamic balance on the board. It is generally practiced by children and young people looking for a new experience and sensations. This sport is an activity that allows jumps and tricks, therefore, requires protection equipment preferably and adequately a regular skateboard.

But, recently many high quality best cheap longboards appeared on the market.

Basic boards characteristics

There are a wide variety of models according to each user. Purchasing a pre-assembled longboard, made from quality materials would give much more trust on the street. It is important to know that boards are chosen in depending on the length, material, and shape.

  • Length

It is a factor that should keep in mind as addresses of different users. A professional skateboard is available in the following lengths: micro, mini, mid-size, and full-size (longboard). Persons between 5-12 years are recommended to opt for tiles micro, mini and mid-size skateboard. Users over the age of 12 can choose longer lengths because they have good control and can maintain better balance.

Professional users can choose advanced longboards as they allow them to practice desired jumps and tricks in parks.

  • Materials used for boards

The tiles can be made of various materials such as maple wood, fiber stick, carbon fiber, or combinations of materials. Some board models are composed of several layers of wood, enhancing the durability and flexibility of skateboards. Depending on its strength and materials provided, each board skateboard maintains a gross vehicle weight.

  • Form of boards

There are two types of board skateboard: concave and longboard. Skateboard plate with a concave shape is usually recommended for users under the age of 12 years. People who have more than 12 years may turn to long skateboards called a longboard. It is an elongated plate that is pointy at both ends and has a length of 32 cm. In this case, the weight is usually more substantial and allows for a maximum load of 100 kg.

  • The budget 

Of course, before to go through an online skate shop or search a skateboard, you have to allocate a budget. Depending on the budget, with the advice that you will find below, pick the right skateboard.

The main rules for choosing your board 

If you are a beginner always choose a smaller number plate, but not too small. Gradually it would help if you tried other higher dishes. Smaller boards have the advantage is that it is easier, faster spins, it helps a lot of tricks. You want something that will be easy for you to work with so you can have a smooth ride.

You must decide what want to do with it; you want to scroll with him – if you buy a cheap one. If you’re going to put it to the test, then opt for one benefit or ready assembled, or one that you do it in parts.

What do you need to know about your future skateboard?

  • Plate – must be chosen depending on the number that you wear on your sneakers, in Pound’s border height.
  • Axis – an essential aspect in the choice of components is the two axes. Their width should preferably be equal to the width of the board or as close.
  • Faucet – share them by size: small and large 56-60mm, 51-55mm and wheel type composition are soft and hard. Soft wheels fit tread lightly on ramps, wet areas, pits. Harder wheels are recommended for asphalt without holes, in general, the urban area. The most significant help significantly to speed.
  • Bearings – the principle underlying the choice of bearings is quality. You do not have too many headaches related to size. You can opt for good bearing, but expensive bearings or opt for some cheaper and less useful.

In skateboarding seems to matter more than the rider, the board itself.

The board is the one who soars in the air with it; turn 360 degrees, a “handle” without fear Skate Park or on the road. Millions are invested in plates made from different types of wood, spectacular books, bearings, and wheels. These are supplemented with customized shoes and comfortable sports clothes.

Deck, wheels, bearings – how we choose!

Rule number one: skateboard skater chooses not vice versa. At least when it comes to strength plate, called the deck. The deck can bear 50-100 kg and can be Micro, Mini, Mid-size and full-size. Depending on the material and method of manufacture, a bridge can be 5-9 layers woods. The skateboard deck is essential for a smooth ride.

Best cheap longboards are designed for jumping in skate parks, speed and to provide the highest level of adrenaline.

At the wheel, the central alarm pulls when it comes to sturdiness. Their hardness is measured in a numerical scale “a”. The scale is great to be safe.

Diameter varies: while 52-54 mm diameter wheels 99a will not disappoint, the 60mm and more suitable ramps 100a and any 55mm to fit those who are street. On the other hand, no one stops to get creative and choose for your wheels contrast – impressive size and medium hardness 75mm with 78-85, perfect for cruising.

The main features of the board are the width and concave.

  • Width: As a board is wider, there is a much more stable feel of it (especially the transitions); the more narrow the easier and better for flip tricks. If you choose street to play, it’s good to take a small plate (about 7.5″), and to park somewhere between (7.75″).
  • Concave: The more elevated are edges; the concave board is more aggressive. In general, choosing your preference concave Rider. A concave pay better withstands the high jump (stairs, gaps, etc.). An aggressive concave allows you to flip tricks easier.

The wheels matter the size, width, and hardness.

  • Size: the more a wheel is more significant, the skate will be faster, but at the same time will be more difficult, so you lose mobility tricks. In general, the street used wheels 50 – 52mm, 55mm wheels and to park large wheels for 58-60mm.
  • Width is a feature neglected in general. As a wheel is narrower, the more light and better for the street. The broader, the transition is more stable and better for vert.
  • Hardness: soft wheels are very stable, slip skate hard and make it go more smoothly over uneven surfaces. The problem is that you lose more speed. Countries wheels move (which is not necessarily a bad thing) and keep longer speed.

The systems matter how tall they are. You have three options: high, low and mid. The more down a network, the back plate is easy to flip. The higher is, the more you put bigger wheels on the board.

Best cheap longboards to choose from

SCSK8 Natural Blank & Stained Complete Longboard

With 40” long, strong 70mm wheels and 7” aluminum hanger, this designed merely body longboard is by far one of the strongest composition and viability item. Its high quality is given by interesting technical characteristics which allow it to perform great movements.

Quest 2012 Classic Longboard Skateboard (40-Inch)

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No products found.

One of the classic and best cheap longboards, this board is accomplished to combine 40 inches of fast and strong maple hardwood body deck with durable 70mm wheels which gives this item the precision of ABEC 5 Bearings.

Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard (44-Inch)

Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser 'The Original'Artisan Bamboo and Maple 44' Longboard Skateboard
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It has about 44” long, made from high-quality bamboo material and multiple maple layers and is quite extensive, which helps you to keep your balance. The grip is slightly balanced and helps you to the track curves take very easy and is not put in danger.

The 70mm wheels are crafted from durable aluminum and have an exceptional pattern body design.

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Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite Complete Longboard

Having a strong Canadian maple body construction, a shaped board of 9.25-Inch x 36-Inch based on 71mm 78a Wheels, this great and slim longboard will carry his rider with speed and safely along with parks and streets. It’s able to provide multiple flick flaps and twisting movements. The goal of this longboard is to make your riding style improve.

Atom Drop Longboard

Atom Drop-Through Longboard (41-Inch)
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Classic shaped longboards, concave form, with 8.5-inch aluminum trucks, crafted from laminate maple deck on the Pintail pattern, this electric longboard can perform many tricks on many different platforms. Has increased speed due to its elongated design, it’s very resistant and is great if you want a good cheap longboard.

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Krown Rasta City Surf Longboard Skateboard

Krown Rasta City Surf Longboard Skateboard
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The Krown Rasta City Surf Longboard is an incredibly accessible and affordable longboard by one of the most renowned makers in the industry. Featuring Canadian maple construction on a 9 x 46-inch deck with the 21-inch wheelbase, this is a preassembled masterpiece.

The longboard has the trademark lion and Rastafarian colors with black wheels and grip tape. It has the ever popular pintail shape that has become something of a standard in longboarding today. Other components include 6.0 aluminum alloy trucks, 70mm black wheels, and Abec 7 bearings.

The Krown Rasta City Surf comes with a shipping weight of just 7.8 pounds, making it light yet highly durable longboard skateboard. Ideally, it is a board that starters and novice boarders will prefer as the wheel and bearings are not high quality enough for some of the more experienced riders.

Despite that, the longboard features great bushings, an iconic design, and vibrant colors with sturdy construction that can withstand the mistakes a new longboarder is bound to make. Overall, it’s a great longboard.

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard

Yocaher Checker Graphic Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard (Complete-Drop Down-03-Blue)
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This is what we call a sleek and urban looking plunked stained drop down longboard. YOCAHER has been manufacturing some great longboards for the past couple of years, and this is undoubtedly one of the best currently available for cheap. The Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Complete Longboard is unique as the deck is lowered in the center from the trucks. This reduces the center of gravity of the rider and improves stability and control at high speeds.

The makers have a reputation for manufacturing durable longboards.

The shipping weight is 11 pounds, and this added weight serves well in improving stability. Hence, it’s an ideal longboard for professional riders with measurements at 41.25 x 9 inches. It comes fully assembled with maple wood construction and high flex concave shape for speeding downhill!

Quest Native Spirit Kicktail Longboard Skateboard (40 inches)

The Quest Native Spirit Kicktail Longboard Skateboard features seven plies all hardwood maple deck construction on durable 80A PU wheels. This lightweight longboard is ideal for casual and smooth riding and is equipped with responsive reverse kingpin trucks. It’s one of the cheapest 40-inch longboards for beginners and professionals alike and is designed for performance and aesthetic appeal.

Featuring Aztec inspired art, it gives you the best of both worlds in stability and speed longboarding.

The Quest Native Longboard is ideal for all climates and comes with the right wheels. The Spirit of this board is in cruising, explorations, and going on adventures with your longboard.

Quest has manufactured another affordable masterpiece that offers quality with performance and style. The shipping weight is only 7.1 pounds, making it a highly lightweight yet sturdy longboard. Overall, it’s a great buy that can help you put 21 miles an hour on the slopes!

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Complete Longboard

Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Complete Drop Down Cruiser 41.25' x 10' w/BLACKWIDOW Premium Black Grip Tape, Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy Truck, 71mm Longboard Wheels - Rasta
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The Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Complete Longboard Skateboard is one of the best professional longboards on a budget. It stands at 41.25 x 9 inches and features HD7 heavy-duty trucks, aluminum alloy, and 78A hardness wheels.

The nine-ply maple construction on high flex concave allows riders to lower the center of gravity to reach high speeds. As a highly durable longboard, it can hold up to 275 pounds and is ideal for carving, cruising, downhill, and fast riding.

One of the prime features in this Rastafarianism inspired longboard is that it has a full board that gives greater balance. The bearings are also quite smooth, and the design is just as attractive as the board style. As part of the Rasta series by YOCAHER, this is one of the flagship longboards by the makers that have the longboarding world fascinated with its intuitive features.

It weighs just 8.2 pounds and is easy to carry around for longboarding adventures, for beginners and professionals!

Atom Drop-Through Longboard (41 inches)

Atom Drop-Through Longboard (41-Inch)
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Last but in no way the least, the Atom Drop-Through Longboard is one of the bestselling and highest rated longboards on Amazon. This board has an ultra-low riding construction for improved stability and carving downhill.

Its deck style makes it easy to push, accounting for durability in long-term use. The deck is made of full maple laminate and reverse King Pin (RKP) 245 mm longboard trucks; this is an ideal addition to your professional speed and performance-focused longboards.

Atom is renowned for manufacturing an exclusive line of longboards since 1993, and this longboard is indeed no exception. The ABEC 9 bearings feature high-speed lubricant, and the SHR urethane wheels are ideal for various terrains. The unique shape of the perimeter allows you 9.6 inch of leverage on every turn and effectively eliminates wheel bite.

It’s ideal for long-haul riding and even comes with a ‘no wheel bite guarantee’. 

The bushings are ideally adjusted for making this a carving machine, and the deck is full enough to accommodate comfortable riding. On top of that, you get a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty!

In conclusion, it is now very possible to buy best cheap longboards of high quality, very reliable, and extremely durable.

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