Best Downhill Longboards

Today, we limit the look for your next board upgrade by providing 7 of the best longboards for using downhill. Our recommendations are based on high quality, user testimonials, and cost. In each circumstances, we will certainly go over a few of the functions as well as requirements of the boards to aid with your search. You can likewise get in touch with the table for a fast recap of the best downhill longboards we’re going to talk about.

Our Score
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Minority 40-inch Decline Deck Downhill Maple Longboard
9.5/ 10.


Rimable 41-Inch Drop-through Longboard.
9.2/ 10.


Pursuit No Dark Downhill Style Longboard.


Atom Freeride Downhill Longboard.


Specialist Downhill Longboard Cruiser.


WiiSHAM Professional Rate Downhill Longboard.
8.9/ 10.


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Volador Freeride Longboard Downhill Cruiser.
8.5/ 10.

1. Minority 40-inch Decrease Deck Downhill Maple Longboard

Rate category: Medium cost
Deck: 8-ply cold pushed acid rock maple
Tires: 70mm x 51mm 78A PU wheels
Functions: Roomy 10-Inch size deck

Make indisputable concerning it, this Minority downhill longboard was developed for speed. There are some innovative techs that have been put on this longboard, supplying both a joyous as well as smooth riding experience. The maple deck offers remarkable performance and has extraordinary strength.

When you’re speeding down the slopes on this longboard, you’ll appreciate the symmetrical shape. The style helps to prevent any type of wheel bite so you have the ability to enjoy the fantastic ability to move of this board.


— Flexible in between 45 and also 50 levels.
— 7-Inch actors light weight aluminum vehicles.
— Prevents wheel attack from any type of angle.
— Strong adequate to hold 220 lbs.

2. Rimable 41 Inch Drop-through Longboard

Cost classification: Tool price
Deck: 9-ply chilly pushed laminated maple
Tires: 70mm x 51mm PU wheels
Attributes: Roomy 41 ″ x 9.5 ″ deck

Why is Rimable regularly thought about among the very best downhill longboard makers? They make downhill boards that are excellent for anybody desiring the advantages of a conventional decrease. At the same time, their products likewise have the capability to achieve a tighter turning distance. Whether you are rolling downhill through individuals or cones, this is the longboard for you.

This Rimable downhill longboard has a reduced deck for easy pressing. On top of that, the broader deck attends to powering via turns. The wheels on the Rimable attend to a buttery smooth flight as well as have very low resistance.

Main Features

— Freeriding drop-through longboard.
— 7-inch light weight aluminum trucks.
— ABEC-11 bearings for extremely high speed.
— 70mm x 51mm 85A solidity PU wheels.

3. Quest Zero Dark Downhill Design Longboard

Rate classification: Medium rate
Deck: 7-ply cold pressed maple
Tires: 7-inch lightweight aluminum vehicles
Attributes: Precision ABEC 7 bearings

When on a quest to find the most effective downhill longboard, you require a wider board ideal for battle those hillsides but likewise suitable for just cruising around university or your neighborhood. This Mission No Dark downhill longboard is completely passed out, and the ideal stealthy flight for any type of degree of experience.

Among the reasons this longboard cruises downhill easily is the distinctive open-wheel design that includes in its functionality. This board has a lower center of mass and the ideal mix between resilient as well as dependable trucks and also wheels.

Main Features

— 7 ply all cool environment hardwood maple deck.
— Precision ABEC 7 bearings.
— Reverse kingpin trucks.
— 70mm 80a efficiency wheels.

4. Atom Freeride Downhill Longboard

Price classification: High price
Deck: 9-ply maple laminate
Tires: 70mm size x 42mm broad— 82a
Functions: Rubber protected ABEC 9 bearings

If you are trying to find a longboard that will certainly allow you to flop those hills with blazing speed, the Atom Freeride is the best downhill longboard for you. Currently you are mosting likely to be in complete control of the board and also can make those doglegs easily.

Why is the Atom longboard so attracting bombers? Mellow foot pockets and also a concave profile offer you the flexibility to ride downhill like a specialist.

Best Downhill Longboards of 2019 photo 2


— Refined 4mm decrease with mild double kick.
— 40-degree base 7-inch light weight aluminum.
— Quality 8 Knurled Navigator King Pins.
— Rubber bearing secured ABEC 9.

5. Expert Downhill Longboard Cruiser

Cost category: Medium rate
Deck: 41 ″ x 9.5 ″
Tires: 7 ″ truck axles
Functions: 7-ply Canadian maple

When you are seeking the most effective downhill longboard, you desire an expert quality board that was built for flying downhill securely and conveniently. This costs downhill cruiser enables the biker to freestyle at higher speeds. The greatest benefit of this board is you will appreciate a larger turning radius that has a lower center of gravity.

Even though this is a huge downhill cruiser, it is still very easy to lug. The longboard is made from quality and durable products and will take in most of the flaws when driving to minimize exhaustion.

Main Features

— Tires product: PU.
— Tires Size (D x W): 2.76 ″ x 2 ″.
— Bearings are ABEC-9.
— Max. filling weight: 220lbs.

6. WiiSHAM Expert Speed Downhill Longboard

Rate classification: Medium rate
Deck: 42 ″ x 9 ″
Tires: 70mm x 52mm
Features: 83a hardness

Getting downhill was never less complicated with you new WiiSHAM downhill longboard. Consisted of 9 heaps of Canadian maple, this deck will certainly sustain you and maintain you balanced at higher rates. Quality wheels and also vehicles guarantee a smooth trip of rough terrain.

The WiiSHAM downhill longboard was made to get you where you need to be going in less time with fewer concerns with particles on the road. Whether riding to campus or downhill auto racing, this board depends on the task.

Main Features

— Solid complete product packaging.
— Sustained by light weight aluminum alloy stent.
— Bearings are ABEC-9.
— Max. packing weight: 210lbs.

7. Volador Freeride Longboard Downhill Cruiser

Cost group: Medium rate
Deck: 8-ply natural hard rock maple
Wheels: 70mm x 51mm 78a PU wheels
Features: ABEC-9 accuracy bearings

The deck on the Volador downhill cruiser is adaptable as well as sturdy. You’ll have no problems taking care of anything that comes your means as you rocket down any hills.

Take those tighter turns like a specialist with the Volador cruise board. The shock absorbent deck indicates you can ride for far away without all the leg tiredness.

Main Features

— 34-inch wheelbase.
— 45-degree vehicles and also shock absorbing deck.
— Board reduces edges like a beast.
— Real light weight aluminum alloy vehicles.


With any luck, you’ve already set your eyes on the best downhill longboard for you from this checklist. If you have already discovered a board that functions great for you that had not been in this write-up, please remark below with your ideas. By doing this, we can share your searchings for with our readers who are still looking for the appropriate board and also set-up.