Best Electric Scooter For Kids

10 Best Electric Scooter for Kids with Buying Guide

Electric Scooters can fill your lives with activeness and happiness. Especially in a growing child’s life. This is because electric scooters are not only fun but they also give an excuse to riders for exercising and correcting their body posture.

Vroom, vroom! A bundle of smiles and happiness. Who doesn’t want that for their child? Now, suppose you are willing to provide your children or your nephew/niece with a gift that will bless them with an abundance of memories. In that case, you must buy scooters for them because scooters will fill their lives with fun and thrill and help them gain independence and confidence.

A child’s development gets much easier when he/she is more active. Engaging children in sports activities or teaching them riding scooters is a great way to help them be active. Riding scooters will help teach children about balance and coordination along with boosting up their confidence.  Henceforth it is beneficial if, from a young age, the art of riding a scooter is learned. 

Here, we will review the top 10 electric scooter for kids in 2021 for you. There will be additional information about the products along with a buying guide to make your experience even smoother.

Best Electric Scooter for Kids to Buy

1. Lascoota Scooters for Kids (8 Years and up)

1 Lascoota Scooters for Kids (8 Years and up)

Lascoota scooters will not only make you feel safe but will also help you experience a fresh combination of modern outlook. Their top-notch features make them reliable and a durable one!

Kids above eight who are willing to learn to ride scooters at their own pace at utmost comfort must try out these Lascoota Scooters. 

Formed with aluminum and steel, these Scooters have reliable brakes, which ensures safety. Moreover, these scooters are lightweight, and they come with an extra-wide deck;  hence they will provide their users with utter comfort.


  • These kick start scooters are non-slip and are pretty weight absorbing, too; hence they can be very light for your kids.
  • Along with possessing extra-wide decks, these scooters compose reliable brakes that will make you feel secure.
  • These scooters are manufactured with aluminum and steel, which make them tough and durable hence you will not have to worry about its constant maintenance.
  • Lascoota Scooters have rubber handles to comfort your kids and front suspensions, which further ensures extra durability.
  • It has large 7’9 wheels for curbs. Hence the kids can ride the scooter on bumpy roads.
  • The scooter comes with a kickstand, which makes it easy for your kids to park it anywhere you want.


  • Can modify its height
  • Smooth and lightweight
  • The good secure braking system
  • Comfortable gripping ability with curved rubber handles in front.
  • Good shock absorption quality
  • Quite sturdy


  • It is hard to fold and unfold it
  • Foot brakes might heat up at times.

Final Verdict

With Lascoota Scooters, your kids can enjoy true comfort along with having a smooth ride with extra security, it truly would prove to be a great pick for you. As far as the disadvantages are considered, they are quite negligible, so do not worry and let Lascoota Scooters serve your kid as a perfect rider!

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2. Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter (Age of 8+)

2 Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter ( Age of 8 )

Razor power scooters will not tire down until you get tired. A true definition of power and high horsepower is this long-lasting, speedy fun-filled scooters.

Children above eight years old who have a fondness for long rides can try out these long ranged scooters. Those who require practice to learn the sport must try these scooters. 

The great scooter is equipped with a rechargeable 12V battery, which lets the scooter be ridden for 80 long minutes! Moreover, the scooter is composed of many more extraordinary features like the hub-motor and front brake.


  • This scooter has Innovative Power Core Technology, which features an 85 Watt, high-torque, maintenance-free hub-motor. If you push the throttle, the Motor will deliver an acceleration of up to 10 mph (16km/h); hence you can enjoy an efficient and speedy ride.
  • It consists of a rechargeable 12V lead-acid battery. This will give the scooter the ability to provide you with extended ride times even after continuous use for 80 minutes. So your kid can ride the scooter for a long time after charging.
  • It is equipped with steel rear wheels, which will help your kid have better control and balance over the scooter.
  • It has features like a front brake and retractable kickstand, which ensures kids a safe ride.
  • Weight up to 120lbs can be accommodated on this scooter.


  • It has good speed (10 mph)
  • It can be assembled easily
  • Easy to charge as charging cables are long
  • It can be rid of for a long time after charging
  • Long battery life


  • Quite noisy
  • Hard to push
  • The height is not changeable

Final Verdict

The scooter might be heavy and noisy. However, it can take you on speedy, fun-filled, long-lasting journeys. So why wait? Grab the innovative gift of technology and make the noise while riding on these all-steel rear wheeled scooters.

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3. Gotrax GKS Electric Scooter (Age of 6-12)

3 Gotrax GKS Electric Scooter (Age of 6 12)

GKS scooters introduce you to the world of fun and unique designs. The lightweight scooter with its smoothness and lucrative features can amaze and win every kid’s heart.

Kids of 5 and above who have a liking for stylishness and vibrant color combinations must try these GKS scooters.  

This 17lbs lightweight scooter comprises 6″ Hard rubber tires along with a 150 Watt 6″ Motor. Many such key features contribute to making this scooter a frolic-packed vehicle.


  • It has a rear braking style, which ensures your security.
  • Kids of weight up to 154lbs can ride these GKS scooters which is great weight range for kids.
  • Putting one foot on the front button and pushing the scooter over 1.8 mph, placing another foot on the gravity sensor will help accelerate the scooter up to 7.5 mph. This shows how kids can enjoy both electric scooters and kick scooters in one.
  • Kids can enjoy an incredible number of scooters using GKS scooters as they have no external cables. Rather, they have unique light-weighted shells, and they come in wonderful color combinations too!
  • The GKS scooter accelerates smoothly with the assisted Motor’s help so the kid can take his own time and learn to ride the scooter at his own pace.
  • The GKS Kids scooter is equipped with a 50. 4Wh Li-Battery, UL Safety Certified, 150 Watt 6″ Motor will help the kid enjoy a safe, speedy ride.
  • Installing a few screws will make the scooter ready hence riders will not have to apply much effort to assemble it.
  • The GKS is one of the lightest electric scooters available. It is only 17lbs; thus, it will be easier for kids to carry it.                                                        
  • The GKS scooter comprises 6″ Hard rubber tires, which makes them great for bumpy routes.


  • Quite sturdy
  • Charging is very simple and takes very little time to charge.
  • Glides well
  • Easy to break. 
  • Very easy to ride
  • Does not produce noise
  • Smooth acceleration


  • Consists of no hand brake
  • It takes time to charge.
  • Short battery life

Final Verdict

Starting from the stylish design to the well sturdy body, these GKS scooters are a combination of both fun and smoothness, hence a perfect option for kids!

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4. Segway Ninebot eKickScooter

4 Segway Ninebot eKickScooter

Segway Scooters are a touch of uniqueness and can please anyone with their smoothness. The scooter is said to be easy to ride and assemble and hence children will never be demotivated during the ride and will learn the sport of riding scooters more effectively and cheerfully.

Children 6-12 years old with the height of 3’9”-4’9′, especially girls who want to have a hassle-free ride at absolute ease, must try these amazing scooters. 

These scooters require little to no energy to start, as a kick is enough to do the work. Moreover, they are only 1.3 inches thick and weigh only 110lbs! Thus not only are they easy to ride and fold, but they are also portable!


  • The Segway scooter composes a powerful motor of 130W, which will help you reach 8.7 mph and let you travel up to 6.3 miles.
  • It can accommodate a load of approximately 110 lbs so it is perfect for any kid.
  • Segway Scooter’s handbrake system has the EBS energy recovery brake functions, which will make your kid feel safe and secure.
  • These scooters have a front shock absorption system, which will help the kid have a smooth ride.
  • The scooter is quite lightweight as it weighs only 17.6lbs, and it has a body of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, so it will be easy for kids to lift it.
  • Segway Scooters are equipped with handle grips. Made of TPR material, which makes them comfortable to hold and offers superior anti-skid traction. This TPR material makes riders have a strong grip and control over the scooter. 
  • The scooter can easily be folded as it is only1.3 inches in thickness, which means it’s very slim. And so the kid can use it easily.They require only a kick to be started, and you do not even need to press the throttle.


  • As they are lightweight, it is easy to fold them.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to use
  • Smooth ride because of the suspension in the front
  • Well-designed composing of good rubber grip, folds, two speeds, lighter, and two brakes. 
  • Does not produce extra unnecessary noise.


  • The speed of the scooter might seem very low for some users.
  • The battery doesn’t last long and needs frequent recharging.
  • It does not perform well when going uphill or riding along steep routes.

Final Verdict

Since Segway Scooters are so light and popular for being smooth, kids can ride along with them in a carefree way. Well, about the security? Two brakes are already present to back that up, satisfactory much?

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5. VIRO Rides 550E Electric Scooter (Age of 8 – 13)

5 VIRO Rides 550E Electric Scooter (Age of 8 13)

VIRO Rides VR 550E electric scooter will boost up the fire within your kid with its speedy accelerating ability and reliability. Not only does it have a high power range, it also embodies an attractive and stylish design which will attract kids more!

Children above the age of 10 who want to ride scooters freely at top speed with somewhat safety are advised to ride Viro 550E. 

The Adjustable handlebars and hand-operated brakes are there to assist you while your scooter speeds up to 10mph in no time. The durable polyurethane tires used in making the scooter are also present to make sure no accident happens while you race through twisted routes. Hence no matter which path you choose, VIRO Rides E50, with its street art styling, will not let you down!


  • The  550E can speed up to 10mph so kids can enjoy a smooth, speedy ride. There is a thumb throttle placed on the handlebar’s right, which your kids can use to manage the speed.
  • Instead of using foot brakes like ordinary scooters,  VR 550 E Scooters consist of hand-activated rear brakes to make your kid feel safe and control the scooter.
  • Providing you with an average runtime of 40 minutes, your kid can ride up to 6 miles with these VR 550E Scooters.
  • These scooters are equipped with LED lights, which adds up to the stylish look of the vehicle and increases the visibility of kids while riding.
  • It has a rear braking style to keep the kids secure.
  • These scooters have been designed in the safest manner possible as the motor and chain drive are fully chained up so that no part of the kid’s body can come in contact with the dangerous sharp edges. Thoughtful much? 
  • Composes a kickstand for your kid to stand and take a short break while riding.
  • It also features a spring-loaded foldaway mechanism to ensure durability so parents do not have to stress about maintainence
  • Composes of polyurethane tires to give riders a smooth ride even on bumpy roads
  • The emission-free, chain drive motor means that the VR 550E will protect your kid along with the environment from toxins.


  • Setup takes about 5 minutes.
  • It’s sturdy.
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Stylish design
  • Easy to rode


  • Very little horsepower
  • It’s really heavy
  • Short battery life
  • Takes time to recharge
  • Loud at times

Final verdict

If you want to introduce your kid to stylishness and reliable technology, you must pick the 550E electric scooter.

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6. Swagtron SK3 Electric Scooter

6 Swagtron SK3 Electric Scooter

Swagtron SK3 does not compromise on swag and innovation. The scooter is composed of features which will definitely make you feel comfortable and confident.

Kids who want to earn confidence can ride these Swagtron SK3. Those kids who have curiosity and willingness to try out special items must try out these unique scooters/

With an eye-catching red-green LED and an extra-wide no slip-deck, Swagtron SK3 is a perfect fusion of stylishness and uniqueness.


  • It is a traditional kick scooter that will be boosted up to 7.5 mph upon a kick from the user providing him or her with boosted speed control.
  • It is lightweight and can be quickly folded hence easy for the student to carry.
  • The scooter consists of a height-adjustable aluminum that you can extend from  31. 9 to 38 inches to make the kid feel comfortable while riding as he grows up.
  • The 4.7-inch front wheel added with an eye-catching red-green LED adds to the scooter’s stylish look, which your kid can ride with confidence.
  • It consists of an extra-wide, no slip-deck wide enough to accommodate growing feet and bear weigh up to 135lbs so the kid is definitely going to enjoy a luxurious ride.
  • It has real style foot brake system which  is very simple and reliable for the rider to use


  • Good battery life
  • High speed
  • Foldable
  • Light and easy to carry around


  • Small, hard, and narrow wheels
  • Lights are not durable.
  • Slightly loose steering wheel

Final Verdict

As the name suggests, with full swag, ride the traditional-technology based Swagtron SK3 scooter to experience real fun funded by its innovative features such as the wide deck, the compact and foldable design, and many more!

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7. Razor E125 Electric Scooter (Age of 8+)

7 Razor E125 Electric Scooter (Age of 8)

The Razor E125 electric scooter is the perfect fusion of electric-powered fun and comfort. The fun speedy rides provided by Razor E125 will spark a fire of encouragement within the kids riding the scooter.

Razor E125 is the best option for riders ages eight and above.It is the perfect option for kids who are yet to learn about balance and control.

The E125 features intuitive, hand-operated throttle with a kid-sized frame with a 100-watt motor, contributing to making a kid’s ride filled with thrill. Simple twist-grip acceleration control and hand-operated boost up the kid’s confidence, and surely Razor E125 fulfills the rider’s thirst for experiencing speed.


  • The scooter is powered by a high-torque chain-driven motor that can speed up to 10mph, thus delivering kids a powerful, fun-filled speedy ride.
  • The scooter consists of soft rubber grips with twist acceleration control to help your kid have a firm grip over the scooter.
  • Additional features include a hand-operated front brake, a retractable kickstand, and foldable handlebars, all of which contribute to letting the kid have control over the scooter.
  • The scooter equips a rechargeable 24V (two 12V) sealed lead-acid battery system, which provides up to 40 minutes of continuous use and rides, allowing the kid to ride with confidence.
  • The scooter composes a front braking system, which ensures your kid’s security.
  • The frame and fork are made up of alloy steel,so your kid can use it for a long time.
  • zIt has a weight limit of 120 lbs(54 kg), which is ideal for kids of 8 years old.
  • The Razor E125 has a kid-sized deck and frame, thus providing the rider with comfort.
  • These scooters have a pneumatic front tire that measures 8-inch(200 mm), thus providing your kid a smooth ride even on rough surfaces.


  • The setup is pretty easy.
  • Sturdy body 
  • Good speed
  • High horsepower
  • Easy to assemble
  • Well-made


  • It takes time to halt the scooter after the brakes are pressed completely.
  • Fragile on/off switch
  • Takes time to charge
  • Short battery life
  • Less durable

Final Verdict

With features like a kid-sized deck and frame, hand-operated front brake, foldable handlebars, Razor E125 surely promises to serve your kids a truly comfortable and fun-filled ride.

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8. MAXTRA E120 Electric Scooter (Age of 6-12)

8 MAXTRA E120 Electric Scooter (Age of 6 12)

For MAXTRA E120, comfort is undoubtedly the topmost priority. The easy to adjustable and handle features of MAXTRA E120 will make any kid feel like a king of his own king  

For children from 6-12 who like to relax and want to experience true luxury while riding through the roads, MAXTA E120 is recommended for them. 

The twistable throttle, uniquely designed adjustable seat and handlebar, and hand-activated rear brake are examples of the scooter’s innovative features that explicitly prove that the MAXTRA E120 is a combination of technological innovation and safety.


  • The scooter composes a rechargeable 24V battery, which will deliver a continuous running time for up to an hour after a full charge.
  • A throttle is placed to twist and move yourself to manage the speed up to 10mph; hence your kid can have control over your vehicle.
  • The scooter is innovative and unique since it has the feature of an adjustable seat, which your kid can remove in 2 minutes and ride the scooter by standing or adjust it between 17/18/19/20 inches, which means you can enjoy two modes of riding in one scooter!
  • Not only is the seat, but the handlebar is adjustable too! So no matter what the kid’s height is, they can ride the scooter from  30/31/32/33 inches, with the whole comfort by adjusting the handlebars themselves. Bonus: No tool is required to adjust the handlebar or the seat.
  • The handle can be folded too, and your kid can keep it for easy storage.
  • MAXTRA equips 6″ airless wheels, which means none of them are flat; hence not only your safety is ensured, but your time is also saved as no maintenance will be required for these tires.
  • The scooter has a hand-activated rear brake, which provides optimum braking performance and kids’ total control while riding.


  • The speed is fast enough for fun
  • Easy to operate and fold
  • Seat is adjustable
  • It is sturdy
  • Adjustable handlebar


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Battery life is less
  • Makes loud noise
  • The seat keeps on folding itself

Final Verdict

Because most of these scooter features are adjustable and can be used according to your demands, the MATRIX E120 certainly guarantees to provide kids with utmost luxury and comfort; hence if your kids’ comfort is your topmost priority, do not miss out on this innovative gift of technology.

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9. Pulse Performance Scooter

9 Pulse Performance Scooter

The Pulse Performance Scooter is the perfect mixture of simplicity and reliability. The well-built scooter with its strong,simple components can astound anyone!

Children aging seven years and above who will be riding scooters must be provided with Pulse Performance Scooter as a first-timer.

The sturdy scooter has a steel built frame and maintenance-free Urethane tires, which supply the kid with support and protection. Although the features seem to be simple and fresh, the scooter is a promising one!


  • The two-wheel electric scooter comprises an 80-watt chan motor that can speed up to 8mph hence providing you a speedy ride.
  • The stem and handlebars are ultra heavy-duty contoured, and the frame is made of steel. These features ensure the safety and protection of the kid riding the scooter.
  • The scooter equips a thumb actuated throttle to let kids experience Push-To-Go technology easily. 
  • It also features a rear foot brake to ensure your kid’s safety.
  • The scooter consists of a 12-volt rechargeable battery system, which will allow your kid to enjoy a continuous ride time of up to 50 minutes.
  • The scooter measures 31 “L x 18 “W x 35”; hence it is a perfect design for riders eight years and older, weight capacity allowance of up to 120 lbs.
  • The scooter consists of Urethane Tires, which are maintenance-free so your kids can enjoy a smooth ride on bumpy roads.


  • Very sturdy
  • Goes pretty fast
  • Charges in a few hours
  • Easy to put together
  • Less expensive
  • The battery holds up well


  • Handlebars a little short
  • Wheels and bearings are not durable

Final Verdict

If you want to deliver a fun-packed scooter that includes essential features like urethane tires and a steel frame at a low price, Pulse Performance Scooter is the one for your kids!

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10. Urban Drift K1 Electric Scooter

10 Urban Drift K1 Electric Scooter

Urban Drift Kids K1 is a bundle of happiness and relaxation. The slim and lightweight scooter is an efficient epitome of portability.It also has easy to access and comfort-ensuring features.

Kids aged 6-12 who aspire to learn to ride a scooter with ease and fun must be provided with the K1 electric scooters. 

This scooter composes maintenance-free, easy to use, fashionably designed features like the adjustable T-bar and PU 5.7″ Hard rubber tires. The maximum speed is limited at a safe but fun 3.7mph.


  • You only need to give a kick by standing on the gravity sensor to start the scooter so you can enjoy a safe start system. 
  • The scooter features a 120w motor and will be triggered when it reaches 2.5 Mph. The top speed is 3.7 Mph; hence you can experience a speedy ride without losing the fun
  • The e-scooter is equipped with a rear brake, which will help your kid safely stop whenever required.
  • The body is slim and less than 10 lbs. It also has a quick folding system with a safe locking mechanism making it easy for your kids to carry it.
  • This scooter is designed with a 4 level adjustable T-bar, and the height is perfect for kids from 39″ to 63″ tall up to 110lbs as they can handle the scooter properly.
  • K1 offers a ride time of approximately and takes only 2 hours to recharge hence providing kids with convenience.
  • There are no external cables attached to Urban Drift K1. Hence it has a beautiful design, unique & lightweight frame, all of which will boost your kid’s confidence while riding.
  • The scooter uses PU 5.7″ Hard rubber tires, which are very durable so you have to not worry about maintenance.


  • Perfect amount of power for 5/6-year-olds
  • Comes will elbow and knee pads which ensure safety
  • Lightweight and foldable


  • Low speed

Final Verdict

Urban Drift K1 is the one for your kids if they want to enjoy a maintenance-free and easy to use ride.

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Things You Need to Consider before Buying Electric Scooters for Kids

A child’s development gets much easier when he/she is more active. Engaging children in sports activities or teaching them riding scooters is a great way to help them be active. Riding scooters will help teach children about balance and coordination along with boosting up their confidence. Henceforth it is beneficial if, from a young age, the art of riding a scooter is learned.

Now if you are convinced much about buying an electric scooter for your kid, here is a guide for you to help you choose the best one for your kid. Before buying a scooter, take a close look at these factors to make a beneficial choice:


Because we are taking for children hee, safety has to be the most important factor. Parental supervision is one of the best measures to ensure safety while the kids ride. Other than that, few scooter features have to be designed to guarantee the child’s safety. Examples of such features can be rear brakes, foot brakes, adjustable handlebars, well-made frame,

Portability and Weight

Many parents prefer buying lightweight scooters for their kids to carry the scooter and be not-so-dependent on their parents for such petty works. The weight limit refers to how much weight the scooter can hold. So buy a scooter that has a higher weight limit than your kid’s weight. It is also beneficial if the scooter has some folding mechanism or can disassemble quickly; these features will make the scooter more portable and easier to carry.


Comfort matters.If the kids feel uneasy during the ride they will be demotivated. The kid won’t feel the thrill in riding the scooter hence it is very important to see if the scooter you are thinking of choosing has necessary comfortable features. Features such as kid-sized deck and frame, hand-operated front brake, foldable handlebars can ensure comfort to the child.

Size and Wheels

Scooters come in these sizes: Small wheeled scooters and Large wheeled scooters. As expected,small-wheeled kick scooters are lighter than large wheel scooters. Thus small-wheeled kick scooters are easier to ride, handle, and accelerate for children.

The disadvantage of riding small scooters is that as they can be ridden in a brake hard and fast way, they can be risky at times.

Large wheeled scooters provide more stability because of their longer wheelbase and perform better over rough surfaces. Large scooters also can be used for a long time as the kid cannot outgrow them. An adult can also share the scooter.

However, Large wheel kick scooters take more effort to push as they are heavier. Take longer to brake to a stop. So they can be harder for very small children to ride.


Long-lasting batteries work best, but honestly, that doesn’t matter much as electric scooters used for kids primarily serve the purpose of refreshment; hence battery performance won’t have that much effect on the performance. Hence an average battery performance is pretty okay.

It’s normal if some queries have arisen in your mind. Have a look at this guide if you ever need to recharge your battery without a charger

 Let’s learn the answers to some of the commonly asked queries related to electric scooters.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I choose a scooter for my child?

If it is the first time the child will be riding a scooter, a three-wheel scooter will be a better option. If your child has some knowledge about balance and coordination and you want to boost his confidence further, go for two-wheeled scooters.

2. Do you need a helmet with a scooter?

Yes! A helmet is one of the most important accessories to be used while riding a scooter, especially when the rider is a child. The helmet will ensure safety by preventing severe injuries during any sort of accident. Don’t be tight or skimp on an ill-fitting helmet; they will not like it and not want to wear it.

3. Is it hard to learn to ride a scooter?

Very very easy. It’s like riding a bicycle, but the weight of it makes you feel way more stable when you’re going fast. If maintained and taken care of properly, privately owned e-scooters can last more than 2-3 years.

4. Are electric scooters worth it?

Electric scooters under 12 miles are great transportation methods, and they are cheaper than most vehicles.

5. How long does the electric scooter last?

If maintained and taken care of properly, privately owned e-scooters can last more than 2-3 years. Learn how to maintain your scooter


In this article we have seen 10 best electric scooters for kids, we have known about their features, advantages and disadvantages. Now the decision is up to you, the combination of features which you think will be the best for your kid, choose that one!  Buy your kid the scooter you think will be best for him so that he can store his childhood memories and loads of smiles on the scooter. If you have found this article don’t forget to share it with your parent-friends and if you have any queries do leave a comment below!

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