10 Best Electric Scooters with Ultimate Buying Guide

10 Best Electric Scooters with Ultimate Buying Guide

Do you want to enhance your everyday traveling experience? But you also want the thrill of biking and cycling. You also wish to travel safely. An electric scooter can be your best companion to satisfy all your needs. They are fun to use and safer than bikes. 

In this modern era, people want everything digital. They always require upgrading their things. Vehicles are one of the things that people try to upgrade frequently. Electric scooters are old-school scooters with more advanced features. They are quicker, quieter, and user friendly than the manual scooter.

There are so many electric scooters available in the market. Buying one scooter among them can be challenging. That’s why there are various factors you need to consider before purchasing an electric scooter.

For this, you should know the trending electric scooters in the market. The specifications that people love in an electric scooter should be known. Also, you should consider your own preference before buying. 

Why should we switch to Electrical Scooter?

There are various reasons to switch to electric scooters for your transportation mode. If you are using a bicycle, you need to change many factors.

  • Faster:Electric scooters can provide faster speed than bicycles or regular scooters. We can reach our required destination quickly with this. 
  • Not tiring: Electric scooters are not tiring to ride at all. A bicycle will be the best option if we want to work out or burn calories. But other than that, electric scooters can be more comfortable to ride.
  • No cost in riding: When we ride a bike, we need petrol or diesel. But these are expensive. Also, in bicycle riding, wheels should be pumped before. But in an electric scooter, we don’t need any extra money. It is very cost-friendly for riders.
  • There is no need to have extra space: An electric scooter doesn’t need much extra space to keep it. In the case of bikes and bicycles, you need space in your place.
  • Safer: Electric scooters are designed for both kids and adults. So it is much safer than bikes and bicycles.

Best Electric Scooters Available in The Market

Nowadays, there are many branded electric scooters available. Before buying one, you must know about the top trending electric scooters. Here are some recommended electric scooters.

1.Unagi Model One – The Best Electric Scooter in Premium Quality

Unagi Model One

This model is one of the most popular and unique user-friendly design electric scooters available in the market. This scooter is loved by customers for its high-class performance and adjustable design.

The performance of this scooter is very high. It can increase speed up to 20 mph. Without a heavy load on it, it can go 15 miles.

The materials used in this electric scooter are lightweight, but it has high strength. SpaceX rockets use this same material which is TORAY carbon. This material comes from Japan.

This scooter has an incredibly sleek design, with no additional wire or heavy parts. Also, the simple handlebar attracts most of the customers.

Unagi provides anti-lock brakes, which are safe for driving on the street. This brake can help you control in immediate action.           

Safety features of Unagi Model One are also unbeatable. Along with the anti-lock braking system, it has LED safety lights and puncture-proof wheels.

Features you will enjoy the most.

  • Incredible handlebar which helps to get better grip.
  • Anti-lock braking system for safety.
  • Puncture-proof wheels to prevent tires from puncture
  • One-click foldable system for portability.

Some criticism

  • Expensive for some of the people.

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2.Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter  – Best Electrical Scooter for Kids Safety

Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter

Razor is one of the top leading brands in the market. Razor Power Core E100 is popular among customers because of its high power rechargeable battery and good speed. This scooter has lightweight materials with durable strength.

Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter provides a fun and smooth ride with a throttle twist. The rear pneumatic wheels help to give a smooth ride.

Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter can run at speed continuously up to 18 km/hour. 

The deck of the Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter is aluminium. It makes it attractive to look at. The aluminium deck provides high durability with lightweight. So it needs low maintenance.

Features you will enjoy the most.

  • Affordable for most of the people.
  • 60 minutes continuous ride with one time full charge battery..
  • Kick-to start feature.
  • Needs no maintenance.

Some criticism

  • Battery problems in the long run.

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3. Segway Ninebot E22 E45 Electric Kick Scooter- Best Electric Scooter in General

Segway Ninebot E22 E45 Electric Kick Scooter

Segway Ninebot E22 E45 Electric Kick Scooter is one of the popular scooters with innovative technology with more updated features. It has most of the qualities you ask for in a scooter. With superior performance, the scooter also comes with outstanding aesthetics. 

In this scooter, the most well-researched features are used. These features are compatible with both kids and adults. Most of the scooters in the market are kid and teenage-friendly. But adults can have fun riding this scooter.

The performance of the scooter is really amusing. You can continuously ride up to 13.7 miles with the help of the powerful motor of the scooter. It can be carried easily with the foldable design. You can take it anywhere easily with one hand.

This scooter can absorb any shock. It has a dual brake system. So kids or adults can ride it on the street safely. Also The scooter has undergone an intelligent battery management system. So it can show you more special power in the display. 

Features you will enjoy the most.

  • The maximum range of the rider’s weight is 220 lbs.
  •  12.4 mph speed.
  • The scooter is both foldable and lightweight.

Some Criticism

  • Batteries are heavy.

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4. MEGA WHEELS Electric Scooter – Best Electric Scooter for Long Term Use

MEGA WHEELS Electric Scooter

MEGA WHEELS Electric scooter has attractive features which are loved by the customers. This scooter has three gears with a powerful motor. You can ride anywhere fast and safely.

The motor is potent. With the help of the motor, the scooter can travel 9 to 12 miles easily. The scooter has three gears. So it can provide three different ranges of power. 

The pedal of the scooter has high durability. It is made of 5 layers of maple wood. That allows the scooter to avoid any slip on the road. The scooter can provide you an enjoyable ride along with safety. 

The tires are airless. So it can be ridden on dirty roads, wet roads safely.

Features you will enjoy the most.

  • The material of the panel is durable and has no-slip capacity.
  • Three gears can widen the range of power.

Some Criticism

  • Rattling noise due to the lock system

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5. Gotrax GKS Electric Scooter- Best Budget-Friendly Kids Electric Scooter

Gotrax GKS Electric Scooter

Gotrax GKS Electric Scooter is popular among kids. It has a simple design with both electric and kick-in features. A safe riding experience with the scooter makes it more kid-friendly. 

One of the main advantages is that the scooter is specially built for kids. It focuses significantly on kids’ safety. Before starting the ride, you need to place both your feet to ensure that you are fully ready for the ride. 

The scooter comes with a powerful 150 W motor and the wheels are 6 inches. This combination can get good performance with safe riding on the streets.

Gotrax GKS Electric Scooter has a 25.2 V Lithium battery. With a fully charged battery, you can travel up to 4 miles.

Also, the scooter comes in 4 various ranges of colors. So you can choose the color you prefer.

Features you will enjoy most.

  • Kid-friendly. 
  • The scooter can be used as both an electric and kick scooter.
  • Assembling is simple.
  • The scooter is so lightweight.

Some Criticism

  • Some people face charging problems in the long run.

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6. YADEA Electric Scooter KS5- Best Electric Scooter in Superior Technology

YADEA Electric Scooter KS5

YADEA Electric Scooter KS5 is liked highly for its unique features and very high performance. This attractive looking scooter comes with upgraded mileage, cruise control, and energy recovery system,

The motor performance of this scooter is really amusing. The rated power of the motor is 500 W, and the maximum wheel motor power is 700 W. With the powerful motor, you can travel up to 37.2 miles. 

The weight loading capacity of this scooter is high. It can carry up to 420 lbs. So adults can experience the fun ride with the scooter.

The wheels of the scooter will make the ride comfortable. These 10 inch solid tires, including a 0.98 fork shock absorber, can absorb any shock. You can ride bumpy or dirty roads smoothly.

As it has a triple braking system such as a front drum, an electric, and a rear disc brake, the scooter can provide you an enjoyable ride along with safety. You can clearly see at day and night with 4 reflectors, headlight, and rear brake light in all directions.

An application comes with a scooter that has multifunctional control. It shows power mode, battery life, Bluetooth connection, etc. 

Features you will enjoy the most.

  • Waterproof.
  •  Fast charging capacity.
  • The scooter can provide you as much as 21.8 mph speed.
  • Foldable for which it is great for portability.
  • The scooter includes a triple combined braking system and a broad vision range.

Some Criticism

  • Slightly expensive.
  • The application can be unresponsive sometimes.

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7. Gotrax APEX XL Commuting Electric Scooter – Best Budget-Friendly Electric Scooter

Gotrax APEX XL Commuting Electric Scooter

Gotra APEX XL Commuting Electric Scooter is one of the best budget scooters available in the market. It has longer battery life than previous versions of Gotrax scooters. The scooter is good enough for both kids and adults.

The scooter has a 36V lithium battery. It gives you long battery life. Within 4 hours, the battery will be fully charged and ready for a ride. You can travel up to 15 miles with the full charge battery.

The anti-locking braking system comes with the scooter. The pneumatic tire will provide you a comfortable ride even on bumpy, muddy roads.

People can carry the scooter easily because of its lightweight. It is foldable. So you can take it in public places without any hassle.

Features you will enjoy the most.

  • Ultra-bright Headlight and Taillight for better vision
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • 36V 6.0AH battery
  • 8.5-inch shock-absorbing tires.
  • High display quality

Some Criticism

  • Customer service is below average.

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8. Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric Kick Scooter- Best Electrical Scooter with Outstanding Design

Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric Kick Scooter

If you want  most of the best scooter quality in an electric scooter, then Segway Ninebot ES4 is a great choice. This scooter has grabbed the customers’ attention in most fields like speed, battery performance, sleek design, quality.

The mileage of the scooter is really excellent. The motor power is 800 W. The scooter can cover up to 28 miles in a single battery charge. 

The scooter provides an innovative double braking system. It has both electrical and mechanical brakes. With the system, the scooter can be stopped within the range of 13.4 inches.

Advanced LED display and customizable color makes the scooter more attractive. The LED display can be controlled by the application. The app has multifunctional features

Features you will enjoy the most.

  • 374 Wh dual battery capacity
  • 18.6 mph speed
  • One-step folding design
  • Customizable LED display.
  • Double braking system

Some Criticism

  • Customer service is poor sometimes.

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9. VIRO Rides VR 550E Rechargeable Electric Scooter- Best Affordable Electric Scooter for Kids

VIRO Rides VR 550E Rechargeable Electric Scooter

Viro VR scooter is an affordable scooter for kids and teenagers. If you want a kid-friendly scooter to travel across the street or neighborhood, this budget is one of the best scooters for a fun ride.

Due to a 100 Watt motor and 12 V battery, the scooter can cover 6 miles in 40 minutes. 

As it is a kid-friendly scooter, the usage is simple. It has a thumb control throttle which allows the scooter for quick acceleration. The scooter has safety concerns. So it provides a rear brake and LED running lights.

Features you will enjoy the most.

  • Kickstand
  • LED lights with cool ground effects
  • Safe design
  • Affordable

Some Criticism

  • Not recommended for older teens

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10. SmooSat E9 PRO Electric Scooter- Best Electric Scooter for Kids and Teens

SmooSat E9 PRO Electric Scooter

Because of the rainbow-colored LED light, the kids love this scooter. The speed and height-adjustable capacity of the scooter make it stand out in the market.

With a 130 Watt powerful brushless motor and 21.6V rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the scooter can cover 5 miles at a time.Due to the rear brake, the rider can take complete control while riding. 

Features you will enjoy the most.

  • 5 colored rainbow LED light
  • Adjustable speed and height
  • Kick start
  • Lightweight and Foldable

Some Criticism

  • Some people face issues while riding it on the hills.

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Buying Guide for Best Electric Scooter

Sometimes, it can be challenging to decide which electric scooter to buy out of the best electric scooters. So here are some factors you should consider before purchasing an electric scooter. It can help you to make a successful purchase.


You should buy a scooter that has better mileage. Generally, a top-notch adult scooter can cover 15 miles on average. In kids’ scooters, the number can be less. 


One of the key features in the best electric scooter is a powerful motor. Because, a powerful motor can provide a better speed. 500 watts to 800 watts motors are most recommended.


Wheels are one of the most essential factors in an electric scooter. Better quality wheels are required for a smooth ride. Airless wheels with shock absorbers can protect you from bumpy roads.


Lightweight and foldable electric scooters have the advantage of being portable. That’s why these scooters can be carried in public transport, schools, etc. For this, the recommended weight of the electric scooters is 37.4 lbs or below.


 Along with the fun and enjoyable ride, we should also focus on safety. For this reason, brakes should be robust. Brakes can be helpful to take complete control while riding. There are foot brakes, disc brakes, and drum brakes. From these, disc brakes are the most powerful while stopping the scooter.


Lights are another critical feature for safety. Riders should see the surroundings, and others also should see while riding. Front and rear lights should be included in the scooter. 


There are various price ranges of electric scooters available in the market. A more comprehensive range of features comes with a more extensive price range. Generally, you can get budget-friendly electric scooters for $100 to $300. You have to consider some features like battery performance, speed, etc. In the mid-range, scooters are $300 to $600. Here you can get better acceleration, better battery life with some unique features. You can get the best quality electric scooters for more than $600. With superior technology and upgraded parts, you can have the most enjoyable experience. 


Electric scooters should have maintenance free quality. If it breaks down once in a while, you will have to repair it regularly. It will cost you so much So maintenance free quality can save you from any kind of hassle in the future. 

Customer Support

 When you buy the best electric scooter, you should check for the customer service for the product. You should buy the scooter which comes with a warranty and customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a license to ride an electric scooter?

It depends on your country. You don’t need a driving license to ride an electric scooter in the US. 

Can electric scooters be charged at home?

Most households have a 5A socket available for regular work. So  you can charge it in your regular home socket.

Can I ride electric scooters on wet roads?

You can ride electric scooters on wet roads. Most of the tires of the electric scooters have no-slip capacity. It saves you from slipping on wet roads.

Can electric scooters be ridden on hills?

Yes, a good-quality electric scholar can go on hills. It can be a bit more challenging than riding on a flat surface.

Do I have to wear a helmet while riding an electric scooter?

Yes, it is always recommended to wear a helmet while riding a vehicle. Because safety comes first no matter what.


It is the smartest choice to have a vehicle like an electric scooter in this digital age. It is affordable, not tiring, portable, and full of fun. Before covering this article, we collected information about the best electric scooter from markets, manufacturers, and users. Then we reviewed them based on our research.

We hope this article will help you find your best-suited electric scooter. If you have any doubt regarding electric scooters, please let us know in the comment section below.

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