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5 Best Gas Scooter Reviews & Buying Guide

Gas scooters are fast and smooth. If you are getting bored with your average car ride, a gas scooter can be an alternative. Gas scooters cause fewer emissions and are also very cost-effective. Gas scooters are much faster than traditional or electric scooters. And much reliable too. In this article you can find the 5 best gas scooters available. Also a buying guide which will help you pick up the perfect scooter for yourself.

5 Best Gas Scooters Review

Gas scooters are usually money saving. And it is entertaining to ride as well. You have a better understanding of the surroundings on a scooter rather than a car. Gas scooters are usually easy to store and take a lot less space than cars. Here are the reviews of the best 5 scooters we found from our extensive research.

1. Dirt Dog 49cc Gas Powered Scooter

best gas scooter

The ScooterX dirt dog was available on the market from 2002. And it’s been a fan favorite since then. At the birth time, the dirt dogs were shipping in a 43cc engine. But after 2006, all the dirt dogs came with 49cc and chrome engines.


  • Top speed 22-25 mph
  • Foldable handlebars
  • Upgradable
  • Automatic clutch
  • Brake levers
  • Kickstand
  • Rear footpeg


  • Comes in black color
  • Frame material: Aluminum
  • Rear disc brake
  • Engine: 49cc
  • Tire dimension: 10 x 3.5â€
  • Unit weight: 49 lbs
  • Unit dimension: Length 43†x Width 14†x Height 20â€


  • Suitable for teenagers
  • Wider handlebar than standard
  • Dual sport tires for both on-roading and off-roading
  • Motorbike style twist throttle
  • Aluminum deck
  • Double rideable
  • Perfect for stunt riding


  • Hard to assemble
  • The engine takes time to get warm
  • The metal used to build it is not high quality

Final Verdict

With more comprehensive handlebars, the scooterX dirt dogs are a great choice. If you are a rough rider this bike will be a great fit. With its compatibility with dual roading, it would be an excellent ride in the budget.

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2. Coleman Powersports Gas Powered Mini Bike

Coleman Powersports Gas Powered Mini Bike Review

The CT100U is the flagship model of Coleman Powersports. They call this mini bike an American classic. It is a perfect scooter for running through rough terrains with family and friends.


  • Designed in the USA
  • Max speed: 20mph
  • Low-pressure tires
  • Pull start bike
  • Rugged clutch
  • Suitable for 13 and above
  • The toolkit included in the package


  • Comes in two colors: Black and Red
  • Engine specifications: 4 strokes,one-cylinder engine, 98cc/ 3 horsepower
  • Tank capacity: 3.6 litres
  • Weight- 82lbs
  • Rear drum brake
  • Dimension: Length 36†x Width 14†x Height 26â€


  • 6″ clear from the ground
  • A thrilling experience for young kids
  • Easy assembly
  • No gear shift, one gear only
  • Customizable
  • Racks in front and back for storage


  • The old school braking system
  • Heavy
  • Ameture paint job on the scooter

Final Verdict

The CT100U is perfect for you if you are an outgoing person and love to take on trails. This reliable vehicle will take you and your luggage to places. This scooter is an excellent start if you want your teenage kid to have a motor ride of his/her own.

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3. TOXOZERS Gas Scooter

TOXOZERS Gas Scooter Review

The uberscoot produces the state-of-the-art scooter line. The Uberscoot 2x 50cc is not different either. It used new manufacturing technology. The Toxozers Uberscoot 2x 50cc would be an excellent choice as your next gas scooter.


  • MX Foldable handlebar
  • Camlink suspension on the front
  • 2 stage thumb shift gearing system
  • Quick-release seat


  • Black Color
  • Engine Specifications: 49cc,2 horsepower,2 stroke
  • Milage: 20miles/tank
  • Unit dimension: Folded- Length 49â€, Width 20â€, Height 20†/ Open- Length 49†x Width 20†x Height 44â€
  • Forged aluminum wheels


  • Excellent resistance on jump
  • Two riding options with two gears, power in gear one and speed in second gear
  • Max weight capacity: 265 lbs
  • Billet aluminum deck
  • State-of-the-art design
  • EPA approved engine


  • Bad carbs
  • Not so great seats

Final Verdict

With a great engine and outstanding mileage, the uberscoot 2x would be a perfect fit for everyone. Both daredevil or a regular rider. With the option of a seat, you can have a long smooth ride without breaking a sweat.

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4. SAY YEAH Motorized Mini Scooter

SAY YEAH Motorized Mini Scooter Review

The “say yeah” gas bike is the ultimate scooter. The scooter is famous for its ability to take sharp corners and fantastic speed. This gas scooter can handle both its on-road and off-road capability.


  • Foldable wide handlebars
  • Max speed- 18-20mph
  • EPA approved engine
  • Pull rope mechanism
  • Turn-off switch on the handlebar
  • Suitable age: 13 and higher
  • Air-cooled 2 stroke motor
  • Comes with a ser manual


  • Black color
  • Wheels: Material- Pneumatic, Diameter- 9″
  • Unit weight: 59lbs
  • Gas tank capacity: 1.25 liters
  • Engine: 49cc
  • Brake system: Front and rear disc brakes
  • Unit dimension: Length 39†x Width 16.5 x Length 37â€


  • Easy to operate
  • Speed control on the handlebar
  • Suitable scooter for beginners
  • Can take up to 185 lbs
  • Rigid steel built
  • Overcomes bumps with ease
  • Toolkit included


  • Seats are a bit slippery
  • A bit on the smaller side
  • Not upgradable
  • Handlebar joint not much strong

Final Verdict

The “say yeah” gas bike is a superb choice for both beginners and experienced riders. With its suitable materials and strong frame, this gasoline scooter won’t disappoint you. This is one of the best gas scooters for kids available in the market.

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5. A-Blaze Signature Series 2 Gas Scooter

A-Blaze Signature Series 2 Gas Scooter Review

The super-speedy scooter is here. The A-Blaze Signature Series-2 runs fast and well. You can go anywhere with it, and you can go there pretty quick. This is one of the fastest gas scooters for adults available in the market.


  • Top speed: 33-35mph
  • Finger throttle
  • Chain pull system
  • EPA certified engine
  • Patented front mono-shock suspension
  • Two-speed gear shifter


  • Black color
  • Aluminum frame
  • Braking system: Disc brakes in front and back
  • Engine: 50cc 2 stroke motor
  • Milage: 20miles/tank
  • Tires: 11″ knobby
  • Unit weight: 60 pounds
  • Unit dimension: Length 47″ x Width 19″ x Height 17″


  • Quick adjustable
  • Aluminum billet deck 
  • Provides smooth landing while jumping
  • Choice of adding a seat
  • Racing handlebars
  • Fold and lock mechanism
  • Can fit in a car trunk


  • The chain is a bit loose
  • Hard to change gears
  • Acceleration decreases after using sometimes

Final Verdict

This racing-inspired stylish gas scooter can be a terrific choice for yourself. It has the speed and the power to back it up. Consists a robust and fuel-efficient engine and a healthy body. This scooter could become your new best friend easy.

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Things To Consider Before Buying Gas Scooter

Gas scooters are gaining a fan base of their day by day. These scooters are much faster and heavy-duty than their electric or manual counterparts. They are lighter than a motorcycle and take a lot less room to store. Gas scooters take less fuel to operate too.

Before purchasing you should consider some things first. As like using the scooter, who and where will use it. There are a lot of scooters in the market. It is easy to get confused by all these options. It would be best if you considered some aspects of scooters before buying one for yourself.

Engine Size

Gas scooters come in a lot of engine sizes. Before buying the scooter, consider what type of speed you are comfortable with. Also what road will be the scooter will run on. Higher cc engine scooters will have more speed and more capacity to carry weight. Usually, there are three engine size categories for gas scooters.

1. Under 50cc

These scooters can run a most of 35mph and usually have a 1-gallon tank. Generally gas scooters have a kick or pull start system. Also, scooters under 50cc scooters are lighter and smaller in size.

2. 50cc-149cc

These particular scooters usually have storage space under their seats. They design it especially for long roads. That is why they have a larger tank, up to 1.75 gallons. And can go as fast as 60mph.

3. 150cc-250cc

Scooters with 150cc-250cc engine capacity can reach about 70mph. It also has a large tank with a 2.22-gallon capacity. These scooters can carry up to 400lbs on them. And the scooters built for all-terrain.


Height is one of the significant considerations before choosing your scooter. If you are looking for a gasoline scooter for your kid or a short person, don’t buy the large and heavy ones. They will have a hard time riding the scooter. Again don’t buy a small scooter if you are tall. Discomfort riding for long can damage your body for permanent. The best option is to buy a scooter with an adjustable height system.


As the gas scooters could be speedy, safety should be a significant concern. Choose a scooter with high quality and dependable safety measures. Pick a scooter with brakes on both tires. Disc brakes are preferable, but drum breaks are good also. Go for a scooter with excellent quality materials and adjustable grippy handlebars. Always remember safety is first.


Choose a scooter that you can carry at ease. Usually, all gas scooters are on the heavier side. Scooters under 50cc are lighter than the other types of scooters. As powerful the engine gets, the scooter gets heavier.

Manual/Automatic Transmission

Generally, scooters come with automatic gears. Auto gears are best suitable for beginner riders who are getting into the gas scooter game. But if you are an experienced rider, then you could go for a manual gear scooter. It would provide a new type of experience.

Storage Facility

If you are getting a scooter for daily use, you should consider getting one with storage spaces. Usually, scooters over 50cc have storage spaces under or behind the seat. Some scooters are even capable of carrying two people.


If you like the thrill of speed but don’t want to spend much gas, scooters are for you. Also, you can run around on the block without taking your car every time. The perfect scooter for you can be your best friend in no time. I hope this article can help you to find your next sweet ride.

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