Best Gold Coast Longboards

Gold Coastline is a preferred manufacturer of longboards that is understood for its high-grade building materials and also interesting style selections. Nonetheless, they have a lot of various models to select from that it can be tough to find the one for you. In our write-up, we’re going to explore seven of the best Gold Shore longboard designs currently offered, based on ordinary customer evaluations. We’re going to briefly cover the technical details of each board as well as their main features.

Our Rating
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Gold Coastline Full Longboard— Sign Cruiser
8.1/ 10.


Gold Coastline The Remex.
8.5/ 10.


Gold Coast Pluton Decline Through Full Longboard.
8.9/ 10.


Gold Coast Total Longboard Period Drop Through.
9.1/ 10.

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Gold Coastline Total Longboard Lume Decrease With.
9.4/ 10.


Gold Coast Total Longboard Classic Bamboo Pintail.
9.7/ 10.


Gold Coastline Total Longboard Classic Bamboo Decline Through.
9.8/ 10.

7. GoldCoast Skateboard— Complete Longboard— Span Drop Through 40.5 ″

Rate group: Budget-friendly
Deck Product: Wood maple/bamboo composite
Wheels: 2.36 in/60 mm, made from a soft PU material
Board length: 26 in/66.04 cm

Among our top Gold Shore longboard picks is the Sign Cruiser. Built particularly for ease of use as well as transportability, this longboard gauges a fairly modest 26 inches. Nevertheless, it is essential to keep in mind that the wheels are likewise on the little side, determining just 60 millimeters. New skaters need to keep this in mind, and might wish to stick with a longboard with more security.

Nevertheless, the best aspect of this particular longboard is the deck building material. Made from five various layers of maple and also bamboo, it integrates both adaptability and sturdiness in one eye-catching package.

6. Gold Shore Skateboard— Total Longboard— Lume Drop With 38 ″

Cost group: Inexpensive
Deck Product: Wood maple
Tires: 2.76 in/70 mm, constructed from grade 85A polyurethane
Board size: 34 in/86.36 centimeters

An additional Gold Coast longboard model that deserves checking out is the Remex. The board itself is made from seven layers of strengthened wood maple. This makes it among the stronger boards on our checklist, one that holds up well with proceeded use. We likewise like that this particular longboard attributes CNC wheel wells for improved longevity as well.

The best feature concerning this particular longboard is its size. Determining 34 inches, it is simply large sufficient for newbies to use effectively. However, it’s additionally compact enough that even more knowledgeable skaters must be able to carry out a variety of acrobatic methods effortlessly.

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5. GoldCoast Skateboard— Total Longboard— Classic Bamboo Pintail 44 Inch

Rate group: Medium
Deck Material: Wood maple
Tires: 2.76 in/70 mm, made of PU material
Board size: 36 in/91.44 centimeters

The Pluton Drop With is one more incredibly popular longboard choice for skaters who prefer a bit more of a compact layout in their longboards. The deck is made of eight layers of wood maple for a more durable item that offers a lot of assistance. On top of that, this longboard includes Century C80 vehicles that are terrific for downhill travelling and various other coasting needs.

However, the thing that attracts attention one of the most around this specific longboard is the distinct graphic layout. All-time low of the longboard includes special paint that creates the visuals style to alter when revealed to UV light. It’s the excellent means to shock family and friends members while executing techniques.

4. GoldCoast Skateboard— Full Longboard— Standard Bamboo Decline Via 38 ″

Cost classification: Medium
Deck Product: Wood maple
Tires: 2.76 in/70 mm, made from PU material
Board size: 40.5 in/102.87 cm

The Span design is one more excellent longboard layout that has lots of nice attributes. Thanks to the Century C80 reverse vehicles, this is one of the a lot more maneuverable boards on our list. In addition, the board itself is constructed to last as a result of the numerous layers of maple timber. The barreled bushings are also sturdy for included longevity in the wheel section.

The thing we appreciate most regarding the Span longboard is its shape. Both the front and back of the board are more slim than most other longboards. While lots of may feel this comes down to personal taste, it does appear to improve the effectiveness of the board when doing methods. Eventually, if you choose a much less rounded board, you will likely take pleasure in the Period design.

3. GoldCoast Skateboard— Complete Longboard— Addax Drop Through 38 ″

Price classification: High
Deck Product: Canadian maple
Tires: 2.76 in/70 mm, constructed from 85A PU material
Board size: 38 in/96.52 cm

The Lume is an additional longboard model that fails to let down. Made from genuine Canadian maple, the board itself is incredibly sturdy. To further improve the sturdiness, the designers chose to utilize 7 different layers of wood. Nevertheless, you need to be aware that this does slightly increase the weight of this longboard. Additionally, this longboard does cost a little bit greater than several various other models.

One area where the Lume longboard truly shines is its Griptape layout. The tape is pass away reduced to make certain that there is no additional product hanging off the board. This supplies a far more protected fit, and will further enhance the longboard’s resilience.

2. GoldCoast Skateboard— Full Longboard— Standard Cruiser Turquoise 28.5 ″

Rate classification: High
Deck Product: Bamboo/maple hybrid
Tires: 2.76 in/70 mm, made from 85A PU product
Board length: 44 in/111.76 cm

If cost isn’t much of an issue, the Classic Bamboo Pintail style is one more outstanding Gold Shore longboard. Due to the combination of maple and also bamboo, the board preserves its adaptability and toughness. Additionally, it’s also fairly light-weight, considered that the board measures a substantial 44 inches long. We likewise such as that the board layout showcases the all-natural charm of the timber as well.

Perhaps the most popular feature worth mentioning with the Standard Bamboo Pintail longboard is the extra long wheelbase. Determining 36 inches, the wheelbase provides a great deal of assistance and also balance that brand-new skaters make sure to value. Furthermore, this makes this longboard one of the best Gold Coast longboad choices for fundamental cruising.

1. GOLDCOAST Cruiser Complete Skateboard

Rate group: High
Deck Material: Bamboo/maple crossbreed
Tires: 2.76 in/70 mm, constructed from 85A PU material
Board length: 38 in/96.52 cm

The Classic Bamboo Drop With model is the double of the Pintail style over. You will see that this version shares the majority of its features with the among the various other version. For instance, it’s still made from a bamboo as well as maple composite that is both long lasting as well as lightweight. In addition, the natural appeal of the timber is showcased behind a clear coat surface that is built to last.

However, the thing that we such as most about this specific longboard is its size. Determining 36 inches, it can be made use of for both methods and also standard travelling. This significantly expands the target market of this particular longboard, making it a perfect pick for both new and also experienced skaters.


No matter which one you select, the seven Gold Shore longboard designs we covered all have a whole lot to deliver. With durable construction elements and also several interesting designs to pick from, you must have no worry finding the ideal longboard for you. Take your time surfing our recommendations, as well as do not hesitate to share any type of other Gold Shore longboard suggestions you may have.

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