Best Knee Pads for Longboarding

If you are searching for the very best knee pads for longboarding, there are several options from which you can select. The complying with selections were carefully researched to make certain that they were cost effective, sufficiently secured your knee, as well as were simple to readjust on the fly. They are likewise ranked based upon their variety of features and also what real reviewers needed to claim regarding them.

Our Score


BodyProx Pads
9.75/ 10.


McDavid 6400.
9.5/ 10.


Strider Knee Pads.
9.25/ 10.

Best Knee Pads for Longboarding of 2019 image 1


G-Form Pro-X Knee Pads.
8.9/ 10.


Pro-Tec Knee Pads.
8.6/ 10.


187 Killer Pads.
7.5/ 10.

6. 187 Killer Pads

Rate category:Affordable
Product:Foam and also plastic
Layout:Red, white, and blue style
Weight:32 ounces or907 grams

If you desire a flashy or stylish set of pads, these are the best knee pads for longboarding. Though they aren’t rather as reputable as our other versions, they are still worth considering. Where they beam is in comfort, as individuals feel little constraint only when using them. On the other hand, they look extremely bulky while on the leg. In addition to that, there are 5 offered dimensions from XS to XL to fit almost any kind of longboard fanatic.


  • Form-fitting layout
  • Challenging plastic pads
  • High-grade foam


  • Creates a patriotic American appearance
  • Trendy and also enjoyable to use
  • Available in numerous dimensions


  • May slide at times
  • A little flimsy for the cost

5. Pro-Tec Knee Pads

Rate classification:Economical
Material:Neoprene and plastic
Layout:CE accredited
Weight:32 ounces or907 grams

Those that desire hard, durable, as well as immune pads will like this design. Nonetheless, it has a rather tight style that, while insufficient to take them off our listing, is important to think about prior to buying. On the various other hand, they cover the knee throughout for security factors. The indoor delights in the presence of the very versatile lycra while the assistance bands cover it both in the top as well as lower components.

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  • Full-wrap hooks
  • Stretchy Lycra inside
  • Plastic exterior pads


  • Really adjustable for numerous users
  • Possess a cool and smooth style
  • Double-strap system holds it snugly to your knee


  • Bands may come off throughout competition
  • Layout may limit your motion

4. G-Form Pro-X

Rate category:Inexpensive
Material:Plastic and flexible
Design:Structured pads
Weight:16 ounces or453 grams

The best thing about these pads is exactly how snug and adaptable they are for your knee. They are the most effective knee pads for longboarding for somebody who wants adaptability as well as integrity. On the various other hand, they aren’t quite as strong as our top 3 pads, though.

What you get is a brand-new technology called Responsive Protection Innovation. Under typical conditions, the foam continues to be versatile and flexible to sustain users’ every step. Nonetheless, once the foam intercepts the shock of a loss, it automatically obtains rigid to take in 90% of the pressure.


  • Swapping pad design
  • A 90 percent price for force absorption
  • Structured style for less complicated wear


  • Hardest as well as hardest-to-break pads on our list
  • Easy-breathe flexible and plastic
  • Snug to the skin
  • Easy to clean up


  • Some may find them also tight
  • Rate is a little bit greater than a few other comparable versions

3. Strider Knee and Elbow Joint Pads

Price category:Low-cost
Material:Long lasting plastic and also cloth
Style:Straightforward Velcro bands
Weight:6.4 ounces or181 grams

Those that have an interest in both knee as well as elbow pads are likely to consider these Strider accessories as the most effective knee pads for longboarding. Their plastic style is tough sufficient for unpleasant spills, though these are commonly harder to locate in grown-up sizes. However, they are not all around the knee, but simple to remove with simply 2 sets of Velcro bands.


  • Easy-to-wash pads
  • Protection for both knees and also joints
  • Versatile to youngsters


  • Difficult adequate for real competition
  • Plastic supplies maximum defense
  • Flexible strap choices


  • Plastic might be stiff
  • Tends to be sized a little small

2. McDavid 6400

Cost category:Economical
Product:Fabric and also foam
Weight:4.3 ounces or121 grams

This item was nearly our top choice for the best knee pads for longboarding. Its durability and strength make it a fantastic choice for starting as well as knowledgeable longboard riders. However, its versatility is a little minimal, which is why it is up to number two. However, you’ll locate an unique design that inspired by a honeycomb. The 2 cumbersome pads are changed by many hexagons that boost movement.


  • Moisture-management system
  • Shut foam extra padding
  • Body-versatile design


  • Fits on several joints
  • Utilized by actual specialist athletes
  • Multiple shade options


  • Extra padding is a little slim
  • Somewhat stiffer than our top choice

1. Bodyprox Knee Pads

Cost category:Low-cost
Product:Textile and foam
Layout:Ergonomic for simple activity
Weight:5 ounces or141 grams

Anyone who intends to protect their knees from injury will certainly discover that these are the most effective knee pads for longboarding. They are simply the most difficult, most resilient, and trustworthy kneepads that we could find for this sport.

Despite all these guarantees, they found a way to remain light as well as slim too. Consequently, people can use them underneath their pants. Even though they cover the entire knee area and then some, this set still allows blood to move to make them comfortable in any way times.


  • Anti-slip sponge
  • Crash avoidance
  • Easy freedom of motion


  • Aids boost blood flow
  • Very economical
  • May be utilized in numerous sporting activities


  • May feel lightweight in sturdy competition


As you can see, picking the very best knee pads for longboarding doesn’t have to be a major challenge. There are several alternatives where you can pick, which must make it easy for you to discover the best knee pads for your demands. Don’t wait to allow us recognize what’s your view on any of these longboarding accessories.

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