Best Longboard Brands

We have assembled a checklist of the finest longboard brand names based on a couple of variables to aid limit your search. These firms were meticulously chosen based on their price variety, high quality of products, as well as examines from boarders like you. You’ll additionally be able to speak with a valuable collection of specifications for each entry.
In order to make a better point of view concerning these names, you’ll likewise be introduced to their most popular longboard models. The following table is a review for all versions we’re going to deal with. Allow’s begin!

Our Score
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Rimable— Decline Through Longboard
9.5/ 10.


Minority— Downhill Longboard with 40-Inch Decline Deck.


Magneto— Bamboo Longboards for Cruising as well as Downhill Competing.
9.2/ 10.


Atom— Drop-Through Cruising Longboards.


Play Shion— Decline Through Freestyle Longboard Cruisers.


Best Longboard Brands of 2019 photo 1

Yocaher— Expert Drop Down Complete Longboards.
8.9/ 10.


Kahuna Creations— Master-Crafted Longboards.
8.5/ 10.

1. Rimable— Drop With Longboard

RIMABLE Drop-Through Longboard 41Inch (Black Head)
  • 41X9.5 Inch Size With Freerider Forming longboard!
  • Cold Press 9 PLY FULL MAPLE LAMINATED DECK for the lengthy board
  • Go down With 7inch 180 Aluminium Truck With High Elastic Bushing!
  • 70X51MM PU WHEELS With 78A Hardness
  • Rimable Longboard Bearing with high-speed lubricant

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Price group: Low to high price boards.
Deck material: 9-ply laminated maple decks.
Tires: 70mm x 51mm branded PU wheels.
Features: Birthing with high-speed lube.
Rimable is just one of the best longboard brand names you can put your depend on right into. Its success is due o the diversity in board types they produce. This downhill racer for is just one example of the quality of handiwork you obtain with the Rimable name.

Rimable is a great manufacturer of drop-through longboards. This sort of toys possesses the unique ability to make tighter turns. It does not matter if you are weaving via people on campus or cones on a downhill, Rimable is a board supplier you can trust.

Trick Brand Name Functions:.
— Longboard with Maximum Stability.
— Superb Selection for Downhill Cruising.
— 70mm PU Wheels for Cadillac Smooth Ride.
— Reduced Deck Height for Easy Pressing.

2. Minority— Downhill Longboard with 40-Inch Drop Deck

MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard Skateboard|40-inch Drop Trough Deck|Produced Travelling Trip (Koifish)
  • The 40-Inch longboard is built with the classic downhill go down model. It’s low gravity building is optimal for any type of rate trip.
  • Super strong 8-ply chilly pressed hardrock maple, 37-Inch wheelbase, roomy 10-Inch width deck, all these added to a steady downhill system.
  • Real alluminium 7-Inch reverse authority vehicles are adjustable as 50 or 45 level, and take to you fantastic ability to move.
  • Sturdy 70x51mm 78A PU wheels deal with ABEC-9 presion bearings, letting you take pleasure in an unsurpassed smooth trip.
  • Designed by talents throughout the Atlantic. Graphics array from noticeably vintage to progressive looks.

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Price group: Low to high rate boards.
Deck product: 8-ply cool pushed hard rock maple.
Tires: 70mm x 51mm branded PU wheels.
Attributes: 7-Inch reverse authority vehicles.
Why is Minority thought about to be among the best longboard brands? Today we consider their downhill longboard and see the premium craftsmanship that assists this board reach unbelievable rates downhill.

When it pertains to engineering, Minority has truly raised bench for the competitors. They consistently generate boards that supply a smooth flight under any type of climate condition.

Probably it is the hard rock maple decks or possibly the reality these boards can support a lot of weight that spiced up this brand to the bone. Nonetheless, make no mistake to think that Minority boards are all about impressive physical efficiencies incorporated with unsurpassed toughness.

Trick Brand Attributes:

— Minority Longboards are Built for Rate.
— Superior Option for Downhill Cruising.
— 70mm PU Tires for Buttery Smooth Ride.
— Ultimate Job of Longboard Engineering.

3. Magneto— Bamboo Longboards for Cruising and Downhill Racing

Magneto Longboards— Carbon Fiber Downhill Cruiser W Concave Deck
  • TOP QUALITY Product The Carbon Fiber Downhill board sets itself apart with the top quality products utilized in the composite layup. The deck is made with a 3K carbon fiber weave, bamboo and fiberglass which leads to an extremely reliable overall strength to weight ratio that makes the board secure at high speeds. The all-natural damping features of the carbon fiber and fiberglass actually aid to reduce roadway noise and vibrations. Skate device consisted of.
  • W-CONCAVITY The deck includes a really one-of-a-kind W-Concavity with 2 «networks» running along the size of the deck. There is a subtle hump in between the networks which conforms to the arch in your foot. This permits you to really lock your feet right into the deck while battle hills. The W-Concavity likewise normally stiffens the deck that makes for a super secure trip.
  • RECESSED TRUCK installs The deck is top mounted to the deck in developed flat recesses that efficiently lower your center of gravity while riding. This boosts moving efficiency by more effectively equating side forces into sliding shear under the contact patch of the wheels. The recesses are developed to be parallel to the ground plane which guarantees you retain the turning performance of your trucks.
  • CREATED FOR BROADBAND The recessed truck mounts are made to be parallel to the ground plane which guarantees you preserve the turning performance of your trucks since if the kingpin angle obtains expensive transforming becomes incredibly delicate and also produces instabilities at broadband. The W-concavity likewise supports the board at high speeds and when battle hillsides
  • EXCELLENT layout The OS780 grasp tape is a tool quality that includes a removed of the Magneto logo. The top quality 3K carbon fiber weave can be translucented this cut out providing the board a trendy and distinct appearance.

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Cost category: Low to high rate boards
Deck material: High tech carbon fiber, bamboo to fiberglass
Tires: 70mm x 51mm branded PU wheels
Attributes: Magneto logo design carved out
Take a look at this cruising longboard and also you’ll see why Magneto is taken among the best longboard brand names. Magneto customers understand they are outstanding. For that reason, the company is constantly seeking means to impress their consumers by creating added updates.
The Magneto team is devoted to providing incredible boards of excellent quality as well as cost effective rates. On top of that, the materials used in the boards are regularly being pushed to their limits. Ultimately, the focus gets on new cutting-edge shapes as well as concavities moving forward.

Secret Brand Name Features:

— Highest Quality Materials.
— Committed to Releasing Great Top Quality.
— Dealing With Cool New Ideas as well as Treatments.
— Premium Appeals.

Best Longboard Brands of 2019 photo 2

4. Atom— Drop-Through Cruising Longboards

Atom Decline With Longboard (40 Inch)
  • Deck: Maple/Bamboo hybrid laminate with picture warm transfer visuals
  • Trucks: Navigator Drone— 40 degree base— 180mm hangers
  • Tires: Atom AREA 51— 70mm size— 51mm large— 78A— SHR
  • Bearings: ABEC 9 with high-speed lube
  • Hold: Coarse 46 grit

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Rate group: Low to high price boards.
Deck material: Maple/bamboo hybrid laminates.
Wheels: 70mm x 51mm PU wheels.
Functions: ABEC 9 bearings with high-speed lube.

Atom is a longboard supplier taken into consideration to be among the very best longboard brands because of their ingenious layouts. Their latest releases appear to exceed the previous designs without a doubt. That is due to the fact that the business is continuously trying to find special ways to remain far ahead of the competitors.

The Atom business does something numerous suppliers won’t. Their unique side is that they connect to boarders and also ask what they can do to aid take their next launches to the highest level. For example, when cyclists recommended an updated bamboo board, the company acted.

Trick Brand Name Functions:.
— Picture Heat Transfer Graphic.
— Navigator Drone— 40-degree base— 180mm wall mounts.
— Modern New Graphics.
— Differed Premium Aesthetics.

5. Play Shion— Decrease Via Freestyle Longboard Cruisers

Playshion 39 Inch Decrease Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser Blue Tear
  • 39 ″ x 9.1″ drop via longboard for novice
  • Solid but Versatile Eight Ply Maple Deck make longboard can Hold Up to 250 pounds weight
  • Big Soft 70x51mm PU Wheels combined with ABEC-9 Bearings for Smooth Trip
  • Strong 7 Inch Light weight aluminum Trucks furnished with soft bushings for Comfy Longboarding
  • Easy to Discover for Children and also Grownups novice as a result of low to ground feature originated from Decrease with placing innovation

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Rate category: Low to high cost boards.
Deck product: Bamboo and also hardwood maple decks.
Tires: 70mm x 50mm PU wheels.
Functions: Longboards complete for children and also adults.
Why do we have Play Shion on the listing of the very best longboard brands, take a look at the rave reviews this company jumps on a normal basis. Their boards are budget-friendly, and also they are built to last. The largest advantage to buying boards from this manufacturer is they can be made use of for a variety of functions. You can use their toys one day for travelling and gliding, other days for freestyling or curving.

The materials utilized in the Play Shion decks are tough yet adaptable. This tweak makes their products excellent for youngsters or grownups the like. Ultimately, these boards are very easy to brake, and the firm steering offers the utmost experience in smooth flights.

Trick Brand Name Attributes:

— Custom Your Riding Design.
— Soft and Huge Tires.
— Abec-9 Bearings Come Oiled.
— Drop-Through Mounting Innovation.

6. Yocaher— Specialist Fall Full Longboards

Yocaher Checker Graphic Expert Rate Drop Down Stained Full Longboard (Complete-Drop Down-02-Black)
  • Ideal for expert longboard bikers, Dimension: 41.25 ″ x 9 ″
  • Q-Ball 70x52mm Wheels 78A Firmness, HD7 Strong Trucks, 180mm Hanger, Aluminum Alloy
  • Abec 7 Chrome Bearings, Black Widow Premium Quality 80A Black Grip tape
  • Wheel Base: 33 ″, Building: 9-Ply Maple, Concave: High Flex: None

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Cost group: Reduced to high price boards.
Deck material: 9-ply maple decks.
Tires: 70mm x 52mm PU wheels.
Functions: Ideal for specialist longboard bikers.

If you need to understand why Yocaher made the listing of finest longboard brands, just take a better look at the workmanship. Boarding testimonials simply keep piling up concerning the top notch as well as performance of these longboards.

Yocaher longboards have a curved drop down between nose and tail. Consequently, they are perfect longboards for individuals looking to find out to lean, weave, dance, or slide.
Secret Brand Name Features:.
— Lower Center of Gravity.
— Soft and also Big Wheels.
— Getting High Speed.
— Yocaher Longboards are Wide Boards.

7. Kahuna Creations— Master-Crafted Longboards

Kahuna Creations Decline Deck Longboard— Candidate
  • Totally pre-assembled longboard with Bear Grizzly 180mm longboard trucks, Kahuna Creations 70mm 82A wheels (shade differs) as well as exceptional bearings.

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Rate category: Low to high cost boards.
Deck material: Canadian maple 9 Ply.
Wheels: 70mm PU wheels.
Attributes: Art Work by Hawaiian Master Artists.

Kahuna Creations made the listing of the very best board brand names as a result of their devotion to paying tribute to everything Hawaiian. Their boards are masterfully crafted as well as created for youngsters and also grownups alike.

Nowadays, everybody can experience the delight of longboard riding getting their own authentic Kahuna Creations board. The Hawaiian Spirit is integrated throughout the entire product line.

Secret Brand Name Functions:

— Lower Center of Gravity.
— Beach Sand Grasp.
— Bear 180mm Premium Longboard Trucks.
— Never Get Wheel Bite.


This list of the best longboard brands is enough to direct you in the appropriate direction when you are trying to limit your search. If you love a specific longboard brand name we haven’t discussed, feel free to comment on it so we can share the info with our readers.
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