The Best Longboarding Places in the US – Downhill Longboarding

Longboarding is a versatile sport, offering many opportunities for both entertainment and eco-friendly transportation.

Nevertheless, practicality is not its only strong suit, especially when it comes to downhill longboarding. Read more about downhill longboarding in the article How To Choose The Best Longboard.

Take this into account

Admittedly, there are few rushes stronger than speeding down a steep hill and applying all skills necessary for achieving a gorgeous ride – ultimately this is the thrill that most downhill longboarders seek. However, in order to achieve it, there are some quite important requirements that should be met.


Naturally, those include the longboard itself, as well as safety equipment, but perhaps what is most important is the terrain. It should not only reflect the rider’s skills but also take into account some other considerations.

As downhill longboarding is usually done at very high speeds with relatively little bodily protection, it is essential for the terrain to be smooth. Even a single pebble can cause severe injuries, especially when the rider is inexperienced.

A heaven to ride

Other important factors are the road’s location and traffic density. Consequently, a scenic trail with light traffic is considered ideal by most longboarders.

The pleasure derived from the experience also depends on the road’s steepness, which should always correspond with the rider’s abilities and experience. Below are some of the best longboarding places in the US, divided by categories.


  • Beginners: Those who have just purchased their first longboard have one distinct advantage – the world is their oyster. Any low-traffic, gentle slope street would do for those very first rides. Even though it is tempting to try and conquer the steepest slopes right away, that would most likely result in an unpleasant experience.
    • Green Lake (Seattle, WA), 2.8 miles – is an example of where beginners can enjoy the beautiful lake view, fresh air, and some readily available snacks while taking the first dip into longboarding. You like longboarding and you are looking for a company in Seattle?


  • Experienced riders: Most longboarders find that the more they ride, the bigger the thrill gets, and the urge to find new, intriguing trails progressively increases. Luckily, there is plenty to choose from, such as:
    • Spearfish Canyon (SD), 12 miles – mesmerizing views, varied slopes, and a good length all contribute to a fascinating experience. The narrow corners should be kept in mind.
    • Bear Tooth Pass (MT, WY), 21 miles – this road has often been called “the most beautiful in America”. It is one of the longest longboarding trails in the US, crosses a state border, and offers some incredibly exciting slopes.
    • Soos Creek Trail (Kent, WA), 4 miles – a scenic road, ideal for those seeking serenity and a combination of gentle slopes (in the middle) and rush-invoking ones (at the end).


  • Professionals: As longboarding is becoming increasingly popular, riders are gathering to showcase their talents. Here are the most popular places for doing so:
    • Point Defiance Park (Tacoma, WA), 5+ miles – a difficult ride only suited to very experienced and confident longboarders. There are plenty of steep downhills, as well as a few sidetracks holding surprising terrain.
    • Lake Street (Ithaca, NY), 0.29 miles – Ithaca has become an extremely popular longboarding location, with roads that allow riders to pick up speed quickly.
    • Glacier Lane (Whistler, BC) – longboarders willing to take e quick trip to Canada will be rewarded with some amazing mountain slopes, as well as the 2014 World Cup Downhill, which will take place July 2nd- July 6th and is still open for registration.

Even though these are some of the best downhill longboarding trails in the US, this sport is all about the spirit of adventure and so it is up to every rider to discover their own longboarding haven.

Downhill longboarding is not for you? Read other longboard reviews and find your style!

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