Best Longboards For Beginners: Top Picks You Need to See

What is the best longboard for beginners? Check out our best beginner longboard reviews to find out. I can only agree with all those longboarding beginners who say, that it is not easy at all to find their first longboard.

It is something that each and every rider has to go through.

But the good news is that there are many boards out there that have different specifications, which makes them well suited exactly for beginner riders.

In this guide, we will be taking a look at some of the best longboards for beginners.

Therefore you should be able to find the one that fits your desire.

It should at least help you get a better look at the different boards that are out there.

When you’re looking for the best longboards for beginners, think safety above all else. Buying good quality boards with well-engineered components is vital to safety.

Types of Longboards

You may not be familiar with the types of boards or what their advantages are so this guide will provide helpful tips and information.

Drop-through boards are less cumbersome for long cruises because the center of gravity is displaced making them a much more comfortable ride. These would be the best longboards for beginners who enjoy cruising on the boardwalk.

Cruisers are ever popular because they are easier to manipulate through crowded streets, with the flip board giving the rider a lot more control over the board. The flip board is a little lick a kickback from the days of skateboards, and users who have experienced skateboards in the past may find themselves drawn to this style out of familiarity.

Commuter style longboards feel more stable and, as the name suggests, are more comfortable for commuting, since the wheel placement helps stability on pavements.

Freestyle longboards are those adapted to a lower center of gravity, making them much safer at high speed. These are potentially the best longboards for beginners who want to achieve speed quickly and effectively while being safe. There are different board lengths to suit different needs. For example, ex-skateboard riders may prefer the shorter variety of longboards as this is a natural progression from their normal skateboarding experience.

Freestyle boards are also a great choice for beginners who want to develop their own style.

Best Longboards for Beginners

1. Quest 2012 Classic Longboard Skateboard (40-Inch)

Great Boards for Beginners

Quest 2012 longboard skateboard offers great value. For an affordable price, this 40” longboard offers great stability. It is probably the best cheap longboard for a beginner.

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Made with a plied maple, the wood is known for its flexibility and also strength. With typical classic styling, the board has durable 7-inch trucks made of aluminum with PU wheels at 70mm depending on great flex, giving a comfortable ride. The overall look of the longboard is very attractive. This board has received numerous reviews as being one of the best for beginners.

2. Atom Pin-Tail Longboard (39-Inch)

For Younger Riders Used to Skateboard Stability.

Atom’s longboard pintail longboard – with a 46 grit grip, these are pretty impressive for the price. It is certainly one of the best longboard brands for beginners.

Atom Pintail Longboard
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The maple laminate flex is present but so is style, in bucket loads, meaning that your street cred is kept intact with no compromise on quality components. Reverse kingpin with a 50 degrees base come with 51mm wide trucks with ABEC 9 bearings which means the rider has better control. This is a good feature for kids who are just starting out. Coarse grip ensures that the rider’s feet stay in place. If you want the best longboard sizes for beginners, the Atom Pin-Tail is definitely a good option.

Click HERE and read full review…

3. Atom Drop-Through Longboard (39-Inch)

Something from Drop-Kick Longboards

The Atom drop kick longboard 39 inch is a great choice for action with the kickboard helping greater maneuverability.

Whizz turning speed given by this board means learning new techniques is relatively easy through the board is still a great value. With reverse kingpin trucks, ABEC 9 bearings and 46 grit course grip, these longboards are a good choice for new riders because of the stability and the grip which allows them a margin of error.

4. Krown Freestyle Elite Drop-Through Complete Longboard

Speedy Longboards Just For You

The Krown Rasta freestyle board is one of the coolest speed kings on the market. Its low center of gravity helps stability while achieving really good speeds. With 71mm wheels and all the usual trimmings, the 8 ply maple board offers strength and flexibility for a great price. With white 71mm 78a wheels, the longboard comes with 7” black reverse kingpin trucks. This is one cool looking longboard for the kid who wants to explore freestyle. If you’re searching for the best longboard for tricks, this one is for you.

5. Kicktail Special Graphic Longboard

Something Special with Kicktail

The Kicktail special graphic longboard is a favorite with kids.

Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Complete Kicktail Cruiser 40' x 10' w/Premium Black Grip Tape, Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy Truck, 71mm Longboard Wheels - Surfer Natural
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They seem to enjoy the ease of use, even though the board can achieve great maneuverability. The 70s styling is complemented by wonderful graphics, and this is a favorite with the kids who are learning. You get a lot of skateboard for your money. In other words, a great first longboard!

6. Quest Tribes Pin Kick Tail Longboard

Quest Tribes Pin Kicktail longboard got mixed reviews, though those who were new to the sport loved the stability. This is one of the best longboard skateboards for beginners.

With lightweight aluminum trucks, it isn’t the heftiest of longboards, but it’s a good beginner’s board at a reasonable price. With a 7 ply maple deck and durable 70x51mm 80A PU wheels, the lightweight aluminum 7” trucks use precision ABEC 5 bearings with a hollow 4mm riser. The wheel wells will help prevent wheel bite, making them ideal for beginners. This is probably the best type of longboard for beginners.

7. Quest Super Cruiser Longboard

Cruisers for You to Enjoy

Mix together the elements of maple and bamboo, and what you get is a great looking kickboard. Quest Super Cruiser 44 inch model is superb for cruising around campus or for the local paper deliveries.

Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser 'The Original'Artisan Bamboo and Maple 44' Longboard Skateboard
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It’s stable enough to take a weight and with 70mm PU wheels offers great grip. And with its reasonable price, the board has to be considered as a star. Manufactured by one of the best longboard brands, the Quest Super Cruiser Longboard has ABEC 7 speed bearings and 7-inch aluminum trucks.

Click HERE and read full Quest Super Cruiser review…

8. ENKEEO 40 Inch Drop-Through Longboard

The 40 Inch Drop-Through by ENKEEO is an interesting longboard, offering a 40” maple deck with 9″ width. ABEC 11 bearings on 70mm PU wheels give the board a really sleek feel. Pretty cool looking longboard as well, making it a popular choice.

9. Yocaher Drop Through Complete Longboard

Drop-Through Boards for Great Experience

The Yocaher drop through complete longboard professional speed skateboard has to be a winner for drop through style and cost.

Although purported to be professional, the board is very simple to use and makes a great introduction to the newer rider to this style of board. Ready to ride, the longboard gives a 40” board with a generous 10”standing space.

10. Atom Drop-Through – 41 Inch

Atom Longboards Also Came Through With a Drop-Through Model

Atom Drop-Through Longboard (41-Inch)
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The maple and bamboo drop through Tiki model sports Navigator Drone trucks. Listening to users, Atom produced the 40” model rather than the original 41” and added more width, giving a ten-inch deck. With Atom Area 51 70mm wheels, the board gives a coarse 46 grit grip for gold hold.

Click HERE and read full Atom Drop-Through longboard review…

How to Choose the Best Longboard for Beginners

Deck Shape

There are three types of deck shapes that beginners can choose from:

Drop Down – The center of a drop down board helps lower your center of gravity. This leads to greater stability at high speed and less exhaustion from pushing and braking. It reduces the stress on the legs.

Pintail – Pintails are popular probably because they look like a surfboard. They have tapered ends that allow larger wheels to roll over. Pintail boards are suitable for non-technical styles of riding.

Drop Through – These boards sit under the trucks. With this type of board, riders can stay close to the ground. These types of longboards are ideal for cruising, downhill, and free ride.

Deck Size

Deck size is important as it lets a rider move his feet around. It’s easier to balance if you have a wide space to stand on. The best longboard length for beginners is between 35 and 42 inches.

Deck Material

Maple – For beginners, the best longboard deck material is maple, preferably 7 ply or 9 ply. Longboard decks made from maple wood come in a variety of designs. They are also stable, durable, and affordable. However, maple does have one drawback: it doesn’t flex. Maple wood is rigid in that and doesn’t provide a lot of feedback.

Bamboo – This material is light and flexible. If you want some flex, then the best option is bamboo.

Carbon – Like bamboo, carbon is also lightweight. The main disadvantage of this type of material is its high cost.


Trucks attach the wheels to the deck. They also allow pivoting and turning on the axle. Longboard trucks are usually reverse kingpin. It is suitable for side to side movement, better grip, and stability. Tightening the nut on the kingpin will compress the bushings and create a stiffer feel while turning. On the other hand, loose trucks are better for turns.


Wheels allow a rider to roll smoothly over any terrain. Longboard wheels are available in various sizes and hardness. Most longboard wheels range from 50mm to 75mm. Larger wheels are capable of faster speeds. They also roll more easily over bumps and rough terrain. On the other hand, smaller wheels provide quicker acceleration. However, they don’t handle bumps and uneven surfaces very well.

Typically, longboard wheels have a durometer (hardness) rating of 70a to 90a. Soft wheels provide a smooth ride and are suitable for navigating rough terrain. Meanwhile, hard wheels are faster and are ideal for sliding.


Usually, bearings have an ABEC rating which indicates the level of durability and precision. The ABEC ratings are ABEC 1, ABEC 3, ABEC 5, ABEC 7, and ABEC 9. The higher the rating, the faster they’ll spin. A majority of skateboard and longboard bearings either have ABEC 3 or ABEC 5 rating. ABEC 7 bearings are very fast and smooth, but expensive. The most expensive bearings are those that have an ABEC 9 rating. They are ideal for high speeds such as downhill racing.

Are Longboards Easier to Ride for Beginners?

Generally speaking, it takes less time to get used to a longboard. With their big decks and long wheelbases, longboards give riders more room to move around to find a comfortable stance.

Is longboarding easier than skateboarding? Longboards are designed for cruising at high speeds over long distances. For downhill riding, a longboard is easier to control than a skateboard.

On the other hand, skateboards are designed for activities such as tricks, hanging in skate parks, and going for verticals on half-pipes. If your goal is to do rail slides and kickflips, a skateboard will be easier to maneuver.

But, if you are just a beginner and trying to get the feel of what it’s like to ride a board, you’ll probably have an easier time with a longboard.

Final Review of the Best Longboard for Beginners

When choosing the best longboard suitable for a beginner, these are the best of the crop. The diversity of styles available today confuses the consumer, though the basic principles of buying a board suited to potential use applies. For example, those who regularly use the board to get from A to B need cruisers and drop through boards. Kick tails are ideal for starting on and give the user great control over the board itself.

The above choices have been made based on manufacture, quality of components and value for money and should give great satisfaction to users.

Accessories available for beginners are worthwhile looking into as these include all the tools that a longboard owner will need to keep that longboard in tip-top condition. Add to that protective gloves to avoid damage to hands when falling and expect the new owner of their longboard to enjoy the thrills and spills that longboards make possible.

If Christmas this year means investing in someone’s first longboard, you can’t go wrong by using the choices made above. These are based upon value for money, features and styles offered, and new enthusiasts will soon tell you which they prefer based on what their friends have and what they have already tried.

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