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20 Best Scooter Tricks For Beginners, Intermediates & Pros

Scooter is an amazing thing when you want to have fun with some easy stunts. If you are someone who is looking for new tricks to try on your scooter, you are in the right place.

Here, we are going to cover up some tricks that you can easily try out with your scooter.  

We have listed down the trick within three sections (Beginners, Intermediate and Pro scooter tricks). Find out where you stand and try out the tricks that best suit your capabilities. We hope this article will help you to gather all the necessary information that will be needed to try and practice these tricks. 

Scooter Tricks For Beginners 

If you just have owned your scooter and only learned how to ride it on a surface, then you can definitely try these tricks out for making your scooter journey more exciting. 

Remember, you are only a starter. Trying out the tricks may be a little bit daunting for you at the beginning, but over time, you will master the skills and become a pro! 

Here is a list of easy scooter tricks to try. 

1.Bunny hop

Bunny hop is the easiest scooter trick. In fact, this is like the first step of other tricks. In the bunny hop trick, the rider launches the scooter into the air. If you are a beginner, bunny hop is definitely a good start for you. You just have to jump with both of your feet and lift your handlebars in the air. You can master this trick just with a little bit of practice. 

There are many video tutorials found online that show you how to do a bunny hop. We are here attaching one of the best ones. 

2. Fakie

This is another easy scooter trick for the beginners. Here, the rider rolls backward. Practicing this trick helps the rider to balance and control more. Fakie is also considered as a basic trick to learn the other complicated tricks on a scooter. 

You can check out this video to get a clear idea on how to do a fakie.


The 180 trick is also another fundamental scooter trick. Practicing this will lead you to learn the other tricks in no time. Here, the rider turns his/her scooter with a 180-degree. 

Learn more about this video here:

4. Nose pivot

A nose pivot is basically a 180 degree turn on the front wheel without any jumping. As a beginner, you can also check this trick out. Just remember to keep your front foot closer to the handles and spin to 180. 

Check this short clip to learn the trick!

5. 360

A 360 trick on a scooter is very similar to the 180 trick. The only difference is, you have to take a 360 turn instead of 180. And, if you already know how to do a 180 and bunny hop on a scooter you are almost there! 

Check out this video to get some tips that you need to keep in your head while doing it.

6. Bar spin

This is another fun scooter trick for the beginners. This is basically a 360 rotation of the handlebars of the scooter. Always remember that, you don’t have to let go of your handles completely. You simply have to pass the bars of the handle. You can easily master this trick with practice. 

Click here to see the tutorial. 

7. Tailwhip 

The next we are going to talk about is tail whip. For a beginner, tail whip may seem a little challenging at first. But, if you can jump with your scooter already, doing a tailwhip won’t be an issue for you. In this tick, you will jump into the air, do a full rotation and land on the same place. One easy tip to get there is, practicing the tailwhip on land first. 

Here is a quick and easy tutorial where you can learn this trick.

8. One hander/no hander 

A one hander trick refers to the scooter trick where a rider leaves his/her one hand in mid-air. No hander is the same but the rider here leaves both of his/her hands. If you are looking out for something a little daring, try this trick out. But, always jump to a comfortable height and keep your balance while doing this. Otherwise, you may hurt yourself. 

There are also some other tips that you can follow for doing this trick. Check this video to find out! 

9. Heel whip 

A heel whip is basically like a tail whip. The only difference is, you have to kick the deck into the opposite direction. For this reason, many people also call this “Reverse Tail Whip” too! If you can do a tailwhip, you can definitely try out doing this trick.

10. Manual 

The final trick that we are going to recommend you to try out is manual. It is a trick where the rider keeps both of the feet on the back wheel. While doing this, always make sure to create the perfect balance of your front wheel by using the brake. To do that, try to hover your leg around the brake. This is also a great trick that you can learn as a beginner. 

Here you can learn the basic tips to do a manual on a scooter.

Scooter Tricks for Intermediaries 

If you are done with trying out the basic tricks, you can move forward to learn the intermediate-level tricks. Here is a list of other tricks that you can consider after mastering the fundamental tricks on your scooter. 

11. Spine transfer

Here the rider jumps straight up and lands the scooter down directly from the peak. 

See the tutorial to learn this trick. 

12. Bartwist 

This is a trick where you have to keep your one hand on the crossbar and do a variety of bar spin while rotating the scooter at the same time. This trick is not so difficult if you already can do barspin.

13. Benihana 

Benihana is a common intermediate scooter trick. Here, the rider takes off his/her back foot while being in the air and grabs the back of the deck with one hand. 

You can definitely try this out when you are confident enough that you have a good control of your scooter. 

Watch this video tutorial and try by yourself.

14. Bri flip 

In this trick, one has to flip the scooter deck over the head by turning the bars. There are many techniques that are needed to be followed to do a smooth bri flip. 

You can learn about the techniques from this tutorial.

15. X-Up

In this trick, you will have to turn the handlebars to 180 degrees and cross your arms. 

With a little practice, you will be able to do X-up properly. 

Scooter Tricks for Pros 

After you have mastered the beginners and intermediate level tricks, you can go for more complicated scooter tricks. Here is a list of pro scooter tricks to try out! 

16. Capron Flip 

Capron flip is a common scooter for the pro riders. Here, you have to take the scooter up and flip it. After that, you will have to do an arc motion with your hands and rotate it down. 

Check this video out to learn how to do it.

17. Funky Flip 

In a funky flip, you have to switch your hands while in the air and perform a whip umbrella. Here in the video, you can learn how to do this.

18. 540/900/1080

Just like 180 and 360, a pro rider can choose to do 540, 900 or even 1080 degree on a scooter. This means, if the rider wants to do a 900, he has to rotate 900 degrees that requires two and a half spin on the vertical axis. Similarly, a 1080 degree requires three full spins around the vertical axis. 

19. Quint whip 

This is basically a scooter trick, where the rider rotates around the handlebars five times. This trick may sound very difficult to do, but once you can call yourself as a pro scooter, you can definitely check this trick out. 

Here is a little video to keep you motivated.

20. Backflip Tailwhip 

In the backflip tailwhip, the person who is riding the scooter, rotates the deck around the bars, while concurrently doing a backflip. If you have mastered the intermediate skills already, this can be an amazing trick for you to try on.

Trying out a new trick on a scooter for the first time can be exciting. Putting a little effort, you can learn many different tricks and stunts to try on a scooter. Here, we have tried to gather some of the tricks that you can easily do with a bit of practice.

So, why wait? Grab your scooter and learn these tricks today. Also, don’t forget to share this article if you find it useful. And, let us know your feedback in the comment section below!

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