10 Of The Best Skateboard Decks Brands: Slick & Quality

With so many skateboards on the market these days, it can be a daunting task to figure out which purchase is best fit for you and your personal requirements.

How do you know if the deck is made from quality parts that are sourced appropriately and will actually look like the product description when it shows up on your door? How can you trust a company you have never even heard of and have zero experience with? Where do you even start with so many decks on the market?

Well, luckily for you, we have gathered a list of our top seven picks for best skateboard decks on the market today. When it comes to finding the best skateboard decks for you, there are many things to consider, such as your riding style, deck length and of course, your budget. The below list is a mixture of sizes, styles and prices, but the one thing they have in common is quality.

How We Chose Our Ratings

When we choose our top picks for a popular product online, especially such an important purchase like a skateboard deck, we search for one key factor: transparency.

We only choose products that offer a completely transparent purchase, from the time you click search in your Google bar, to the moment the product arrives on your doorstep. We value your opinions and finances and take the proper steps to ensure our best of’s truly are that —the best of.

Other key factors we considered when composing this list are previous customer reviews (product history), the product quality in correlation with the price (value for cost) and the company’s track record (customer service).

We hope this list provides you with accurate, well-thought out and valuable information to assist you in finding the perfect fit in a new skateboard deck!

We hope this dutifully researched information matches your prospective skateboard dreams with the ‘perfect-for-you’ deck that you will cherish for years to come.

Top 10 Best Skateboard Decks

Skateboard Decks


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Alien Workshop

Alien Workshop Videolog White/Rainbow Complete Skateboard - 7.75' x 31.25'

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Baker Brand Logo Deck-8.0 Black/White Skateboard Deck

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Birdhouse Bp Giant B Deck 8.0 Assort.veneers

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Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Sk8 Powerply Complete Skateboard, 8.8 x 27.7 - Inches

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1. Girl

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Prided on being the absolute best skateboard deck since it’s start in 1993, Girl Skateboards hails from Torrance, California.

Although it’s a huge decision not to be taken lightly, we give Girl our top slot in best the best skateboard deck category. Created by pros for everyone. The pros that created the iconic Girl brand were skate geniuses Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Megan Baltimore and Spike Jonze.

The brand uses the iconic graphic used on most female restrooms and can be pointed out worldwide.

This brand focuses mainly on professionally endorsed decks but what we love about Girl Skateboards is their versatility. Girl features a deck for any and all terrain whether you prefer street skating or vert skating or anything in between. There also is a wide variety of prices for their decks, so you can find the perfect board for your budget.

A plus we love about Girl is that every single deck is tested by the pros behind the brand before it is on the market – we approve!

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2. Anti-Hero

Known as one of the most durable decks in the game, Anti-Hero is definitely one of the best skateboard decks in the skateboard market.

Founded by Julien Stranger in 1995 when street skating was just starting to become popular, Anti-Hero was all about being just that, the anti-hero. A brand born to stand out, shake things up and make some darn good skateboard decks.

The brand’s graphics really set them apart and for those looking for some eye-candy in a deck, Anti-Hero offers some of the most impressive.

The iconic Anti-Eagle graphic, designed by artist Todd Francis, serves as a staple in the boarding world today. Anti-Hero embracing all styles of skating with a variety of board widths – however, Anti-Hero errs on the wider side at 8.25.”

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3. Arb​​​​or

Arbor Skateboards have been around since 1995 out of Venice, California, and have become one of the most esteemed and eclectic board brands around. 

Their commitment to artistry and quality are assets that make this amazing brand stick out to us. They pride themselves in fusing forward thinking design and old school craftsmanship. They also commit seriously to maintaining environmental and sustainable integrity. 

The brand started out as a snowboard company in ’95 but quickly started pushing skateboard in ’98. 

Arbor offers some of the best skateboard decks around and we love the huge variety and types of boards in their arsenal. 

With their “Returning Roots” initiative, Arbor donates to non profits and amazing causes dear to their hearts. Currently, Arbor’s donations are helping The Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative. The Legacy Trees has planted over 300,000 Koa trees and is taking huge strides to protect precious forestlands. 

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4. Element

Element skateboarding company might be one of the most well known off all time. (Thank you, Bam Margera) and if you haven’t heard of them, you must be living under a rock. 

This worldwide known brand offers some of the finest in skateboard decks as well as skateboarding apparel. Element uses the most cutting-edge technology and high quality materials to bring the best of boards to the streets. Element listens to its team’s sponsored riders. As well as its advocates to bring you some of the best in the game. 

We love Element because they offer a board for every rider. With all shapes and sizes available. Element is sure to be a safe bet if you are looking to try out a solid deck. 

We love that Element provides free grip tape with every deck purchased, something not every skateboard company offers. 

Element’s team features some of the best riders in the game today. Including Nyjah Houston, Nick Garcia, Nassim Guammaz, Brandon Westgate and founder Mark Appleyard. If you want to ride like a pro, grab yourself an Element deck today. Element’s are also super affordable – an attribute we are always about. 

5. Alien Workshop 

Founded in 1990 by Chris Carter, Mike Hill and Neil Blender. Alien Workshop has served as the single-handedly “weirdest” deck in the game. 

Alien Workshop still to this day has not lost its focus of being centered on strangeness and future-forward thinking styles. The brand is based out of Ohio. Which gave it a quirky edge against the big California brands in the nineties. What we love about the brand is its promise to “keep skating weird.” 

After a tumultuous era of buy-outs, name changes and questionability. Alien Workshop is back in its homeland of Dayton, Ohio, where the brand is based out of a decommissioned bunker. 

The ‘Visitor’ deck is its most iconic deck, designed by Neil Blender. This specific deck sits on the less expensive side and features. And 8.5” width on a popsicle shaped board with a traditional long shallow nose. 

Another feature Alien Workshop boards are known for their shorter and steeper spoon shaped tail. If you are looking for an affordable and ‘out there’ board, look no further than Alien Workshop’s historic decks. 

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6. Habitat 

Habitat is on our top ten list of best skateboard decks. Because they offer a little something extra than the classic seven-ply board. They have extra offerings such as their Skylite lighter skate deck, corrugated bottom ply decks and Terralone Earth-tone decks. 

Habitat brand was founded by Joe Castrucci back in 1999 as Alien Workshop’s sister company. This company flaunts an earthy vibe, with roots in eco-friendly products and eye-catching graphics. 

Habitat boards offer decks made of bamboo, hemp and cork ply. As well as the use of water based glue and clear coats. 

Even their clothing line features organic and earth friendly apparel. The graphics are what really draw us to love Habitat, with their earth tones, hidden animals and geometric designs.  Habitat decks are also known for their extreme durability. And riders love that the tail and nose are almost mirror images so when your tail wears down, just flip your board! 

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7. ​​​​Chocolate

Chocolate boards have been grazing top deck lists since they were founded under Girl Distribution Company in 1994. 

The original Chocolate team consisted of. Keenan Milton, Brenes, Daniel Castillo, Paulo Diaz, Richard Mulder, Shamil Randle, Gabriel Rodriguez and Ben Sanchez. Although Chocolate boards are similar to Girl boards as they are both distributed together. The two are definitely not interchangeable. 

Chocolate decks focus on style, progression, individuality and quality, making them among the best skateboard decks. 

Their famous ‘Chunk’ font is recognizable to veterans and newbies alike. And they are known to never deviate far from the age-old popsicle shape. Chocolate boards sit on the wider side with a hefty nose, shorter tail and fairly flat concave. You cannot go wrong with a Chocolate deck

Baker Brand Logo Deck-8.0 Black/White Skateboard Deck
  • Baker Brand Logo Deck, CruiserWhite, 8.5-Baker Skateboards
  • Baker Skateboards is an American skateboarding company founded in 2000 by professional skateboarder Andrew Reynolds. The company's main products are skateboard decks, soft goods, accessories, and wheels.
8. Baker

Baker boards are some of the best, hands down. World-renowned skater Andrew Reynolds, formally of Birdhouse, founded Baker in 1999. The creation of Baker was inspired to make cool boards and videos. For people who loved to skate as much as they could.  Baker is made for all terrains, styles and weathers. And features foolproof designs that will last longer than the average board. 

Baker boards keep it simple and pure. It is a board made purely for enjoyment and made for the everyday skate lifestyle. These boards are made with seven-ply maple that is both durable and rugged enough for the pro or the newbie. With their wide variety of width selection. You are sure to find a Baker board that fits your personal size needs and style needs. 

9. Birdhouse

Birdhouse is an iconic skateboard brand constructed off durable maple wood in the classic seven-ply style. Birdhouse was founded in 1992 by ex-Powell Peralta pros Tony Hawk and Per Welinder. The name refers to Tony Hawk’s iconic nickname of Birdman. There really is not much else to say about this classic deck brand. As you cannot go wrong with one of these durable and quality-made skateboard decks. 

Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Sk8 Powerply Complete Skateboard, 8.8 x 27.7 - Inches
  • Concave cruzer skateboard with eye-catching shark graphics
  • 7-ply deck; 65mm Road Rider 78a wheels
  • Versatile cruzer shape is ideal for tricks, hills, and more
  • Bullet B137 blue and white trucks
  • Sand spray grip; measures 27.7 x 8.8 inches
10. Santa Cruz 

Richard Novak, Doug Haut and Jay Shuirman founded Santa Cruz Skateboard Company in 1973. They are proud creators of the iconic “Screaming Hand” logo, designed by Jim Phillips Sr. in 1985. 

This northern Californian company has stood the test of time. And has constantly kept up in strides of technology and board enhancement development. The decks made by Santa Cruz offer slightly more squared noses and a slightly longer wheelbase. 

Buyer’s Guide

We hope the above list helped you narrow down the perfect skateboard deck for you. Whether you have been ready to make a purchase for some time or if your search for the best deck has just begun. 

As you can see, there are many options, brands, prices, and features to consider. When picking out the right deck for you, but we hope our list assisted in making your search easier. Before you make your final decision though, consider pondering the following elements first. 


Budget is usually the biggest factor when deciding to purchase anything in life. And can have an extreme pull in the quality of the product you end up with. In regard to skateboard decks. The budget can span anywhere from affordable to expensive and there are quality choices in everyone’s budget frame. 

Accordingly, if you are looking for a more affordable option. ChocolateHabitatAlien Workshop and Element are all great options that are affordable. 

Sizing and Fitting

Sizing and fitting yourself to ensure you are buying the best ‘for you’ skateboard deck. Is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a skateboard deck. Whether you a board veteran or a brand-new rider. It is always a good idea to head to your local skate shop and have a proper bike sizing done. 

Additionally, when it comes to the length of your board. Skateboard decks normally range from 28” to 32.” 

If the board is short, it offers a narrower profile. And on the other hand, a longboard errs on the wider side of things. Furthermore, longer boards are recommended for more experienced riders who want to cruise the town. And improve balance and stability. Shorter boards are geared for those looking to do more tricks and street riding. 

The width of your board will range between 7.5” and 8.75.” This again comes down to your riding style. 

Finally, if you want to shred a bowl or try some ramp tricks a wider board might be best for you. Wider decks can also benefit those learning new tricks because your feet have a higher center of gravity. Narrow boards are easier for tricks like a kickflip. But are made for more street style riders. 

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