fuzion x3 pro scooter review

Fuzion X3 Pro Kick Scooter Review

Interested in getting a great kick scooter for your kid or yourself at a reasonable price? Road or skatepark, the X3 Pro by Fuzion can be an ideal choice for both. So what makes it the top selling scooter in the US? Let’s have a look!

Fuzion X3 Pro Kick Scooter Review


The Fuzion X3 Pro is part of the more reasonable “X series†by leading American scooter manufacturer, Fuzion Scooters. Which means that you get the same reliable Fuzion quality at a fairly reasonable price. 

Made from aircraft-grade aluminium, it is a great choice for the beginner stunt scooter rider or someone looking for a tough and lightweight mode of commute. This paired with the high tensile steel handle bars make it one tough ride. 

Made for entry level stunt riders, the X3 can deliver great performance on road as well as in the extreme conditions of the skatepark. 

It requires minimum assembly procedures and can be stored away or carried around very easily.

Fuzion X3 Features

Fuzion X3 Pro Kick Scooter Review


The deck of the Fuzion X3 is made of aircraft-grade aluminium which makes it lightweight as well as tough. The newly redesigned 4†wide concave box shaped deck offers superior balance and reliability while doing tricks like tail-whips or board slides.


The Fuzion X3 comes with tough tensile steel handlebars fitted with comfortable Fuzion Pro Grips made of special composite material. These tough handlebars offer great handling and comfort. 

Headset and Fork

The handlebars are adjustable and held with the deck using Fuzion’s new threadless headset, the IHC compression system that uses only three bolts to hold the handlebars in place. It features sealed bearings that make for a smooth and durable joint.

The new 3D stamped “FAZE†forks by fuzion is tough and supports both 100mm and 110mm wheels.


The Fuzion X3 Pro wheels are made of high rebound cast Polyurethane around Fuzion’s tough metalized ABS composite hubs. These are super durable and can handle potholes or gravels with ease.


The Fuzion X3 Pro has a rear fender brake. The brake is reinforced with nylon and steel and offers smooth and silent deceleration.


The X3 Pro is available in 8 great anodized matte finishes.


Weighing at only 7.1 lbs, it is still a tough beast. It can be easily disassembled and carried around.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 Fuzion X3 Scooter
  • Paperwork and Warranty


The scooter requires minimum assembly procedures. These are as follows.

  1. Open the box and take out the deck and handlebars.
  2. Loosen the three bolts on the headset and insert the handlebar.
  3. Align the handlebar with the front wheel and tighten the three headset bolts.
  4. Your scooter is ready to ride.

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Fuzion X3 Specifications


Skill LevelEntry to Intermediate
Weight7.1 lbs
Weight Rating220 lbs
Warranty6 months (Mfg. Defects)


DeckFuzion boX Aluminum
Size (Width x Length)4in x 20in
Weight2.35 lbs
Concavity3 Degrees
Headtube Angle83 Degrees


Fork#D Stamped Steel
CompressionIHC Threadless


MaterialHigh Tensile Steel
GripsStandard Fuzion Grips
Bar Specs (Height x Width)21.5in x 18in


Wheels100mm (Replaceable with 110mm wheels)
Wheel CoreComposite ABS Core
Wheel Hardness85a PU



Features and Specs at a Glance

Built Material & Size* Aircraft grade Aluminium Deck
* Tensile Steel Handlebars
* Fuzion Composite Grips
* Urethane made wheels with metalized ABS core (100 mm)
* Deck size : 4in x 20in
* Weight : 7.1 lbs
Suitability* Weight Rating : 220lbs
* For age 8 and above
* Rear-fender brake
* Capable of Stunt Riding
Color Options* Gold
* Blue and Green
* Black
* Red
* Teal
* White
* Pink and Black
* Lime
Service*6 months of manufacturing warranty

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Fuzion X3 Pro Kick Scooter Speciality

After extensive testing by pro riders, customer reviews and expert feedback, the Fuzion X3 proved to be a tough and versatile competitor among other scooters in the market within the price range. A summary of the special qualities of this best selling scooter is given below.

1. Smooth riding experience

The tough polyurethane wheels along with Fuzion’s pro rise handlebars make the Fuzion X3 Pro a really smooth and comfortable ride. The brake is dead silent and works really well. The polyurethane wheels are great at shock absorption. 

2. Durability

All the components of this scooter are made from high quality materials. The aircraft grade aluminium deck and the tensile steel handlebars are designed to handle skatepark stunt riding. The sealed wheel and headset bearings ensures that the smoothness of your first ride lasts a long time. The stock non-pneumatic wheels are extremely durable and can handle friction really well. It is rated to bear weights of upto 220 lbs. 

3. Versatility

The Fuzion X3 Pro is great for both road and skatepark. It is great for beginner to intermediate stunt riders as well as short distance commuters. This tough lightweight scooter is great for kids and adults alike.  


  • Durable
  • Smooth
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable height
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for Kids and Adults alike
  • Deck width and design great for stunt riding
  • Great colour options
  • Comes with warranty of six months in the US


  • Does not have kickstand
  • Paint under deck wears off after multiple deck slides
  • Needs allen wrenches to be taken apart and stored away

Final Thoughts

The Fuzion X3 is a bargain for its price. If you are looking for a durable and quality ride for commuting or stunt riding at a fairly low price, then this scooter is a great choice for you or your kid. 

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