how to do a barspin on a scooter

How To Barspin On A Scooter (Beginners Guide)

Electric scooters are known for the convenience they provide. Rides on scooters are special because of the thrill and frolic they offer. Scooters can be used for many different purposes like daily commuting, exercising, and even refreshment.

Rides on a scooter can experience true ease for the amazing features of a scooter. They can even jostle up their spirits by doing stunts on these scooters. Many different stunts can be executed through a scooter. O of the most common and popular stunts is the barspin.

Stunts are loved by many. They create amazing visuals and leave the rider with fascination. It is one of the most fun activities that riders can carry out. The feeling of learning a new stunt is unique for an order to test his potential by learning new stunts. One such stunt is the barspin.

Just imagine a bird flying in the sky flapping its golden wings. Just like this in a barspin, you will find the rider jumping in the sky and making a 360 rotation of the handlebars. Amazing, right?

This article will be all about this barspin. If you want to know more about other tricks and stunts that you can do on a scooter we have a list of scooter tricks which you can follow.

Have you ever felt left out when your friend carries out stunts on their scooters, but you can’t? Does your curious self want to accomplish doing a successful thrilling stunt on your scooter? 

Suppose you are one of those curious, ambitious people who look for fun in everything they do. In that case, you must try out doing barspins, for it is an amazing but simple stunt to do. If you want to learn are prerequisites and necessary steps involved in completing a successful barspin, this article is for you!

What Is A Barspin?

Barspin is a fun-to-do and easy to learn stunt that can be executed on a scooter or motorbikes, and motorcycles. As the name suggests, the stunt involves the spinning of the scooter handlebars. So in a bar spin, you have to make a jump or a bunny hop while riding your scooter.

Then in mid-air, you have to rotate and spin the handlebars of your scooter completely in a 360° rotation and then catch it back again. The trick looks very speculative, and any beginner can execute it. The barspin can be modified into hundreds of combinations of stunts.

Exercises To Do Before Doing A Barspin

You have to practice this stunt in a flat, open field.

If we break down the steps involved in a barspin, then there are 3 three simple steps:

  • Go for a bunny hop or a long jump.
  • Spin and catch the bars
  • Go for a safe landing.

We have formulated some techniques that you can apply to learn the barspin easily within a few days:

  • Practice the perfect bunny hop. First, start riding your scooter at a comfortable speed. Hold onto the handlebars of the scooter and make a jump straight into the air. Practice doing a bunny hop until you can jump easily and as high as possible. How to make a bunny hop? Watch this video to learn how to make a bunny hop
  • Now let’s practice spinning the handlebars. Make the scooter stand still and stand firmly on its deck. To keep your scooter still while practicing, you can stand on the brake on the scooter’s back or put the back wheel up against a wall. Keep the scooter still and lift the front wheel off of the ground to practice the barspin. After you stand on the scooter, lift your non-dominant hand away from the handlebars and spin/turn them towards your body with your dominant hand. Rotate the bar with your dominant hand as far around as you can.
  • Now you have to learn to catch the handlebars. After You have rotated the bars as far around as you can with your dominant hand, arrange your other non-dominant hand under the dominant one to grab the other handle as it comes. Keep on practicing these hand movements until you can make this one smooth motion. It’ll be much easier to do the trick when you can spin your handlebars with ease.                                  
  • Then you have to practice doing both altogether. Now comes the landing part. While landing, Hold on tightly to the handlebars and bend your knees slightly as you land to have more control over the scooter when you’re back on the ground.

Steps To Follow For Executing A Barspin

  • You have to practice the motion of a barspin on a flat floor, or you have to keep the front wheel of your scooter hanging over a curb.
  • Now keep both feet firmly on your deck and make a jump as high as you can, keeping yourself balanced or a bunny hop. 
  • At a comfortable height, press the handlebars with the hand you are about to throw.
  • Now you have to pass the bars around and let go of the handlebars by keeping them underneath you.
  • The bars will spin themselves.
  • Cross over your arms.
  • Catch the grips of the bars with the hand which you chose for catching. 
  • Get both hands and stabilize yourself for a safe landing.

Watch this video to learn how to do a barspin

Safety Precautions To Take While Doing A Barspin

  1. Put on a helmet, knee, and elbow pads
  2. Practice barspins in a flat, free and spacious land.
  3. Before going for barspins, check if the handlebars are flexible and if they require any maintenance or not.
  4. While the handlebar is turning, bring your weaker hand under the stronger hand to catch the grips.


In this article, we have discussed how simply one can do a barspin on a scooter. Remember, practice makes perfect. So don’t lose hope if you aren’t successful on the first attempt. Although it is quite a simple stunt, you will still have to practice a lot to master it. After you master it, you can combine it with many other tricks, and in no time, you will be the cool guy of your lane by impressing your friends with your electrifying stunts. If you have liked this article, share it with your friends and have any queries; leave a comment below.

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