How To Do A 360 On A Scooter

6 Easy Steps to Do a 360 on a Scooter

Scooters can be a fun option to do some awesome tricks time to time. There are many tricks that you can do with your scooter and impress your friends. One of the most common tricks of scooters is 360. It is basically an easy stunt where the rider rotates a full 360 degree around the vertical axis. This easy scooter trick can be done just by following a few techniques. 

In this article, we are going to cover up the whereabouts of 360 so that you can easily do the trick all by yourself! 

How to Do a 360 on a Scooter

1. Find a suitable surface 

To do a 360 properly, always choose a flat and smooth surface. Especially, if you are a beginner, never dare to try a 360 on an uneven surface. You might hurt yourself doing that even. 

2. Learn the basic hops and practice!

Before doing a 360, you must learn the basic hops that are necessary for doing a 360. So, first learn how to do bunny hop and 180 on a scooter. And, then, go forward to the next step.. 

If you already know how to do this, congratulations! You are halfway to do a 360.

3. Keep both of your feet on front


One thing you also need to note down before trying a 360 is, you have to practice jumping and spinning keeping both of your feet facing the front. So, practice spinning in a way that keeps both of your feet in the same direction.

4. Practice spinning

It is highly recommended that you practice spinning without your scooter first to have a good grip on the trick. Take a little time and practice jumping and spinning simultaneously.

5. Bend your legs and rotate your whole body


Another important take for practicing 360 is, you have to bend both of your legs when you jump. This will give your legs more control. And, you must rotate your whole body for a good spin. This is also necessary for better control. 

6. Stay on flat to the ground when you land

Last but not the least, stay flat to the ground while landing. This is extremely important because, if you don’t, you might get slipped away and get hurt. So, always make sure your feet are flat to the ground for a safe landing. 

Doing a 360 on a scooter is not really difficult. But, you must be cautious while doing this. Just a  little carelessness can lead to dangerous injuries. You can also watch this video tutorial to learn better.

So, always follow the proper instructions before you try to do a new stunt on your scooter. And, Have fun in the safest possible way! 

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