How To Replace Longboard Bushings: 3 Bushings That May Work For You

How to Replace Longboard Bushings 

Just like skateboard bushings, longboard bushings are the small rubber rings that are inside the board’s trucks. For such small objects, you might not think that bushings are quite as important as they actually are.

However, if they wear out, bushings can lose their spring, which can cause your longboard to drop in performance, and your board could also end up only turning in one particular direction.

Fortunately, longboard bushings are fairly easy to replace, and in this piece, we will briefly demonstrate how to change your longboard bushings.

Making Sure You Have the Right Tools

Before you get started on the replacement process, you need to make sure you have the right tools. It’s ideal to have a skate tool, but if you don’t have one, a regular socket wrench will do, so long as it matches the head of the kingpin in your trucks (which is the big bolt that runs right through the center of the trucks).

The types of trucks you have will determine what sort of wrench or skate tool is the best for the job, and while most trucks are the same, some may require special a special wrench, so be sure you know your truck specifications before you begin the bushing replacement process.

Taking Apart the Longboard Trucks 

To begin taking apart your longboard trucks, you first need to remove the nut on the end of the kingpin, which is the nut that holds everything together. After you take that nut off, you should then continue to disassemble your longboard trucks and remove the washer underneath. You will want to take extra special care to ensure that you do not lose any of the pieces.

As you proceed with the disassembly process, you will ultimately reach the hangar, which is the big metal part that secures the longboard truck axle. To remove it, pull it out of its socket before sliding it up and off the kingpin. This part may be somewhat difficult as it’s possible for the hanger to get stuck, but during this stage (or any stage of the disassembly process), you will want to make sure that you don’t pull or push on anything too hard, as pieces could easily break.

Cleaning and Replacing Your Bushings

Next comes the cleaning and replacing stage. During this part, you will want to have all of your pieces laid out. Make sure you carefully clean each piece. It may even be beneficial for you to remove the kingpin from the baseplate and clean that as well.

If you are replacing your bushings or any other parts, it is fine for you to get rid of those old parts. Coming up next, we move slightly away from the replacement process to touch on just a few quality bushings that may serve as good replacements, should you be in the market for new ones.

3 Replacement Longboard Bushings That May Work Best for You 

There are a number of different longboard bushings on the market, but here are three that may be the best for you.

Orangatang Nipples Hard Longboard Skateboard Truck Bushings (Yellow, Set of 4)
  • LIVELY LONGBOARD BUSHINGS – Big and lively bushings designed to help you spring out of every carve with maximum support and high energy. Poured in Orangatang’s extremely high-rebound Randy Thane formula, ideal for responsive, energetic turning. An excellent high-rebound upgrade to any setup for carving, pumping, dancing, and freestyle longboarding.
  • RESPONSIVE DESIGN – Slightly wider and taller than most stock truck bushings, Nipples provide your trucks with more support and more material to squish, making for a highly responsive ride.
  • COMPATIBILITY – Nipples work great on Paris V2 and V3, Carver CX and C2, Tracker Fastrack, and Randal reverse kingpin trucks. They do not work on any traditional kingpin (street) trucks. If your truck is not on this list it may not be compatible, so please check the measurements and compare with your current bushings.
  • THE PERFECT SET – Each pack includes two tall barrel bushings (0.66″ H x 1″ D), two short barrel bushings (0.56″ H x 1″ D), and four thin and strong flat washers.
  • YELLOW / HARD – Perfect for heavier riders or those seeking a firm, stable response.

Name aside, these longboard bushings (they’re also great for skateboards) are incredibly effective and have an extremely eye-catching design. Available in orange, purple, or yellow, you can buy a set of four for around $16.

Their large barrel shape is perfect for added support and durability, while the urethane formula they are made out of leads to increased performance. With each pack coming with two tall bottom bushings, two short top bushings, and four washers, these truck bushings are some of the highest-rated bushings on the market.

Dime Bag Hardware Skateboard Longboard Truck Replacement Pivot Cups 2-Pack (for 2 Trucks)
  • Replacement Pivot Cups from Dime Bag Hardware
  • Includes 2 pcs
  • Enough for 2 Trucks

Available for around $6, these very affordable bushings are known for providing a smooth and quality ride. With specifications of 88A, they are ideal for either lighter riders or riders who prefer loose trucks.

These may sound like children’s toys, but these bushings are incredibly high quality, and they’re rounded edges make them especially resistant to chipping.

Reassembling Your Longboard Trucks

Next, you will need to simply put all of the truck parts back together. First, put the kingpin up through the baseplate. Then, the piece order goes baseplate, large washer, large bushing, hanger, small busing, and small washer.

To ensure that you don’t bend the washers, be especially careful during this stage.

Tightening the Longboard Trucks and Finishing the Process

Finally, now that all the parts are in place, you will need to place the top nut back on. Use your skate tool or wrench during this tightening process. Some longboarders prefer looser trucks while others prefer tighter ones, so how much you tighten the trucks is all up to your personal preference.

Once you found your ideal truck specifications, you’ve successfully replaced your bushings. Now, it’s time to get out there and enjoy some quality longboarding!

Product Image

Product Image

Product Image

Orangatang Nipples Hard Longboard Skateboard Truck Bushings (Yellow, Set of 4)

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Dime Bag Hardware Skateboard Longboard Truck Replacement Pivot Cups 2-Pack (for 2 Trucks)

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Shorty's Blue Doh-Doh Bushings 88a soft for Skateboards & Longboards

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