Kryptonics Longboard Comprehensive Review: Should You Buy?

A newbie to skating will soon realize that there is a lot to learn about this sport.

As much as it is fun, this is a pro sport after all and all the professional skaters do make the skateboard tricks and flurries look so easy.

But to operate on their level, one has to understand the world of skateboarding.

Apart from that is learning about the different boards, decks, grip tape, skateboard components, and understanding which board suits your taste.

To facilitate this, today we will do a Kryptonics Longboard review. We intend to delve into some consumer reports and identify exactly what users think about this Longboard skateboard product.

After which, you will have a better idea of whether this is the product for you.

The Kryptonics Company

According to their website, “The Kryptonics brand is a subsidiary of Bravo Sports.”

Bravo owns multiple brands and manufactures a variety of action sport and toy items. At mass retail chains, the Kryptonics brand appears exclusively on complete skateboards.

About The Kryptonics Longboard Complete Skateboard

The Kryptonics Longboard Complete Skateboard is a fine selection whether you are a novice or a pro.

It has a 34”X 9” 8-ply maple wood deck that gives superb room for confident footing. This is regardless of whether you are a small or larger skateboarder.

The board gives you easy braking and added control because of the single Kicktail design and swallowtail shape. The deck has plain sand spray grip to secure firmly your feet where it’s planted

Aesthetically, the detailed bottom with a sport graphic makes a nice design appeal.

The 62mmX51mm polyurethane wheels give a good ride, whether you are skating down a sidewalk, boardwalk, or the skate park.

It comes with carbon steel ABEC-5 bearings and they guarantee an even, shock resistant ride. Its speed is due to the 12mm angled riser pads, soft polyurethane bushings, and 6-inch heavy-duty aluminum trucks.

You will have lots of fun skating around town on this Kryptonics Longboard Complete Skateboard.

The board can take weights up to 220 lbs and is a good choice for those riders eight years and older.

The Pros of the Kryptonics Longboard

It is not difficult to turn on this board that is doubtless the main helpful fact about is.

And yes, this is an essential function to have on any skateboard. This exact longboard is precisely what a new beginner to skating would need.

The Kryptonics Longboard can be considered one of the more pliant longboards accessible in the marketplace.

As from the fact that it offers an effortless turning facility, it is a relatively good size as well. It is of a standard size, which should make it easier to ride on and navigate.

You should enjoy a smooth ride because of this and this is an important requirement for most skateboarders.

It has a good wheel size as well, and they are built for speed. You can maintain your speed even if you are navigating side to side.

These wheels are more suitable, however, for riding on a more even pavement.

Also, the Kryptonics Longboard Complete Skateboard has premium trucks and bearings. The finished look and design is aesthetically appealing.

The Cons of the Kryptonics Longboard

Based on user feedback, skateboard riders are saying that comparatively, this board is weak and that you won’t get a smooth ride on rougher pavements.


  • effortless turning facility
  • one of the more pliant longboards accessible in the marketplace
  • relatively good size
  • good wheel size
  • premium trucks and bearings
  • aesthetically pleasing


  • weak board
  • you won’t get a smooth ride on rougher pavements

Final Analysis of the Kryptonics 36″ Longboard Complete Skateboard

So, after reviewing several websites, we got a better idea of what customers really think of the board.

Overall, the Kryptonics Longboard Reviews shows that the board is better suited to beginners than pro skaters.

Also, the components do need some improvement and the design strips of way too soon.

The more positive reviews support this and are from first-time users who are learning.

They appreciate the ease of movement given by its wheels. As well as the spacing that provides even and sure footing on the board.

So keep these facts in mind as you go off searching for the ideal Longboard Skateboard, for your purposes.