Learn How to Take Care of Your Longboard in 3 Easy Steps

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Alright, so you acquired your brand new longboard and you are ready to shred the town! But wait! Does your board require maintenance? How do you clean a longboard? Do you even clean a longboard? What is important when it comes to the proper way to take care of your longboard?

Longboard maintenance is key to maintaining the life and longevity of your longboard. Not to mention, your finances will thank you when you are not spending as much money on hardware parts and replacing broken decks!

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What is Longboard Maintenance?

Although it is not a daily job to maintain your longboard. There are still some basic housekeeping guidelines that are good to follow. In order to make sure your board is bringing you the best ride it can.

Of course, there are more practical care steps such as keeping your board inside. And away from harsh weather conditions. But did you know that you should regularly rotate your wheels to make them last longer and ride better?

We assure you, if you follow these three basic guidelines of longboard maintenance. Then your board will last longer, ride better and bring you more overall pleasure.

Rotate Your Wheels

Your longboard wheels are a very important component of your longboard maintenance. Longboard wheels depreciate faster than regular skateboard wheels. So it is suggested that they be rotated every few weeks, depending on how often you skate. Normal wear and tear is different for everyone and largely depends on your skating style.

If you notice that one side of your wheels is wearing out quicker than the other side or notice that something seems off balance. Then it is probably time to rotate or even replace your wheels. The pro tip of rotating your longboard wheels is to rotate them. Regularly on different sides (rear to end, left to right). There are multiple ways to rotate your wheels but once you find the way that best suits you. You will quickly learn to efficiently keep your wheels rolling fast and fresh.

Take Care of Your Bearings

Taking care of your bearings is one of the most important keys of taking care of your longboard. If you start to notice a squeaking noise or if you can tell your bearings are getting stuck. The first step you can take is to take out the bearings an check them for debris. It is very important to check your bearings regularly. Especially if you skate in rain, dirt or you often find yourself catching those extra grimy skate spots.

Cleaning and lubricating your bearings is a pretty straightforward process. Cleaning and maintaining your bearings is crucial, because they are the mechanisms that allow your board to roll. Greasing your bearings on a regular basis also prevents rust and will extend the longevity of your board’s life. Taking care of your longboard bearings is a key part of longboard maintenance.

Clean Your Board

Okay, you may be thinking ‘I understand keeping up with my bearings and wheels, but cleaning my longboard? I bought a board to cruise away from my cleaning duties, not create more…” Well, I am here to tell you that cleaning your board could cause some serious benefits in your skating life.

Because longboards are made for cruising and are not used for nearly as many tricks as the conventional short board, they tend to provide a much longer shelf life. Longboards are just generally made to last longer than a short board. And cleaning them gives you a promise of an even longer life for your longboard.

It is an easy task to clean your board. Detach the trucks. And then use a nylon brush and soapy water to brush the dirt and grim off your deck. Next, use a sponge and clean water to get all soap off of your deck. Wipe down both slides and then get a towel to dry the deck. Finally, let the board dry for at least three hours before you reattach the trucks.

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Always Maintain Your Longboard

Finally, there are many reasons to take care of your longboard. If you care about the longevity of your board, this is the main reason.

Secondly, your wallet reaps the benefits of longboard maintenance. When you are not going to buy parts and decks as often. Another plus is the fact that if your board has been taken cared of, there are less risks for breakage and accidents happening due to a hardware issue.

Longboard maintenance can seem like a lot of extra work. But once you get in the swing of a regular routine, the work is easy and quick!

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