Madrid Longboards Review: 5 Of The Best

When it comes to cruising downhill, carving, or even sliding, you need to have a good board you can rely on to perform well and safely – a longboard like a Madrid Longboard. Why Madrid Longboards? Great question. And I promise to answer it in this Madrid Longboards review. But first, a few things you need to know about a good longboard.

5 Types of Longboards You Should Know

Longboards come in many different shapes and sizes, and these usually dictate the kind of riding you will predominantly do as the shape determines the behavior of your board. Let’s take a look at the different types of longboards you can find and what they are best suited for.

Drop-Through Longboards

Drop through longboards are the perfect choice if you love those leisurely cruises around town. They have superior stability due to the fact that the truck is mounted through the deck (hence the name, “Drop Through”) and not the deck sitting on the truck. This lowers the center of gravity and gives you greater stability. Drop Through longboards are also ideal for beginners for this same reason.

Downhill Longboards

One of the greatest thrills in life is going downhill on a longboard- fast. And to be able to do that you need a sturdy and well-built longboard (like the ones made by Madrid Longboards) these are boards made from high-quality materials that are able to withstand the rigorous terrain and tricks of a downhill ride. The biggest problem when it comes to riding downhill is the wheels wobbling. This can make for an uncomfortable ride if you don’t have a very good board with good wheels under your feet.

Cruising Longboards

Cruisers are the perfect board for that enjoyable commute through town on an errand or just for fun as they offer great stability and comfort for prolonged use. This type of longboard has wider trucks, features a more portable design, and are simply the easiest longboard type to control, making them ideal for anyone to master.

Bamboo Longboards

Although bamboo longboards don’t define the type of longboarding you will do, they deserve a mention due to the unique quality of the material used to make the deck – bamboo. Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly materials used to make a wide range of products and is high-favored for its versatility and durability. Oh, and it looks good too.

When it comes to longboards, bamboo boards are lightweight, rugged enough to withstand the most rigorous exercises you put them through. And as a bonus, bamboo boards are also more affordable than other types of longboards. The only drawback is that replacing the wheels can be a tricky affair, but apart from that, these organic and economic boards are worth looking into.

Freeride Longboards

Freeride boards are more for those who love performing tricks on their boards as the boards are designed to be lightweight and nimble. Besides being nimble, they are also lightweight as they are meant to be put through some difficult paces, sometimes at high speeds (meaning they need to survive the thousands of spills they will go through).

Although these are not the only longboard classifications, they are good enough for a start. After all, we need to get to the order of the day – Madrid Longboards.

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Madrid Longboards – Iconic Boards Since 1976

Boredom isn’t great. Everyone knows that. But for visionaries like Jerry Madrid, boredom is the best catalyst for productivity. Bored during surfing off-seasons, Jerry decided to start shaping surfboards and skateboards in his parents’ garage (in Southern California) in the 1960’s. Madrid was born, and Jerry decided to focus on skateboards, and Madrid has been making some iconic skateboards ever since. In fact, Madrid boards have appeared in a number of movies (like Back to the Future) and TV shows (like Netflix’s Stranger Things), a testament of not just the visual appeal of Madrid boards, but their superior performance as well.

Coming back to longboards, Madrid longboards are made with more than just quality materials, they are made from the experience and wisdom gained from more than 30 years of successfully making boards that are dependable. If there is a name that commands respect in the skateboard industry, it’s the Madrid name. And that’s not just because Madrid longboards come equipped with their very own branded decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, and hardware, but because every component that goes into producing a complete Madrid longboard is crafted to perfection. That is what makes Madrid Longboards so appealing.

Designed and built for fast downhill cruising, Madrid longboards are worth the investment if you want to enjoy the thrills of longboarding. The Madrid design and engineering team has done an excellent job of producing longboards that are capable of making smooth turns while cruising at high speeds, and all the while affording you unparalleled stability.

Enough said about Madrid the company let’s now take a look at some Madrid longboards you need to keep an eye on as you hunt for your next thrilling ride.

5 Madrid Longboards You Need to Know (And Ride)

Ready to head to Madrid? No, I don’t mean the one in Spain, the one in Southern California. Great, let’s look at a few longboards that are worthy of your investment.

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1. Madrid Girl Bamboo Carving 38″ Longboard

As the name says, the Madrid Girl is made of bamboo. But what it doesn’t tell you is that this longboard has a massive deck width of 9.5-inches. This means you have plenty of space for your feet to shift or cross step as you are cruising the streets or carving on those exhilarating downhill rides. Because the Madrid Girl features a cutout design, you can fit larger wheels without having to worry about wheel bite or small stones on your path.

This is one board that will handle well in any situation as it comes gripped with diecut Flypaper Griptape and fitted with Randal 180mm trucks, Cadillac Cruisers and Cadillac bearings, making it a very sturdy and versatile longboard – though its strength shines when it comes to carving. Because of the bamboo deck, this board is comfortable on the feet, flexible to maneuver, and strong enough to last for a long time.

If you ate on the hunt for a longboard, Madrid longboards are the way to go, and the Madrid Girl is certainly one board you should put at the top of your list of possible boards to buy.

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2. Madrid Up In Smoke Gun 37” Fishtail Longboard

When it comes to longboards, Madrid longboards are some of the best designed and innovative on the market. Perhaps it’s the inspiration from surfboards, like the Madrid Up In Smoke fishtail longboard. This is definitely one of the best longboards Madrid has made and is perfect for commuting or cruising as it is designed to be versatile, fast, and easy to control.

As said, this longboard is inspired by the classic swallow tail surfboard and features a firm flex and a touch of concave. The Madrid Up in Smoke longboard comes gripped with diecut Flypaper Griptape and is fitted with Randal 180mm trucks, and Cadillac Cruisers or Cadillac Classic Twos wheels.

If you are looking for a versatile longboard that will take you anywhere with great ease, then you need look no further than this longboard from Madrid.

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3. The Madrid Palm Weezer Longboard

This is another best-selling Madrid longboard that comes with brilliant features and a nimble design. The Weezer is so nimble it can do it all, whether you are in the mood for cruising, carving, and crushing, the Weezer will help you fulfill your hearts desires.

The Madrid Weezer sports an all-symmetrical design that makes it easy for you to steer in any direction you may want to go in. Fitted with reverse King-Pin TR 180mm trucks for dynamic carving, 80a Smoothride’ Urethane wheels, and ABEC 5 Bearings for soft cruising, you will really enjoy every moment you spend on this 36-inch long longboard. This solidly built longboard doesn’t come cheap though as its asking price is $364.00. But it is well worth it for the superior performance and durability it guarantees.

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4. Madrid Missionary Bamboo 39.875” P-Cock

The Missionary is the ideal board for those on a mission, needing to beat traffic jams, and all the while enjoying a smooth ride. I firmly believe this is one of the best longboards for cruising on this list of Madrid longboards, and that’s not an overrated statement.

Sporting an asymmetrical shape and concave tail kicks and nose, this is by far one of the easiest boards to maneuver through crowded streets. The Madrid Missionary comes with drop-thru mounting, a wheelbase of 29.375 inches, deck length of 39.875-inches, and platform width of 9.875-inches. Under the deck, you will find 70mm Cadillac cruiser wheels of durometer 80a and Cadillac 5.0 high-performance bearings. To hold everything together, Madrid used a Flypaper Grip tape.

As for price, the Madrid Missionary comes with a price tag of $219.95. Well worth the 40 years that have gone into coming up with this innovative design.

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5. Madrid the Dude 38.75” Africa Standard

If you love making really long trips on a longboard, this is the board for you as it has perfect camber, kicktail, concave, and a diamond-tail shape. Madrid the Dude comes with a 38.75-inch long deck that is 9.125-inches wide and a massive26.5-inch wheelbase. Plenty of room for any kind of footwork, if you ask me. Under the deck, you will find 70mm Cadillac Classic Two Wheels, 180 Raw Standard Setup X-Caliber Trucks, and Precision Steel Bearings. The perfect combination of speed, stability, and comfort as you travel to…, well wherever you will be going. For eye candy, the Madrid the Dude Africa comes with an “Africa” graphic that gives the board a cool look.

Madrid Longboards – You Can’t Go Wrong

Whichever one of the Madrid longboards you decide to with, you will be glad to be cruising on a Madrid board as they all offer you a pleasurable experience, durability, and cool graphics. Whether you are looking for your first board or looking for a replacement board, you will find exactly what you need among the vast number of Madrid longboards on offer.