micro mini 3 in 1 review

Micro Kickboard – Mini 3 in 1 Deluxe Review

Toddlers grow fast. But with the growth, their stuff doesn’t grow, which for parents sometimes becomes very exhausting. So, various companies are coming up with different solutions for this. In this article, we are going to review Micro Kickboard – Mini 3 in 1. This particular product has options for growth in three phases, which will give your kid challenge and more extended usage at the same time.

Micro Mini 3 In 1 Review

Quick Overview Of Micro Kickboard

Micro Kickboard - Mini 3 in 1 Deluxe Review


Micro Kickboard created this particular for a little more sustainable usage in mind, so we have the three modes, as mentioned earlier of adjustments. Apart from this specific unique feature, let’s have an overview of the overall built.

Parental Push Bar

If your kiddo is not ready for scooting him/herself yet, a parental push bar is beneficial for him/her at this stage. This Micro Mini product comes with a parental push bar that you can adjust to different lengths. So, this is quite a handy feature!

Sit and Scoot

When the kid grows a little older and s/he can sit and use their feet properly, it’s time for them to be on their own. So, remove the push handle and adjust the seat height as required. Your toddler can now sit and push the kickboard using their feet.

The Kick-Scooter Mode

The kickboard’s wheels are made with Polyurethane. So this has a good run at some of the bumpy roads of your daily roads. But it is recommended that you should supervise your kid while outside of the house. Also, the wheels don’t leave imprints. So, it can you and your kid can use it indoors.

The Wheels

Let’s move onto the builts of this kickboard. Mini 3 in 1 has two front wheels and one back wheel. The wheels are made of durable Polyurethane, which doesn’t only have better performance, but also does not harm your house floors. So, the kid can very comfortably play indoors whenever they want to.

The Kickboard

The deck is made of reinforced fiberglass, which is a high-quality plastic with longevity. The lightweight material also gives your kid great flexibility.

What’s in the Box 

The box does not come fully assembled. It comes in several parts that parents must correctly fit the kickboard based on their child’s age or needs. So, below are the parts that go into the box.

  • T-bar Handlebar
  • Pair Of Seat Height Adjusters
  • Parental Push Bar
  • Connector Plates
  • The Scooter Base
  • Seat
  • Footrest
  • Screws

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Assembly Guide (5 Steps)

Since the product has more than one mode, at first, it may seem not very clear to assemble and adjust. But the main assembly is quite simple. The complexity comes from different adjustment modes. Let us follow the simple steps for a quick start.

Assembly guide for micro kickboard scooter

Step 1: Move the seat height adjusters onto the handlebar. While doing so, you are required to press the red steering clip shortly. Slide the first handlebar first and the second adjuster after that.

Step 2: Place the handlebar into the cavity. Attach properly by lining up the flat edge with the corresponding flat edge hole.

Step 3: Rotate the footrest as needed. Use the Allen key to tighten if it feels loose even after proper rotation.

Step 4: Attach the seat by placing it over the handlebar. Use the plate and the connector screws properly. Tighten the top and bottom screws alternatively to have a proper attachment.

Step 5: If you need the parental push bar for your toddler, insert the arm adapter into the seat’s rear. Align the flat edge of the parental bar with the flat edge of the hole. Attach the bottom plate properly by sliding it over the handlebar ridges securely. You can adjust the length of the parental push bar by using the black clamps.


i) If you want to have the tallest setting, use both adjusters.

ii) For younger toddlers, remove one or more adjuster(s).

Technical Specifications 

  • Suitable for Age: 1 – 5
  • Capacity : With seat: 44 pounds / Without seat: 110 pounds
  • Scooter Weight: 4.2 lbs
  • Dimensions Folded: T-bar and O-bar remove from the deck
  • Height from Deck : O-Bar: 17, T-Bar: 25″ from the deck
  • Wheel Width : Front: 120 mm, Back: 80 mm
  • Scooter Width : 21″ x 4.5″
  • Wheels : 3
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane
  • Kickboard Material: Fiberglass Reinforced Chassis (Plastic)
  • Deck Size : 12″ x 4.5″

Feature and Specification Highlights

Built Materials* Polyurethane Wheels
* Fiberglass Reinforced Chassis
Suitability* Age 1-5
* 44lb (with seat), 110lb (without seat)
Adjustable Modes* Parental Push Mode
* Seated Scooting Mode
* Kick-scooter Mode
Color* Aqua
* Blue
* Pink
* Purple
Size* Scooter Width : 21″ x 4.5″
* Deck: 12″ x 4.5″

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1. Specialty 

Before buying the product, let’s have a quick look at the unique features of this product. We collected these from different user feedbacks and built comparisons.

2. Three Adjustable Modes for Different Growth of Age

Earlier, we have described that this product has growth adjustments in three phases (see the Highlight section). It is often frustrating for kids that they cannot play with the same riding toys for an extended time. Even when they buy their first bicycle or scooter, they outgrow the rides very quickly.

So, this particular product will help to sort out that problem at least marginally.

3. Handy for Parents

For no less than three reasons, this kickboard is handy for parental usage. Firstly, it has a push bar for parents who want to take the kids outdoors and walk or jog with them.

Secondly, the polyurethane wheels do not leave pressure marks on the floors. So, parents do not need to worry about indoor maintenance.

Lastly, the sustainable feature is a significant relief for parents who are budget conscious. The sustainable feature also helps the kid to have challenges that are complex for their age. For example, they can try the Stand-Kick mode before reaching that age group. This sustainable feature is helpful for parents who want their kids to learn quicker.

4. Smooth Riding Experience

Three-wheel kickboards are usually smoother compared to two-wheelers for kids. The polyurethane wheels can withstand everyday road bumps. The parental push bar is also flexible enough for parental control that does not affect your kid’s riding experience. 

5. Better Balance Control

Lean-To-Steer is a system developed for flexible balance control for kids who use their whole body’s motor control. This technology is used in this kickboard, which gives your kid a full-body balance. This practice also develops a kid’s motor balance.


  • Three Growth Modes
  • Durable
  • No stains on the floor
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor usage
  • Various Colors


  • The product does not come fully assembled.

Safety Precautions 

The company recommends standard safety measures. The following are a list of some safety precautions recommended by users and experts.

  • Helmets
  • Knee pads
  • Close supervision when outdoors
  • Avoid running onto wet or broken sidewalks
  • Check for loose attachments and tighten accordingly

Final Thoughts

We recommend this product for parents who want to give their kids better motor running practices and those who enjoy spending time with their kids. We all know that parenting toddlers is a tough business. Hopefully, this product will give you the breath of relief that is well deserved by you!

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