Penny Nickel Skateboard Review

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If you’re looking for something different, classic and fun, then you’re looking for a Penny Nickel Skateboard. With a blend of speed and stability along with a beautiful plastic design, this little board is created to provide the best experience of cruising to the rider, don’t matter if you’re an experienced rider that wants to remember the old school times, or just a novice skater that wants a stable board.

Penny Nickel 27"Complete Skateboard

Ben Mackay along a team with more than 10 years of experience in skateboard manufacturing, have managed to bring back the old penny board with an improved design and high quality materials in order to guarantee a skateboard with a long lifetime.

So, what this board is made for?

After more than 30 years of experience on skateboarding, Mackay felt a huge desire of bring back those little plastic skateboards that he used in his childhood, and then is when he decided to manufacture the first Penny Nickel; However, he never imagined the work of art that he was about to create.

With its 27 Inches in width and 7.5 Inches in height of solid plastic, the Penny Nickel becomes in one of the strongest boards in the marketplace, and that is one of the biggest reasons that make this board so demanded.

Penny Nickel Complete Skateboard

Also the little size and the mix of solid colours of the deck that suits perfectly with the trucks and wheels, give it a beautiful and classic aspect to the board. This is why this skateboard is considered an art icon on the streets.

So, based on the size of the board and the materials which it is manufactured, the Penny Nickel is especially created with the main purpose of allow the users to enjoy the cruise with speed and an authentic sensation of surfing; However, some skaters claim that this kind of board are created just for cruising around, but nothing else.

Is all this to say that these boards aren’t made to use it for free-style?

Not quite: You can use it the way you want, but there are better options that will give you a better experience on your free-style;

Penny Nickel Pantones Cruiser

However, if you’re the type of skaters that enjoy speed, stability, fashion, simplicity and elegancy the Penny Nickel Skateboard is the best choice for you.

Longboard or Skateboard?

This is one of the most frequent questions that people make when it comes this kind of board. The size of the board gives it an aspect of a skateboard, but if you put attention to the structure and style of the board, is more like a longboard.

Penny Nickel Graphic Complete

So, what really is?

Some skaters claim that is a new kind of board called “Shortboard” but that technicality is not official. What we can say is that the penny boards emerged with the old school skateboarding, which is too similar to the actual longboarding. So, you can use it for both styles.

Girl With A Penny Nickel Skateboard

Materials And Description

The Penny Nickel Skateboard is created by mixing a couple of different secret materials that give as a result its strong plastic structure.

Penny Nickel Classic 27" Cruiser

In summary

The Penny board developed by Ben Mackay isn’t the cheapest board on the marketplace, but if you count all the pros of this board, you will find that absolutely worth it. If you want to cruising around with style, fashion and speed, but also you want a strong board with a long lifetime, then you need a Penny Nickel’s.