Quest Super Cruiser Longboard – Review

The Mission Super Cruiser Longboard is a 44-inch longboard that is created of quality timber as well as resilient parts. It’s additionally in the mid-price range, making it economical. The inquiry is— is it actually worth the purchase? To offer you much better understanding right into the answer, let’s take a look at all the highlights, the numerous specs, what comes with your acquisition, and also the pros/cons of the board.

Quest The Super Cruiser Eco-friendly Artisan Bamboo as well as Maple 44 ″ Longboard Skateboard
  • 7 Ply Super-Flex Bamboo as well as Hardwood Maple Deck
  • Kick Tail as well as Nose for Efficiency
  • Durable 70x51mm 80A PU Wheels, Smooth Riding Reverse Authority Vehicle Configuration
  • Rugged & & Lightweight 6 ″ Light Weight Aluminum Trucks, Precision ABEC 7 Bearings and also Hollow 4mm Risers
  • Wheel Wells to avoid «Wheel Bite» on Extreme Transforms

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Deck material: Wood maple and also bamboo
Wheels: 70 mm
Board Length: 44 inches
Bearings: Super quick ABEC 7
Trucks: 7-inch light weight aluminum vehicles
Price Variety: Tool

Pursuit Super Cruiser Longboard— Main Features

The primary draw of this longboard is the fact that is made from hardwood maple and also artisan bamboo. When bamboo is integrated with various other materials like wood maple, you get a durable board that’s also versatile. You obtain a trendy ride that’s secure yet likewise carries out well.

It is also paired with Super fast ABEC 7 bearings which are recognized to be fast as well as solid. They are also extremely resilient. So if you want to ride on level surface areas or sculpt it out in a skate park, you can do so with no concerns.

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This is all backed by corrosion as well as rust immune light weight aluminum trucks. These vehicles are very sturdy and also will certainly have the ability to deal with modest jumps. This is useful given that this longboard has both a kick tail and also kick nose to carry out some trendy tricks.

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions of this design is 43 x 9 x 44 inches
  • The longboard evaluates 10 pounds.
  • It’s furnished with Super quickly ABEC 7 bearings
  • A durable set of 7-inch aluminum vehicles are made use of.

Box Content

Here’s list of points you can expect to discover in the box:

  • The longboard itself.
  • Pads to aid protect completions from the ground up.


  • This is an incredibly popular board. The reasons that can be discussed by the pros:
  • The product is very premium quality. The timber is extremely sturdy yet is created to be flexible. If you do not like the surf-like feel of the board, you can always tighten up the trucks for a cleaner flight.
  • Riders of all heights and also weights had not a problem utilizing the board. The board maintained equilibrium for most riders as well as offered the excellent fit.
  • Consumers that purchased it for their kids 10 years or older had no issues with the board in regards to sizing.
  • It is a great entry level longboard. You get a longboard that’s made from quality material without paying a steep cost. It’s most definitely an excellent worth for your cash.
  • The longboard comes with rust and deterioration resistant vehicles which implies you don’t need to stress over riding in wet problems.
  • It has a very comfy trip. Lots of claim that it has a surf like feel yet maintains security. This what several consumers expect from a longboard.
  • The various other components like the wheels, bearings as well as vehicles are of suitable top quality. They can be upgraded but many clients liked the performance right out of the box.


Obviously, there are some disadvantages that customers have brought up concerning this board:

  • While it is adaptable, some bikers discovered that it was a little too tight for their taste. They tried to change it yet couldn’t obtain it right without sacrificing balance and also toughness.
  • Some located a couple of problems in the ending up touches of the longboard. The paint coating wasn’t clean adequate and also some customers small scratches in the tail. While noteworthy, these things didn’t affect the performance.
  • Experienced cyclists really feel that riding the board right out of package isn’t optimal. They felt that it needed better bearings and wheels. Yet after these upgrades were made, they were very happy with the board.
  • Consumers that evaluated over 200 pounds found that while the board itself was long lasting, the components weren’t resilient sufficient. The bearings or vehicles endured harmed within a couple of weeks of usage, so it might not be suitable for larger bikers.

Best For

  • This board is best for travelling. The bearings really feel reputable and also the board is really strong. This leads to a comfortable ride that you can commute with or just ride around the block.
  • It’s additionally terrific for downhills. The bearings are quite fast. The size of the board is excellent for obtaining an excellent stance and the board itself has terrific equilibrium.
  • It’s okay for freestyling but this board is undoubtedly not designed for that. It can deal with some penalty yet do not anticipate it to last also long if you attempt to carry out normal skateboard methods regularly.

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What Users Claim

It appears the Mission Super Cruiser Longboard has a really positive view from consumers. Most buyers seemed like it was a wonderful worth for their cash. The thinking for this is because they truly felt like they obtained a top quality board that performed well.

Many clients really did not have any type of problems riding it right out of the box. They felt it gave a comfy, well balanced, and also quickly flight. An additional point that many customers explained was the fact that this board was very flexible. They had the ability to use it for downhill, travelling and freestyle.

An usual objection amongst some customers was the truth that they really did not such as the board right out of package. As stated earlier, lots of seemed like you needed to update the wheels and bearings for a faster as well as smoother ride.


In conclusion, the Mission Super Cruiser Longboard is an excellent entry level board that uses a strong mix of quality, sturdiness, convenience, as well as efficiency. While it doesn’t master downhills or freestyle, it can be made use of for many different scenarios as long as it’s not taken to the extreme. Have you attempted the Mission Super Cruiser Longboard out yet? If so, allow us know what you think about it. Feel free to inform us concerning other longboards you feel deserves a look.