Razor A6 Kick Scooter Review

Razor A6 Kick Scooter Review

Sometimes it is quite a challenge for taller scooter riders to have a handlebar that is well balanced for their height. We recognize that height has a significant impact on the driving experience. In this article, we are going to review Razor A6 Kick Scooter. We have researched this product based on its built quality and user experience.

Razor A6 Kick Scooter Review

What’s in the Box 

  • 1 Razor A6
  • Some Paperwork (Manual, Warranty)

How to Assemble Razor A6

This Razor scooter does not require any specific assembling process. Just follow the three steps below.

1. Unfold the Handlebar 

There is a hand-screw at the fold of the deck. Loosen the screw as required and unfold the scooter. After the proper fit, tighten the screw.

2. Adjust the Handlebar’s Height

There is a clamp to adjust the height of the handlebar of the scooter. Loosen it and adjust the size of your handlebar. Tighten the clamp accordingly.

3. Fit the Grips

The handle grips are detached and wired for folding. Just place them right into the handle cavity and fit them.

Razor A6 Features 

As it is a simple kick scooter, this section’s primary focus is to discuss the riding experience of this scooter. Additionally, we will discuss the build and design quality of this scooter.

razor a6 review

1. Riding Experience 

The user experience of this scooter is impressive. Apart from some minor drawbacks, this scooter features simplicity and convenience. Let’s dive into the main feature of our research.


The size of the wheels on this ride is quite bigger. The materials are lightweight and durable. The bigger size provides an exceptionally smooth performance. For flat terrains, the kicking causes shallow energy loss. So, you can easily ride this for a more extended time.

Even for the maximum rider weight (220 lbs), the scooter showed a very smooth performance. The long handlebar gives full support for taller riders.

The handlebars are also very smooth as in that they have a very low (or no) level of rattling. Even though this ride is foldable, the handlebar seems a perfect fit for everyday riding experience.


This product features a Rear Fender brake. Rear Fender brakes are convenient for balanced foot control. But if you are on a sideway surface, the rear fender may not work well. So use your foot flatly on the road surface along with the rear fender brake. Note that the overuse of the rear fender may heat the wheel quickly.


The scooter weighs 5 kilograms or 11 pounds (10.98). This weight is convenient for daily carrying. You can even fold it up and carry it in your long route journeys. The ride is suitable for kids as well. Kids can easily take it for their daily usage.

2. Build Quality 

For better scooting performance, any scooter must have a quality build material and proper weight balance. This Razor scooter does the balancing very well by combining lightweight elements in a fantastic build design. Let us have a quick look at the build materials and other specifications.


The primary material of the frame is Anodized aluminum. The deck can withstand 100 kilograms of rider weight, as mentioned before. The scooter is only 10.98 lbs. But the lightweight material is quite durable even after long term usage. 


The handlebar is rattle-free and has foam grips for comfortable gripping. It has excellent support for taller riders. But it might be harder to use for shorter persons.


The wheels of this scooter have an Aluminum frame. It is spoked and has a double bearing. The urethane wheels are right for harsh roads and can last for a long time.


There is nothing much to describe the rear fender brake that comes along with this scooter. The Brake is pretty straight forward. The Rear Fender is made of reinforced metal that is highly durable.

3. Design

The look of this scooter is very premium. The company has put quite a show for its design quality. Also, the design is built for taller riders. So the parts are designed as such. There are two color options for this scooter, white and silver. Both have impressive finishes. Here are some of our findings for this scooter.

Long Top Handlebar 

As we have mentioned earlier, this scooter is made for taller riders. It features 42 inches of handlebar height. This design element is quite impressive compared to other available products in the marketplace. The design is substantial, and the foam grips are convenient for daily usage. The grip portions are foldable.

Lengthy Wheels 

This scooter features the largest wheel size in this series. The wheels make the ride smoother in various road conditions. Large wheels are also great for low effort riding experience.

Low Deck 

The low deck design can be seen in the whole series of Razor’s kick scooters. This scooter has 13.4 inches of deck length. Combining this with low deck height and you will get a smooth riding experience for taller riders.

Low Rattle Handlebar 

The handlebar of this scooter is designed for no rattle performance. But if you are a regular rider, you might notice a little bit of rattling. This minimal rattle is quite negligible, and for flat surfaces, you won’t even notice rattles at all.

Easy Fold

If you fold the scooter, it becomes easy to take and carry with you anywhere you like to. The folding mechanism uses a single hand-screw system for convenient usage. The scooter is quite comfortable for even children.

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Technical Specifications 

Razor A6 Scooter Specifications

  • Frame Material: Anodized aluminum
  • Handlebar: Width 16.75â€(425 mm), Height Adjustments up to 42†(1067 mm), Foldable T-bar, Foam Grips
  • Deck:Length 13.4†(340 mm)
  • Wheels: Spoked, 10†(254 mm), urethane with double bearings
  • Brake: Rear-Fender
  • Kickstand: Yes. Retractable
  • Age: 8+
  • Max Rider Weight: 220 lbs (100 kg)
  • Colors: Silver, White
  • Product Dimensions (Assembled): 39.4â€x16.9â€x 42†(1000 mm x 428 mm x 1067 mm)
  • Weight:10.98 lb (5.0kg)

Features & Specification Highlights 

Build* Anodized aluminum frameSpoked Wheels,
* Urethane with double bearings
Size* 39.4â€x16.9â€x 42†(1000 mm x 428 mm x 1067 mm)Handlebar Width
* 16.75â€(425 mm), Height up to 42†10†(254 mm) Wheel size
Suitability* Age: 8+
* Rider Capacity 220 lbs
Service* 180 days of manufacturer warranty

Razor A6 Kick Scooter Specialty 

We have already covered the build material and technical aspects of this scooter. Now let us discuss some of the exclusive features of A6.

1. Smooth Driving Experience 

We believe that a scooter rider should never compromise the driving experience of their rides. This scooter will give you the proper gliding experience with minimal effort. The rattle free handlebar will provide you with a calm scooter experience in all your daily trips.

2. Durable Usage 

The frame and wheel material of this scooter can withstand long trips even without everyday maintenance. However, we recommend some form of daily care to get the best of your riding experience. The bearings are also durable for 10 inches wheels.

3. Flexible for Almost Any Situation 

A kickstand is a flexible solution for various parking options. Besides the kickstand, the folded Razor A6 can be folded and tucked away almost anywhere. So you will not need outstanding parking facilities for your tall ride.

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4. Advantageous for Taller Riders

As the official description suggests, “Designed and built specifically for taller riders,†this ride is suitable for a better riding experience for taller people. The handlebar, the wheels, and the deck size are proportionate for people with taller height.


  • A long Handlebar provides better suitability for taller riders
  • Large wheels provide a smooth riding experience
  • Durable material
  • Handy


  • No handbrakes

Safety Precautions 

  • Follow standard safety precautions such as helmets and knee caps
  • Try to tighten the attachment sections when necessary

Final Words

Razor has a reputation for performance and built quality. This product has a great emphasis on its design elements besides significant building components and excellent riding experience. For a rider with premium taste, Razor A6 is a definite recommendation. Have a safe ride!

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