razor e200 electric scooter review

Razor E200 Electric Scooter Review

A simple electric scooter is a hassle-free riding choice for the daily trip to school. For this reason, many teenagers choose electric scooters as their go-to ride. This article will review Razor E200 Electric Scooter, which may be just the scooter you are looking to buy.

Razor E200 Electric Scooter

What’s in the Box

  • 1 Razor E200 Electric Scooter
  • Charger
  • Assembly Tools
  • Some paperwork (Manual, Warranty)

Assembly Guide

The assembly process of E200 is straightforward. You will need a 6mm hex key wrench, which you can find in the package. To inflate the tires, you will need a bicycle pump with a Schrader-type valve. You can get that in your local bicycle store. The process is two folds. You need to attach the handlebar, and you need to inflate the tires. Let’s get started.

i) Handlebar

  1. Loosen the locking knob and swing to the 6 o’clock position to unfold the handlebar.
  2. Remove the plastic protector covering the base of the handlebar assembly. Insert the “quill†part of the handlebar assembly into the fork. You may have to loosen the wedge to allow it to slip into the fork.
  3. Slide the quill into the fork until it bottoms on the headset.
  4. Using a 6mm hexagonal key wrench tighten the wedge by turning the bolt clockwise. The wedge is adequately tightened when you cannot twist the handlebars out of alignment with the front wheel.
  5. Pivot the handlebar assembly upright.
  6. Swing the locking knob to the 12 o’clock position and tighten by hand as firmly as possible.

ii) Inflating Rear Tire

  1. Use the valve extender located at the end of the right handlebar grip.
  2. Open the round cover located on the chain cover by sliding the cover upward.
  3. Align the opening in the drive sprocket with the valve stem.
  4. Thread the adapter entirely onto the valve stem and attach the pump.
  5. Inflate to the PSI indicated on the tire sidewall.
  6. Remove the valve adapter immediately after inflating and close the round cover.

iii) Inflating Front Tire

  1. Using a bicycle-style tire pump equipped for a Schrader-type valve, inflate the front tire to the PSI indicated on the tire’s sidewall.

Note: The battery needs 12 hours of charging before its first driving. You can start charging while you have begun the assembly process.

Razor E200 Features

E200 is an upgrade of Razor’s entry-level E100 model. E200 has upgrades in various aspects of its build quality. The update was in three elements for users, mostly: throttling, capacity, and tires. Let’s dig deeper!

1. Build Quality

The overall build quality of this product is sturdy. It can handle rough usage. But, if someone in an unprecedented event could break the frame, you can only repair it by welding! So, the material is high-performing.

i) Frame and Deck 

The material used in the frame structure and deck is steel. You can feel the durable material while riding the scooter.

The deck can handle 154 lbs of weight. The all-steel frame can impressively drive rough usage on various terrains.

ii) Wheels 

Both of the wheels have non-spoked frames. The front and rear tires are air-filled. The wheels are 8 inches wide. Both the tires require 36 PSI of air pressure.

iii) Brake

The scooter has a drum brake for the rear wheel only. This is a slow brake compared to disc brakes. But the mileage of this ride is within the safe limits. So, this brake is enough for regular usage.

iv) Battery

This scooter features a 24volts lead-acid battery pack. The run time of this battery pack is 40 minutes only. This run-time is a bit higher compared to the required charging time, which is about eight hours.

But the great thing about this battery pack is that it can last for more or less five years.

2. Design

Razor designed this scooter for teenage riders. So, the overall design is slick and attractive. We have some picks for its design aspects. Let’s dive in!

i) Outlook

The E200 comes with color versatility. It comes in teal, lime, red and green. The color contrast and finish have an excellent glossy finish.

The dimensions of this scooter are 37.7†x 16.8†x 40.9â€. The handlebar is 25 inches long. This height is suitable for taller kids too.

The deck has enough space for keeping the feet curved and side by side as well.

ii) Acceleration

Unlike E100, E200 starts accelerating as soon as you throttle it. It has a single gear or throttle mode, so it does not require complicated control over the scooter.

This scooter runs for 12 mph. This speed is a decent vehicular speed for daily drives. Additionally, the 200watts motor runs quietly throughout the runtime.

iii) Pneumatic Tires

Pneumatic tires, in general, are more bump absorbent than other wheel shell options. However, the tires of this ride are thick enough to handle rough terrains.

3. Technical Specifications

  • Speed: Up to 12 mph (19 km/h)
  • Run Time: Up to 40 minutes of continuous use
  • Motor: 200-watt, high-torque, chain-driven
  • Handlebars: Height 25†(647 mm), width 16†(420 mm)
  • Throttle: Twist-grip
  • Brake: Hand-operated, rear
  • Frame/Fork: Steel
  • Grips: Soft, rubber
  • Deck: Full-size –length 26â€(650 mm), width 8†(192 mm)
  • Tires: 8†(200 mm), pneumatic
  • Kickstand: Retractable
  • Battery: 24V (two 12V) sealed lead-acid, rechargeable
  • Includes: Battery charger
  • Age: 13+
  • Max Rider Weight: 154 lb (70 kg)
  • Some assembly required
  • Product Dimensions:37.7†x 16.8†x 40.9†(957 mm x 427 mm x 1040 mm) Weight: 38.17 lb (17.35 kg)

razor e200 electric scooter

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Features & Specification Highlights 

BuildFrame/Fork: Steel
Grips: Soft, rubber
Deck: Full-size –length 26â€(650 mm), width 8†(192 mm)
Tires: 8†(200 mm), pneumatic
Kickstand: Retractable
Battery: 24V (two 12V) sealed lead-acid, rechargeable
PerformanceSpeed: Up to 12 mph (19 km/h)
Run Time: Up to 40 minutes of continuous use
SuitabilityAge: 13+Max Rider
Weight: 154 lb (70 kg)
Service90 days manufacturer warranty

Razor E200 Specialty

This scooter is not an entry-level kid’s scooter. So, you will notice features that are suitable for teenagers and above. The build quality is also designed for kids aging 13+. Let’s dive into some of our picks on how the riders experience its unique features.

1. Fun Ride for Teenagers

Teenagers are in such an age where they already have some scooting skills. So, they don’t need to learn balance with their new rides. Keeping that in mind, E200 doesn’t have any Kick-To-Throttle feature. The rider can throttle, and the scooter would run automatically.

The deck size is also suitable for keeping the feet side by side as well as curved. This feature gives the rider flexible options for driving in different necessities.

2. Smooth Drive on Different Terrains

The 200 watt motor in this scooter is suitable not only for flat terrains but also for grasses and country roads. You will notice the performance on the countryside roads. Since the motor makes less noise, the overall riding experience is impressively smooth.

The throttle has a steady acceleration. So, the uphill and downhill riding is good enough for regular usage.

3. Durable Build Quality

The whole body-frame of the ride is steel made. So, you will notice the sturdiness of this ride. The battery is also well suited for at least about five years of performance.

The scooter will outlast the growth of any 13 years old smoothly.


  • Less Noisy Motor
  • Spacious Deck
  • Durable
  • Good performance in various terrains
  • Good value for money


  • A full charge requires more time.

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Safety Precautions 

  • Always wear proper protective gear, such as an approved safety helmet. Elbow pads and knee pads are recommended.
  • Wear athletic shoes (lace-up shoes with rubber soles) and keep shoelaces tied and out of the way of the wheels, motor, and drive system.
  • Avoid riding barefooted or in sandals.
  • Remove the charger when the battery is full.
  • Do not expose the insides of the battery. Uncareful handling might end in an explosion or burn.

Final Thoughts

Razor products are widely tested, reviewed, and customized by countless users worldwide. Those who are persuaded by brand value know that Razor is a trusted brand. Adding the brand value with the user experience of E200, we happily recommend this scooter for your kid. Thanks for reading!

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