razor e300 review

Razor E300 Electric Scooter Review

Looking for a fast, solid and well-built mode of short commute? Then Razor’s E300 might be the perfect electric scooter for you. Capable of handling both smooth and gravelly terrains, the E300 can easily carry an adult for 40 minutes with its powerful 250 watt chain drive motor. T comes in both seated and unseated variants. So let’s dig in.

Razor E300 Review


The Razor E300 is the most powerful of Razor’s “E†range of electric scooters and one of Razor’s fastest models. Both the seated and unseated variants are powered by 250 Watt chain drive motors and two 12 volt lead-acid batteries. It has a top speed of 15 mph (24km/h) and can last 40 minutes on one charge. 

The wide deck offers lots of foot space. This added with large chunky tires makes it a super comfortable ride. It can handle gravel and small potholes with ease. Suitable for both kids and adults, the E300 is a great solution for fast and easy short distance commuting.

razor e300 review electric scooter

Razor E300 Features

1. Deck and Frame

The Razor E300 features a tough super-sized deck. The wide deck offers plenty of foot space and can easily carry a tall individual. The deck is built onto an all steel frame that is tough enough to carry a maximum of 220lbs (100kg). This means that a heavier person can also ride it with ease.

2. Stem and Handlebars

The all steel handlebars are equipped with comfortable soft rubber grips. On the right hand side there is the twist to engage throttle control and on the left there is a hand operated brake lever. It’s 42.5 inches length is long enough for tall individuals to ride comfortably.

The handlebars along with the frame and wheels make the scooter tough enough for rugged use. The variant with the foldable handlebars offers more portability.

3. Seat and Seatpost (for E300s only)

The “S†or seated variant of the E300 features a plush comfortable seat that allows for a relaxed and laid back ride. The seat post is tall enough for fairly tall individuals. It is easily removable with only 4 bolts to loosen to turn the scooter into a standing ride.

4. Motor and Electronics

The Razor E300 is a tough ride with a tough motor. With its powerful 250 watt rear chain drive motor, it can handle slopes and gravels with ease. Powered by 24 volts from two 12 volt lead-acid batteries, it can reach a top speed of 15km/h. The whole system offers 40 minutes of constant throttle engagement with a full charge. 

With a “kick-off to start* safety feature, it’s a great feeling to kickoff and engage the twist handle throttle feature. It starts running smooth as silk. 

The electronics are well sealed from the elements.

Pro tip!

Replacing the stock batteries with lithium batteries will greatly increase charging time, runtime and performance.

5. Wheels

The E300 has tough and chunky 9″ wheels with nicely treaded tires that offer superior traction and handling. The wheels are pneumatic with steel hubs. 

With these wheels, riding over gravel or potholes become an almost enjoyable experience

6. Brake

The Razor E300 has a hand-operated rear brake. It is easy to engage with the handle mounted brake lever.

The mechanism offers nice and smooth deceleration.

7. Colors

The Razor E300 comes in 4 super cool colorways.

  • Red
  • Blue
  • White
  • Steel Gray

8. Miscellaneous

The E300 comes with a handy retractable kick-stand for parking and storage.

It needs minimum assembly to be ready to ride.

What’s in The Box?

  • 1 Razor E300 scooter
  • 1 Wall adapter for charging
  • Allen wrench
  • Paperworks and warranty


  1. Take the scooter out of the box.
  2. Loosen the bolts on the headset with the supplied allen wrench and insert the handlebar.
  3. Align the handlebar with the front wheel and tighten the headset bolts.
  4. Charge the battery for at least 12 hours before first ride with the supplied wall adapter.
  5. The scooter is ready to ride.

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Technical Specifications

razor e300 specifications

  • Handlebars: Height 25†(647 mm), width 16″(420mm)
  • Throttle: Twist-grip
  • Brake: Hand-operated, rear
  • Frame/Fork: Steel Grips: Soft, rubber
  • Deck: Super-sized –length 26.2†(666 mm), width 8†(204 mm)
  • Tires: 9†(229 mm), pneumatic
  • Kickstand: Retractable
  • Battery: 24V (two 12V) sealed lead-acid, rechargeable
  • Includes: Battery charger
  • Age: 13+
  • Max Rider Weight: 220 lb (100 kg)
  • Some assembly required

Features and Specs at a Glance

Built Material & Size* All Steel frame and construction 
* Steel Handlebars
* Foam Grips
* Pneumatic 9†wheels* Large 43â€x9†deck with aluminum “lid† 
* Weight : 23.67 kg

* Weight Rating : 220lbs (100 kg)
* For age 13 and above
* Hand operated rear brake for increased handling
Electronics and Drive System* 250 watt high torque rear hub motor
* Chain Drive
* 24V lead-acid battery pack that can provide 40 minutes of    continuous usage
* Kick to start feature for safety
* 15 mph (24 km/h) top speed
* Range : 10 miles (16 km)
Color Options* Red
* Blue
* White
* Steel Grey
Service* 90 days of manufacturing warranty

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Razor E300 Electric Scooter Specialty

Pro testing, customer reviews and personal usage has revealed some interesting things about the Razor E300. Below are some of the aspects that have caught our eyes.

1. A Tough Ride

The all steel build of the Razor E300 makes it a very robust ride. Adding to it”s toughness are the chunky 9″ wheels. It can withstand a lot of riding and can handle rough road conditions really well. 

The motor is powerful enough for heavy use.

2. A Great Scooter for Kids, Teens and Adults Alike

The super sized deck of the Razor A300 offers plenty of foot space. Even the seated version can easily be ridden by a 6ft tall individual with ease.

It is rated for a maximum 100 kilos of weight which means that even heavier riders can ride it without worries.

3. Easy!

The E300 is very easy to ride. The simple twist grip throttle and the hand operated brake offers great handling and control.

Minimum assembly is required to get the scooter ready to ride. The retractable kick-stand makes it easy to park or store away. 

The foldable variants offer extra portability.


  • Strong and heavy build
  • Easy operation
  • Powerful motor with decent top speed
  • Can handle rough road conditions
  • Easy out of box assembly
  • “Kick-off to start” safety feature
  • Kickstand
  • Great color options
  • 3 months service warranty
  • Great size and foot space


  • Low stock battery life
  • Heavy stock batteries and long charge time
  • Not all variants are foldable
  • The chain drive tends to be a bit noisy on rattly roads

Final Thoughts

One of the only downsides to it are the heavy lead-acid batteries. They are heavy and bulky. They take quite a while to get fully charged and aren’t very good at retaining it. So it is recommended to switch them out with lithium batteries for increased efficiency and performance.

However, the Razor E300 is a very well made scooter. It’s powerful, tough and comfortable. We surely recommend it for short distance commuters.

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