razor power core e90 review

Razor Power Core E90 Review

Over the last decade, the world has seen a rise in different electrically powered vehicles. These include electric scooters too. Over the years, electric scooters have become more and more popular among short distance commuters due to their compact size, reliability and low prices. Among the many options available in the electric scooter market, today we’re gonna be taking a look at Razor’s top-selling Powercore E90 model.

Razor Power core E90 Review


Originally a scooter company, Razor hit it big in the scooter scene with its legendary “Model Aâ€. Since then, they have been manufacturing kick scooters, electric scooters, hoverboards, electric skateboards and many other products.

The Powercore E90 is part of Razor’s range of electric scooters and it’s been a bestseller ever since it first hit the market. This compact electric scooter has a 90 watt hub motor that is powered by a 12 volt battery that lasts 80 minutes once fully charged. It has a top speed of 10 mph which is decent for an electric scooter of this price range.

It is great for beginners and experienced riders alike and comes in two different colourways.

Razor Power core E90 Features

Razor Powercore E90

Deck and Frame

The deck and frame of this scooter is made of steel and it houses the battery and drive circuitry. The deck is sturdy and compact and comes with a surface grip on top to ensure better balance and riding comfort.

The electronics are well protected from water, dirt and grit due to being housed within the steel deck. The power switch and charging ports are sealed as well. 

Stem and Handlebar

The handlebars and stem are made of steel. They come with comfortable foam grips. The stem has a height of 32.9 inches. On the left hand side of the bar, threw is the single front brake lever and on the right hand side there is the push button for throttle control. The height of the bar is ideal for kids of ages 8 and above.


The Razor Powercore E90 uses a highly efficient rear hub motor. Being rear wheel driven means that the scooter has more traction and better balance. 

The motor is rated at 90 watts. It is energy efficient and can get the scooter at a top speed of 10 miles per hour! (16km/h). 

It has a kick to start feature which requires the rider to “kick off†like in a regular kick scooter to get rolling. This great safety feature prevents accidents due accidental push on the throttle button which may lead to serious injuries.

Battery and Charging System

The Razor Powercore E90 is powered by a super efficient 12V lead-acid battery. It offers 75% more runtime than similar electric scooters. Once fully charged using the supplied wall adapter, it can drive the motor for 80 minutes. Which means a staggering 13 miles range in one charge!   


The Powercore E90 has a spoked front urethane wheel and a motor mounted rubber rear wheel. Both of these wheels are non pneumatic i.e solid all the way through.This makes the wheels extremely durable. And they can handle pot-holes, gravels and other road debris with ease.


The Razor Powercore E90 has a hand operated front brake. This ensures efficient braking in an instant which is just what you need for a powered vehicle. It also gives you better control over your ride than rear fender brakes.


The Powercore E90 comes in two eye-catching colorways; Black and Lime and Black and Pink.

Weight and Capacity

The product is fairly lightweight considering an all steel construction. Weighing at only 

21.22 lbs (9.5 kg) it is powerful enough to bear a rider with a maximum weight of 120 lbs (54 kg).


The Razor Powercore E90 comes with a retractable kickstand for easy parking and storage. 

The scooter needs minimum assembly measures once out of the box to be ready to ride. 

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What’s In The Box?

  • 1 Razor Powercore E90 Scooter
  • 1 Charging Wall Adapter
  • Allen Wrench for attachment of handlebar to deck.
  • Paperworks and Warranty


  1. Take the scooter out of the box.
  2. Loosen the bolts on the headset with the supplied allen wrench and insert the handlebar.
  3. Align the handlebar with the front wheel and tighten the headset bolts.
  4. Charge the battery for at least 12 hours before first ride with the supplied wall adapter.
  5. The scooter is ready to ride.

Technical Specifications

Razor Powercore E90 Specifications

  • Speed:Up to 10 mph (16 km/h)
  • Run Time: Up to 80 minutes of continuous use
  • Motor:90-watt, kick-to-start, high-torque, rear-wheel hub driven
  • Throttle: Push-button
  • Brake: Hand-operated, front
  • Frame/Fork: Steel
  • Grips: Foam
  • Front Wheel: Spoked, urethane
  • Rear Tire: Abrasion-resistant, airless, flat-free
  • Kickstand:Retractable
  • Battery: 12V sealed lead-acid, rechargeable
  • Includes: Battery charger U.S. and International Patents Pending
  • Some Assembly Required
  • Age: 8+
  • Max Rider Weight: 120 lb (54 kg)
  • Color: Black/Green, Black/Pink
  • Assembled Product Dimensions: 31.7†(80.4 cm) x 12.9†(32.7 cm) x 32.9†(83.6cm)
  • Product Weight: 21.62 lb (9.8 kg)

Features and Specs at a Glance

Built Material & Size* All Steel frame and construction 
* Steel Handlebars
* Foam Grips
* Urethane made non-pneumatic wheels
* Deck size : 31.7†(80.4 cm) x 12.9†(32.7 cm)
* Weight : 21.62 lb (9.8 kg)

* Weight Rating : 120 lbs (54 kg)
* For age 8 and above
* Hand operated front brake for increased handling
Electronics and Drive System* 90 watt high torque rear hub motor.
* Power efficient 12V battery that can provide 80 minutes of continuous usage
* Kick to start feature for safety
* 10 mph top speed
* Range : 13 miles
Color Options* Pink and Black
* Lime and Black
Service* 90 days of manufacturing warranty

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Razor Powercore E90 Specialty

After extensive testing by pro riders, viewing customer reviews and personal usage we found out some great and not so great things about the Razor Powercore E90. Read on and you’ll know why it’s an electric scooter that stands out from the rest! 

1. FAST! SIlent! Smooth!

The newly redesigned 90 Watt Rear Hub Motor is powerful yet silent on well paved roads. The motor well retained its rated top speed of 10 mph upon riding straight on a long stretch of road. Except for a bit of rattle on gravelly roads, the scooter runs silent as a hawk. Cruising at stop speed was a great experience!

2. Durablity

The scooter itself is tough and well built. The steel frame is strong. The electronics are fully sealed from the elements with sealed switches and charge ports integrated on a steel housing and deck. The “kick to start†feature makes it much less likely to crash.The polyurethane wheels were pretty good at shock absorption. It’s built to last for a while. 

3. Easy!

Operation of the Razor Powercore E90 is super easy with the single push button throttle control and the hand operated front brake. Kids can learn to ride it in seconds. The kickstand makes parking and storage a breeze. Ride it out of the box with minimum assembly. However there have been a few reports of assembly errors so make sure you check that all the bolts on the wheels are well tightened.  


  • Great balance of power and energy economy
  • Smooth
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sleek color options!
  • “Kick Off to Start†safety feature
  • Service warranty of 3 months 


  • Report of poor assembly and customer service
  • Maybe a bit too small for adults.
  • Weight capacity may not be enough for larger kids

Final Thoughts

The Razor Powercore E90 is a really great scooter for the amount of runtime it provides for a fairly powerful motor and range. It is a smooth ride that is great for everyday school commutes. Except for a few cons, it is a great buy at its price. So we surely recommend it!

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