Rimable Longboard – 41 Inch Drop Deck – Review

The objective of this write-up is to take a look at the Rimable 41 inch Decrease Deck Longboard as well as figure out how well it fits the requirements of the customer. Doing this needs looking not simply at the board’s main features, but additionally at how well it’s regarded by other bikers Based upon our findings, we’ll recommend this deck for a certain kind of cyclists.


good longboard is as much a piece of transport innovation as it is something you ride around for enjoyable. Longboards require to be able to move rapidly and also nimbly. This will allow you to receive from one place to another without creating you to encounter approaching web traffic. Luckily, there are some extremely maneuverable boards available— just like the Rimable 41 inch Decrease Deck Longboard.
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  • Rimable Longboard Drop-down deck lowers the center of mass for even more control and stability.Great for travelling, travelling and also carving.
  • 41X9.5 Inch Rimable Longboard with Topmount trucks, tool concave as well as in proportion shape.
  • Rimable Long Board Topmount 7inch 180 ALUMINIUM TRUCK with polished coating as well as ultra high rebound bushings
  • 70X51MM PU WHEELS as well as High-speed Bearings can maintain the skateboard smooth.
  • Fully set up as well as prepared to ride.

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Deck product: Maple Laminate
Tires: 70x51mm 78A PU
Board Length: 41 inches
Bearings: ABEC-11
Trucks: Drop-through 7-inch Aluminum
Price Range: Inexpensive

Rimable 41 Inch Decrease Deck— Highlight

The Rimable 41 Inch Decrease Deck is what you get when you combine a rather common drop-through board with higher-end trucks and also bearings. This is the type of board that’s not just excellent for riding around town, but that will likewise give you sufficient speed up and also regulate to weave via obstacles— or groups— without endangering your balance. It’s obtained a high degree of maneuverability that you don’t usually see in a longboard, combined with the type of excellent building that you ‘d anticipate from a board that’s meant to withstand serious usage.

The wheels on this board shouldn’t be disregarded, either. The brand definitely brags about the board having an unbelievably smooth trip and that is most definitely the instance here. There is really little resistance when relocating, which makes it easier to take the board for a long ride or to develop rate when declining.

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This can be dangerous. Nonetheless, the board also offers a high level of control along with a very secure center of gravity. That makes this board among the uncommon longboards that deals with seasoned cyclists as much as it does to amateurs looking for their initial boards.

Technical Specs

  • Length: 41 inches
  • Size: 9.5 inches
  • Deck Material: 9 Ply Maple Laminate
  • Deck Shape: Freerider
  • Trucks: Drop-through 7-inch Light Weight Aluminum
  • Bearings: ABEC-11
  • Wheels: 70x51mm 78A PU

Box Web content

  • Rimable 41 Inch Decrease Deck Longboard


  • Easy to regulate
  • Great wheels
  • Really maneuverable
  • Great for downhill as well as level surfaces
  • Good push distance
  • Rapid bearings
  • Really steady
  • Little resistance at broadband
  • Great for longer journeys
  • Easy to bring about
  • Great style visual appeals
  • Fun to ride


  • Rides a little loosened
  • Not terribly sturdy compared to a few other boards
  • Problems with truck deterioration
  • Bearings tend to deliver too limited
  • Trucks often tend to deliver also loose
  • Several of the components require to be changed out regularly
  • Might use much more quality assurance
  • Feels on the low end of standard for the price

Best For


There are truly two kinds of bikers for whom this board stands out. One of the most evident is probably those that ride their boards as a type of simple transport. The longboard seems especially well suited to the sorts of challenges that encounters during daily traveling. It features the capability to weave around pedestrians and roadway cones alike.
Such a longboard likewise has a very good push range. This is why taking a trip with this Rimable model is a little bit easier than it otherwise may be with another board this dimension. Lastly, the size of the board makes it simply comfy sufficient to ride without triggering the cyclist to need to change his/her weight continuously.

Adventure Seekers

The Rimable 41 inch Drop Deck Longboard is additionally a surprisingly excellent board for riding downhill. Again, this is mostly because of construction. the faster bearings allow the rider to pick up speed, while the board’s overall building and construction aids to maintain balance.

Despite whether you’re using the stock wheels or if you upgrade to something closer to professional-grade, you’ll wind up having the ability to manage hillsides with ease. It’s a little bit of an experience to get up to full speed on this board. However, it’s one well worth seeking— specifically if you wish to press yourself to your restrictions.

What Users Say

Experts Value the High Level of Control

There are some rather solid user viewpoints about the Rimable 41 inch Decrease Deck Longboard. The large bulk are extremely positive, applauding the board’s building and construction and its capability to take care of limited turns. These reviews are mostly from people who frequently travel on their longboards.
Therefore, they understand just how good it is to have a longboard that will not trigger an accident in the group. Much of these motorcyclists are additionally individuals with a lot of experience— even more grownups often tend to such as the board than teenagers.

Beginners Reported No Major Falls off This Board

Newbie customers normally like the board also, mentioning exactly how simple it is to control. These testimonials are most likely to be from individuals who have actually never been on a longboard prior to. Consequently, they are extra concerned with falling off the board than any various other concerns. Since the Rimable 41 inch Decrease Deck Longboard is fairly consistent, many brand-new bikers tend to like the security it provides as they learn.

The Cost Does Not Assistance Top Quality Components

There are a couple of issues, as well as they mostly resemble the same sentiments. While the included trucks, wheels, and also bearings are good, they aren’t professional high quality. Longboarders who are searching for more than a simple transportation device will usually whine concerning the quality of these parts and also recommend that they are replaced quickly.


The Rimable 41 inch Decline Deck Longboard is a strong and also reliable longboard that’s probably better for a casual skate down the road than anything else. That’s just our opinion, though, as well as you might have had your very own experiences. If you have actually been on this board and also have questions or worries, make certain to share them with us today.

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