Sector 9 Lookout Longboard Review

Sector 9 longboards have been on the market for a number of years and they have become the go-to brand when people are looking for a quality board that they can count on.

The ratings are high and it is designed for people who want to cruise and carve or go fast down the hill.

Those who want to throw out slides and conduct a speed check easily can rely on the Sector 9 Lookout – and take advantage of a surf-inspired theme at the same time.

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Sector 9 Lookout Longboard

Sector 9 Lookout

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Sector 9 Lookout Details

The longboard is 42 inches in length and 9.6 inches in width, offering a significant platform to stand on. The board sits on 10†Gullwing Chargers with 74mm 78X premium wheels from Sector 9. These are affixed with Abec 5 bearings. The wheels are durable enough to go over various surfaces and remain smooth for the rider.

The board itself has a unique shape that is narrower where the wheels are to avoid cutouts. The premise behind the board design is to ensure that there is no wheel rubbing when taking turns fast, which is common on the designs of other longboards. This provides a freeride potential for riders.

Sector 9 Lookout

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Bamboo grain provides the construction for the Sector 9 longboard and has a surf theme complete with a large wave that covers a substantial amount of the board. Graphics are found on the top and bottom of the board. The 5 ply bamboo is vertically laminated for a high quality material that is not going to break easily.

Quick Stats

  • 31.5†wheel base
  • Drop through trucks
  • Clear grip
  • 1.5†hardened steel bolts
  • 8.2 pounds in weight

A Quality Board

The Sector 9 Longboard satisfies many types of riders because of its unique overall design. The drop-through platform is not seen that often and provides a free-riding experience as well as cruising. It is ideal for downhill rides and that has to do with the low center of gravity. Stability is found in various conditions and sliding can be done with ease.

The nose and tail kick are designed in such a way that various freestyle maneuvers can be performed on the board, which is why the reviews have been so high on the board. Many riders have commented on the ability to perform slow speed tricks on the longboard.

sector 9 lookout longboard grip

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The front of the board is covered with a 3200 Jessup grip tape, which is not seen on many boards. Most longboards have a single section with grip. The fact that this one is covered from head to toe with the grip allows feet to be positioned the right way and maintained for the entire ride. This can provide not only confidence but also safety, which is highly desirable when reaching the top speeds that the board is capable of.

The trucks on the board help to maintain control of it at all times. When it is used on rough roads, control can still be maintained due to the size and overall positioning of the trucks. The bearings also ensure that a high speed can be achieved while maintaining a soft riding experience.

The Board for Everyone

New riders and advanced users alike will enjoy what Sector 9 has available for longboards because the design is versatile. Anyone who wants a longboard will benefit from the unique design that ensures there is no wheel rub, which can ultimately lead to a longer lasting board. The bamboo design is both lightweight and durable and can offer a smooth ride on even the roughest of terrain.

The grip ensures that riders have a firm grasp on the board, so confidence can be achieved in any situation, whether it is for cruising or for performing tricks. A significant amount of distance can be covered on this board and that’s ultimately why users buy it. The flat form along with the nose and tail kick design offer some options for riders who want more than just a board for cruising and carving, which allows people to grow with the board as skills improve.

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