Shark Wheels Longboard Review

For 5,000 years, people have used the conventional circle wheel for everything… For cars, 18-wheelers, strollers, skateboards and pretty much all things that roll. Well in 2012, Shark Wheels launched and made its mark in the world of wheels by inventing a brand new product unlike anything ever.

The Shark Wheel is an idea turned reality by David Patrick, the founder and inventor of the famous Shark Wheels.

Shark Wheels is a highly esteemed long-board company that has transformed the way we think of a wheel in the long boarding world.

They offer revolutionary wheel design through their perfected fusion of a cube and a sphere. If you look at the wheel from the side, you see cube-like shape, but looking from the rear you see a three-dimensional sine wave like motion.

David Patrick was sick of the old school wheel that constantly needed replacement, could not withstand debris and rains and that did not grip to its riding surface very well.

Also, David Patrick refused to accept the status quo and ended up making something revolutionary for skaters around the world.

Types of Shark Wheels

Shark Wheels are ideal for long-boards because they increase the wheel grip, speed and overall smoothness of your cruise.

Also, once you decide to convert to Shark Wheels. It might be hard to figure out which model of wheel is right for you and your long-board. Next we will break down the top wheel models made by the company. And let you decide which one is the best fit for you and your riding style.

Reviews on Shark Wheels

Shark Wheel Sidewinder Longboard Wheels 70mm, 78a

No products found.

No products found.

This top-class wheel provides a wonderful option for a noticeably smoother cruise on your longboard.

Their wheels are extra helpful if you plan on riding over multi-terrain surfaces. Or surfaces that might be bumpier or have extra debris on the roadways. The 70mm 78a wheels offer an impeccably smooth ride with amazing control and ground grip.

Shark Wheel 70mm Skateboard Wheel / 78a Ghost Formula Clear with Abec 9 bearings

Shark Wheel Sidewinder Longboard Wheels 70mm, 78a (Clear with Blue Hub, 70mm)

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These are the best Shark Wheels for downhill cruises and free rides.

These are some of the newest in the Shark Wheel lineup. And some of our favorites that the company has produced. These ghost formula wheels make you feel like you are riding on water. Providing an incomparably smooth ride and easy surface adaptation.

Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels 60mm, 78a

Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a, Skateboard Cruising Wheels, California Roll, Green, Set of 4 Wheels

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These classic Shark Wheels offer the best in the Shark Wheel inventory.

These traditional wheels offer less grip factor than some of the other Shark Wheel models. But they sure will make your ride interesting and adventure-filled! These 60mm wheels are ideal for those looking for optimal slide control. Keep in mind that these smaller skateboard wheels are much more difficult to land tricks with. And are prime for smaller penny cruiser boards.

The Discovery of Shark Wheels by David Patrick

Shark Wheels was founded in Southern California buy a team of inventive folks looking to revolutionize, or rather simplify, the five thousand year old wheel design. David Patrick created a shape that has modernized and revolutionized the way we think of a wheel.

He fought long and hard to prove that his wheel design was a much-needed product in the hardly touched realm of skateboard wheels.

Accordingly, David Patrick created a brand new wheel shape. Something that the skateboarding world did not even know it was lacking. He was working on an unrelated scientific quest. The Shark Wheel was going to be a perfect cube, but when it was dropped, it rolled.

It rolled perfectly.

Bravo, David Patrick.

What Makes a Shark Wheel Different?

Shark Wheels are the first in their class. A new breed of wheel that we did not know even rolled. It is a cube… That rolls perfectly and provides benefits above the standard wheel?

Simply mind-blowing.

The wheels appear to be square-shaped at first glance.

Additionally, they feature single or multiple interlocking rings based on sine wave technology patters.

Which in turn form a thinner contact patch with the pavement compared to comparable conventional wheels. Shark Wheels are said to be faster, offer more control, last longer, ride smoother, and able to traverse multi terrains.

Furthermore, this reinvention to the conventional circular wheel offers a unique and never-before-seen alternative to the skateboard wheel.

The wheel is said to boost performance and first made its mark when the idea was pitched on Shark Tank in 2015 (we will look into Shark Tank and Shark Wheels here in a bit).

Key Components of Shark Wheels 

1. More control

The Shark Wheel is probably best known for its ability to give the rider a better grip on the ground. The alternating sine wave technology allows for increased control. The width is increased and the design provides three lips per wheel for superior lateral grip.

The wave pattern allows for a thinner contact patch on the concrete, resulting in less friction.

The widths of the wheels are greater making for cross side hold. When you feel like sliding, the break away smooth but offers a quick recovery time. Because the wheels are more versatile, you can be more confident in your ability to traverse with more control, which is something every rider aims for.

2. Longer lasting

Because the Shark Wheels are designed the way they are, you do not have to rotate or replace them as often as the conventional skateboard wheel.

The wheels themselves are manufactured to endure harsher conditions than the regular skateboard wheel. With the flawless design and improved durability, it is inevitable that Shark Wheels will last longer than regular wheels.

3. Faster ride

So are Shark Wheels really faster than conventional skateboard wheels?

Different reviews found online say that they are, but how do we know this is valid? Well, one rider on Silverfish forums conducted a speed test with the new wheels on the block. They compared Shark Wheels to the frequently used Rayne longboard wheels.

The test results showed that the max speed of the Shark Wheels was greater than the Rayne wheels over ten test runs.

The Shark Wheels beat Rayne longboard wheels in both the average speed category as well as the max speed category. A key reason for the speed of these innovative wheels is the three-ridge design. That prevents rolling resistance, allowing for a quicker riding speed.

4. Multi-terrain

The multi-terrain aspect of Shark Wheels is truly incredible.

The alternating sine wave pattern acts as grooves that help channel liquid from the surface of the wheel. This helps assist in completing a firmer patch of contact with the surface you are skating on. Because of this square wheel’s unique shape, great grip, and extra slide control, Shark Wheels are proven to give you more traction on multi-terrain riding surfaces.

The sine wave design keeps water off of the wheels more than a conventional skateboard wheel does. The sine wave pattern also keeps debris aside and makes your ride smoother and more fun!

Wheel Range

There are lots of different types of Shark Wheel wheels (as we listed only four above). But there are also two other important factors of Shark Wheels we need to enlighten readers about. These two factors are the diameters and the durometers of these innovative longboard wheels.

The diameters range from 60 to 70mm. Providing a wide variety of options that is left for the rider to decide. Wheels that err on the 60mm side will allow for greater acceleration but are less able to smoothly traverse terrain. Wheels that err on the 70mm side with roll over different terrains easier and will provide faster top speeds.

Durometers in Shark Wheel language ranges from 78 to 80a. This refers to the softness of the wheel. The softer the wheel, the lower the number grade. Additionally, if you are going for maximum concrete grip, try out the softer Shark Wheels. If you are looking to improve acceleration speeds and top speeds, try the harder wheel models.


If you are a longtime skater. Then it is probably hard to believe that there is a new square wheel on the market. At first glance, it makes no sense and probably seems unlikely. That a square shaped wheel will allow you to long-board smoother in rain with better grip control.

But this is exactly why Shark Wheels were created: to bring an entirely different approach to the conventional round wheel.

In this case, we say ‘step out of the circle’ and see what Shark Wheels are all about. The main attribute we really love about Shark Wheels? The price. The price and variety of Shark Wheels available is the main reason it does not hurt to try this new wheel technology out for shape.

The prices of available types of Shark Wheels range from $39.99 to $99.99 and come with four wheels. There are many different packages available. That include hardware, bearings or other accessories you might need to equip your long-board with.

If you are on the fence about trying this top of the line, Shark Tank approved product. The reasonable price definitely makes it worth a try! This is especially true for riders who love turning heads, taking risks and trying new things.


Finally, Shark Wheels have taken the conventional wheel and transformed it with cutting edge technology. Allowing for long-boarders and skaters to reach new top speeds. Traverse more terrain types and have a greater wheel-to-concrete grip.

Whether you are a seasoned long-board user or just beginning your cruiser journey. It is definitely worth giving Shark Wheels a try. Their versatility and range of product options is sure to meet the needs of any skater.

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