Ten Toes Longboard Review: Lightweight, Sturdy, And Tons Of Fun

Lots of believe that the schedule of Ten Toes Board Stand provides a terrific entry-level item for new longboard skaters. Yet does this affordable price come with a severe decrease in top quality?

In this 10 Toes Longboard testimonial, we will certainly determine if the cost effective price of the item interferes with the overall efficiency of the boards in any way. The business uses several popular longboard designs, consisting of mini-cruisers, drop-down, and also longtail alternatives.

However, to supply a much more details sight of the brand, we will only evaluate the company’s most preferred board: the Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard. We selected this design due to the fact that it is one of the most widely available product the business provides.

As such, it provides a good representation of the brand’s strong points and also powerlessness. So without more sayonara, let us take a look at our Ten Toes Longboard testimonial.




10 Toes Longboard


Bamboo as well as maple wood hybrid

Volador Longboard


Ideal for hills and also half pipelines

White Wave Bamboo Longboard


Advisable for a newbie or intermediate longboarders

Ten Toes Board Stand Zed Bamboo Longboard General Qualities

The 10 Toes Board Shop brand includes an online reputation in skating neighborhood as giving a budget-friendly, but likewise a dependable item for brand-new individuals on a budget plan as well as the 10 Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard is no various.

The brand name likewise personifies the California culture from the sixties in both look as well as style. The surfer society comes through in the presence of the board, however likewise the feeling. Riding down a hillside on the Zed Bamboo Longboard really feels incredibly similar to riding a wave on a surfboard.

Generally, the majority of the boards consisted of with the company provide a tight, stringent riding style. Some seasoned riders may not like this rigidity when it pertains to weaving backward and forward down huge hillsides.

Yet we find that the majority of beginner rider typically values the added level of control features the tight equipments on the board. The Ten Toes Board Emporium firm also makes the Zed Bamboo Longboard out of environmentally aware products.

The bamboo product supplies an extra lasting deck material than other sorts of timber typically consisted of with longboards. It likewise supplies a healthy quantity of flexibility when utilizing the tool.

10 Toes Board Shop Zed Bamboo Longboard Product Specs

Picture resource: Pixab ay

Now that we understand a bit concerning the basic features of the 10 Toes Board Stand Zed Bamboo Longboard let us enter into several of the extra details statistics of the board. The mix of bamboo and maple wood that the business uses of the item considers around eights extra pounds.

The dimensions measure out to be around forty-four inches long and also 9 in fifty percent inches wide. The polyurethane wheel rations to be seventy millimeters by fifty on millimeters. The business makes the seven-inch trucks out of light weight aluminum product and makes use of ABEC-7 bearings.

One wonderful thing about the Ten Toes Board Shop Zed Bamboo Longboard is the number of shade choices that include the product.

There are seventeen various color pattern you can pick from consisting of aqua fishtail, aqua pipeline, black pipe, Bondi blue, crimson climbing, gold sunset, green flora, kelp fishtail, pewter-pointe, sapphire sunset, sunburst, daybreak, tropical flora, white marble, and also whitecaps.

Ten Toes Longboard Review: Lightweight, Sturdy, And Tons Of Fun photo 1

Spec Table

Board Product— Bamboo as well as maple timber crossbreed

Length— Forty-four inches

Size— Nine in fifty percent inches

Product Weight— 8 extra pounds

Wheel Dimension— Seventy millimeters by fifty-one millimeters

Truck Material— Light Weight Aluminum

Truck Size— 7 inches

Birthing Types— ABEC-7

Shade Options— The longboard includes fifteen different color choices

10 Toes Board Stand Zed Bamboo Longboard Prices

At retail worth, the rate of the Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard sets you back around sixty bucks. You can buy the longboard at significant on-line retailers like Amazon.com, or face to face in warehouse stores like Walmart.

Exactly How 10 Toes Longboards Compare with Various Other Brands

In this area of the 10 Toes longboard review, we contrast the Ten Toes Board Shop Zed Bamboo Longboard with two other preferred brands. Especially, we compare it with the Volador Forty-two Inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser and the White Wave Bamboo Longboard.

We selected these brand names because they stand for an inexpensive alternative for people who assume the Ten Toes Brand Name is not for them. They likewise help us determine a few of the toughness as well as weak points connected with the brand.

1) Volador Forty-two Inch Freeride Longboard Full Cruiser

The Volador brand name is an additional longboard company that provides outstanding newbie products. If you do not such as the traditional internet user styles associated with the Ten Toes brand, then we assume you will enjoy the twelve different styles the Volador Forty-two Inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser.

They cover whatever from Eastern fish layouts, to cosmic worldly alignments. The board also includes a decrease via deck design, that makes it extra ideal for hills and also half pipes.

The Volador Forty-two Inch Freeride Longboard Full Cruiser expenses sixty-six bucks, that makes it approximately the very same price as the Ten Toes brand. Like the Ten Toes version, the Volador features basic bearings that will most likely require replacing soon after purchase.

However, the general style is much lighter than the Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard— nearly two extra pounds completely. Nevertheless, this lack of weight likewise makes it much more restrictive against more substantial individuals.

Anybody over two hundred and fifty extra pounds should not ride the Volador Forty-two Inch Freeride Longboard Full Cruiser.

2) White Wave Bamboo Longboard

If you do not mind investing a bit much more on your longboard, after that the White Wave Bamboo Longboard supplies a dependable item that can take care of a whole lot harder hillsides than the Volador Forty-two Inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser and 10 Toes Board Shop Zed Bamboo Longboard.

The item expenses around one hundred bucks as well as features similar deck material as 10 Toes brand. Yet the three-inch difference in length indicates the White Wave Bamboo Longboard is a lot more portable and also manoeuvrable. The item additionally features significant improvements in regards to bearings and also trucks.

The seven-inch light weight aluminum trucks make sculpting and turning incredibly simple. Sadly, the White Wave Bamboo Longboard does include some flaws. For something, the board evaluates almost ten pounds that makes it the heaviest longboard on this checklist.

While this attribute does imply it can support much more significant people, it additionally makes bring things around a little bit of a discomfort. As such, we suggest this product for a newbie or intermediate longboarders who desire something that can take care of challenging hillsides and also courses.

If you desire a longboard for transport and riding, after that we recommend obtaining a cruiser. They are less costly as well as a lot more comfortable in regards to carrying it while not riding.

10 Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard Advantages And Disadvantages

In this section, we will certainly go over a few of the important things we such as about the 10 Toes Board Shop Zed Bamboo Longboard as well as some points we think might make use of enhancement. We consist of both user reviews and our very own experience with the item so we can obtain a more unbiased and complete sight of the longboard.


The important things we such as most concerning the 10 Toes Board Shop Zed Bamboo Longboard is the general feeling as well as color options. Every person captures the search an island board from the 50s or 60s, and give it a distinct West Coast/Hawaiian feel.

Also if you grow out of the board in regards to its usefulness, you can still hang it on the wall for some rad art decorations. We also discover that the general building of the longboard fits the riding styles of most new longboards. It rides smooth, does not go as well fast, as well as can deal with minor bumps and debris.

The included security from the vast wheels means less dropping and also extra fun for brand-new riders. If you desire a longboard specifically for cruising, after that this set is an excellent option. The cost of the longboard is another precise pro.

Ten Toes Longboard Review: Lightweight, Sturdy, And Tons Of Fun photo 2

The board just sets you back around sixty bucks and also uses several of the attributes of board 2 times that rate. One more advantage of the longboard is it can sustain bigger bikers that evaluate as much as three hundred pounds.

It can deal with more weight because of the strong building of the board, which includes a mix of bamboo for look and also Maplewood for strength.


  • Wonderful style and also color alternatives

  • Well constructed for new individuals

  • Extremely inexpensive

  • Can sustain bigger people


Nevertheless, some pretty extreme disadvantages come with the Ten Toes Board Shop Zed Bamboo Longboard that we think you must be aware of prior to buying. For one point, the board product offers almost no flexibility in any way— it feels like basing on a things wood board.

Picture source: Pexels

While some people may not respect this feature, it makes it hard for sharp turns and carving. Likewise, the longboard is not really portable. While the eight-pound weight is manageable (though it is nothing to write home about), the length of the board is what prevents its ability to move.

The forty-four inches seems a little bit too much, and also it suggests you can only lug about the board one certain method. The wheels are not wonderful either because of their wideness. Wide wheels mean even more rubbing when you ride. This reality means that you will certainly need to press more difficult to roll slower.

However, for some brand-new cyclists who do not want to go quickly, this feature might really act as a benefit. The bearings on the item work all right, however they wear down rapidly. Thus, we advise replacing them immediately.

Additionally, make sure you change the vehicles prior to you ride it based on your choice. Some people prefer loosened trucks for carving, while others choose the control of tight vehicles. It boils down to preference, yet if you jump on the board expecting shut trucks, then you may end up getting pain.


  • Board is hard as a rock

  • Forty-four-inch board as well long

  • Common wheel and plain bearings

  • Trucks as well loosened for some motorcyclists

Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard Testimonial Verdict

In our opinion, the 10 Toes Board Stand Zed Bamboo Longboard represents an exceptional purchase for someone completely brand-new to the hobby. If you never rode a longboard before and also feel nervous dedicating to a pricey item, after that the Ten Toes Board will ensure you obtain your money’s worth.

For just sixty bucks, the items supply a smooth trip as well as an outstanding travelling experience. The general design of the board helps ensure less crashes, and also the vehicles come loose sufficient for extensive sculpting if you prefer it.

However, if you price yourself as a minimum of a moderately competent longboarder, after that we think you must look somewhere else. For one thing, the bearings that include the item work poorly and also will certainly require changing.

Photo resource: Pexels

Likewise, while the wheels aid brand-new riders obtain a feeling of equilibrium, they can reduce more proficient bikers. Because of this you will also probably intend to replace the wheels. Several seasoned players despise the inflexible nature of the item.

While the included degree of firmness helps larger bikers, it can impede much more high speed and also sharp maneuvers. The product also is not excellent for hills— especially high ones. Thus, we suggest care before continuing.

However, we think for the rate supplied the 10 Toes Board Shop Zed Bamboo Longboard represents superb worth for new bikers. Much from being an economical Walmart board, the item truly offers a great deal for any type of novice, regardless of their age.

Therefore, we give it a final rating of four stars out of 5 star. We hope this 10 Toes Longboard evaluation assisted you make a decision whether the item fits your riding style. For straightforward transport as well as minor hills, we assume you can not ask for a far better outcome. Best of luck during the rest of your shopping procedure!