The Best Wheels for Your Longboard

Finding the right wheel can be an intimidating process. When looking at how many different types of longboard wheels that are on the market right now, it’s easy for anyone to get overwhelmed.

Since there seems to be an endless supply to choose from, each wheel must give the rider a unique ride, right?

It’s impossible to test ride each and every wheel out there to see which works for your board and riding style. Without ever doubting the choice, you need to know that there are several key factors that go into choosing a wheel.

After seeing the list of wheels below, you might need to do a little more homework to see which wheel works best for your style.

The Best Longboard Wheels

The best wheels are the round ones. Duh.

Just kidding. But seriously, there are so many wheels out there but when it comes to features, there are only a few differences that you need to take into account. Riding the wheels that are BEST for YOU will make or break your riding experience.

Here are the best long wheels of 2018 that you’ll definitely want to check out.

1) Orangatang Kegel 80mm

Orangatang Kegel 80mm

The Orangatang Kegel is the winner when it comes to high-speed action. The massively large 80mm diameter wheel generates high roll speeds while a comfortable width of 56 mm allows for a nice balance of traction and slide response when making those big carves.

The straight profile outer lip is soft enough to hug any surface for grip while giving you consistent performance as the wheel wears down. The inner lip has an mild inward bevel for race-worthy traction and drifts.

The 46mm core has a deep valley-shaped cross section that reduces the wheel weight while giving you great acceleration, a ton of momentum, and solid slides.

The Kegel is the perfect wheel for high roll speed, excellent traction, and smooth, predictable drifts.

2) Orangatang Stimulus 70mm

Orangatang Stimulus 70mm Longboard Skate Wheels

This wheel has set the stage in freeride longboard wheels.

Made of from high-rebound urethane, these wheels will leave you a little less worried about hitting a small rock or getting hung up on a crack in the pavement.

The offset design and it’s relatively wide contact patch for grip will make you excited about the longevity and smooth sliding abilities of the Stimulus Freeride wheel. The rounded inner and outer lips will give you smooth, consistent slides.

The 70mm is the wheel to choose for around for quick acceleration and enhanced control.

3) Fireball Incendo 70mm Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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This red hot wheel, the Incendo, blends freeride and grip into the ideal all-around 70mm wheel. The core is offset with fat lips allowing for the perfect amount of grip when taking those corners and are hard carves.

When you break into a slide, the Fireball SlidePrepped surface allows you take full control of what’s going on leaving you amped up for more. The angled lips create a larger contact patch and offers each rider a good amount of urethane relative to the size of the core.

These wheels sit at 70mm tall, 54mm wide and have a a durometer options of 81a, 84a, 87a. You won’t regret these wheels no matter what kind of carving you do.

So Which Wheel is Best?

The answer really isn’t as clear cut as you were hoping for. But you should now know more about longboard wheels that will give you some clarity on finding the wheel that will work best for you.

There are some great contenders out there. Each wheel is slightly different than the other. There’s a good chance that if you choose any of the wheels from above, you’ll be a happy rider.

If you are still needing some more information, you can look at some of our other posts discussing about longboard wheels.

One final thought for you is that if you do decide on a wheel and you end up not liking it after a few rides, it’s not the end of the world. Go back to the drawing board and try out a different wheel. You’ll know immediately when you’ve found the right wheel.