What Is a Longboard? We’ve Asked the Pros

There has actually been a lot of buzz around longboards over the last few years, but really few non-professionals can inform exactly why. To the inexperienced eye, a longboard looks similar to a normal yet much longer skateboard, right? Nonetheless, size isn’t the only distinction.

The more-often-than-not-odd-looking board and also the linked riding style have their own names too: ‘longboard’ aTo the untrained eye, a longboard looks just like a regular yet much longer skateboard, right? However, size isn’t the only difference.ongboarding has slowly created a number of special sub-styles, like downhill competing or ‘dance.’ So, the concern is …

What Is a Longboard?

In short, a longboard is similar to a skateboard, yet it is faster, much more steady, and better suited for cruising, racing, and travelling than skateboards due to small differences in design (like a longer deck, softer wheels, and also turn around kingpin vehicle).

A longboard will give you extra control, security, and also shock absorption, which makes this boards ideal for various kinds of surfaces. With a longboard, you’ll have the ability to travel to your heart’s content for miles, as it is more comfortable and able of buffering splits as well as pebbles on the walkway than a skateboard.

With their small wheels and brief deck, skateboards are best used in skateparks and also various other locations with a flat and also obstacle-free surface. This may be why some legislators have banned skateboarding via entire cities and also countries. However allow’s return to longboards.

Longboarding History— In Short

The longboard started as a longer skateboard yet evolved technologically into a board with its own character. Skateboarding had actually been long seen as a kid’s play up until someone in a browsing area had the suggestion of turning the mobile wood planks into miniature surfboards for those times when waves were either flat or also harsh to browse.

From that factor on, skateboarding was no more for children’ only. Dozens of grownups in coastal areas came to be extremely interested in it and even provided it a name— «sidewalk searching» or «street searching». It is believed that sidewalk searching emerged in Hawaii in the 40s or early 50s each time surfing was significantly popular in the state.

Increasingly more internet users began tweaking their skateboards (see pic) to be able to simulate the slow-moving movement of the waves. They included longer decks, larger wheels and slowly the longboard was birthed. In the late 1950s, skateboards and longboards were already readily offered.

However by the 1970s, longboarding had shed grip. However when the urethane wheel was presented, instantly, longboarders were able to hit extraordinary downhill speeds. However, the boards were still not adaptable as well as steady sufficient for downhill racing to become a sporting activity up until the invention of the reverse authority skate truck in the 1990s.

It was after that factor, that longboards came to be secure and adaptable sufficient to mimic the sensation of riding the waves. And the rest, as they say, is background.

Longboard versus Skateboard— Exactly How to Let them know Apart

At a very first look, a nonprofessional could mistake a longboard for a skateboard, specifically if the longboard is of a smaller sized size. Yet, both boards are various in numerous other means next to size. Because of their tougher building, longboards can get to higher rates than skateboards. Yet since skateboards aren’t constructed for stability as well as speed, skateboarders achieve the essential thrust and also speed by pushing off the sidewalk with one foot.

On a longboard, you can attain the wanted thrust as well as pressure by simply pumping the board backward and forward without taking the feet off of the board. Another type of cruising style on a longboard is called gyrating. This is when the longboarder is gently moving the board a bit left as well as right with their feet while riding.

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Beside riding design differences, there are likewise crucial style distinctions between the two boards. You can conveniently tell a skateboard as well as a longboard apart by taking a look at their decks’ design. A skateboard’s deck will usually have both ends bent upwards, an information that allows skateboarders do some of their preferred stunts. Additionally, skateboards have smaller and tougher wheels than longboards’. Smaller wheels are fantastic for maintaining equilibrium and also skillfully doing skateboard methods, however they are not so wonderful for riding around outside the skatepark.

An additional key design component that informs the two boards apart is the reverse authority (RKP) vehicle (see pic, right). This vehicle gives a lot more security as it rests less than the standard skateboard vehicle (TKP) and also is generally found in longboards. Nevertheless, some longboard versions feature the standard kingpin vehicle as a result of the additional control that it offers.

For a comprehensive blog post on the distinctions between longboards and skateboards and their pros and cons, check out our other message here!

.?. !! Who is a longboard for?

If you are more right into travelling as well as road browsing throughout the city, after that a longboard is for you. If you are truly right into ramping as well as techniques i.e. a really skatepark addict, after that get a skateboard.

Additionally, longboards are suitable for novices because they are much more steady as well as you’ll have the ability to discover your equilibrium as well as learn the fundamental steps much faster. You can later upgrade to a skateboard.

For travelers and also cross-country lovers, longboards are the way to go as they are the comfiest for longer trips. Skateboards are less stable and also riskier to ride in a street than longboards as their location is in a skatepark, by design.

What to Seek in a Longboard as a Novice

Picking a great newbie longboard can be a daunting task as there isn’t much info out there. But you should mainly concentrate on the deck as well as wheels.


The deck’s sizes and shape are crucial when simply beginning. Drop-through decks are excellent for beginners since they are extra versatile and also the center of gravity is more detailed to the ground hence offering even more security when travelling. These decks are likewise excellent at shock absorption.

If you are no more anxious regarding groups as well as road obstacles and desire a board for transport, after that get a ‘cruiser’ deck. These decks are typically smaller that drop-through and less complicated to browse in crowded places.

When it concerns size, a medium-length deck (32″ -42″) is best for any travelling scenario. For outright newbies, we advise a slightly longer deck (42″ -46″) for the additional stability and also rail-to-rail equilibrium. However, a longer deck is very hard to ride on in a busy street as well as it is heavier. Longer decks are normally the go-to alternative of web surfers for practice in their downtime. Smaller longboards (28″ -32″), which can be quickly taken for skateboards, are suggested for smaller sized motorcyclists.


When seeking the right wheels, think about the size and durometer rating (much more on that momentarily). The rule of thumb is that larger wheels must be paired with bigger decks, while smaller sized wheels must opt for smaller decks. A big wheel on a tiny longboard will simply scrub against all-time low of the board reducing you down as well as damaging your board.

As a standard, for 40-46″ decks, choose wheels in the 70-75mm range; for 34″ -42″ decks get 68-72mm wheels and also for 28″ -34″ decks, obtain 60-67mm wheels.

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Another vital variable to take into consideration is the wheel’s durometer rating, which measurers the wheel’s hardness. For longboards, a durometer rating in the 78a-87a is the safest alternative. These are the softest wheels with one of the most hold, which makes them perfect for harsh, irregular surfaces as well as prolonged travelling.

Your weight additionally plays a vital duty. The heaver you are the harder your longboard’s wheels ought to be. Or else, you’ll shed acceleration as well as really feel every pebble as well as crack when traveling. Tires in the 78a-80a variety are optimal for riders considering approximately 135 pounds. Wheels in the 80a-83a as well as 83a-86a arrays, are excellent for riders/loads between 135 and 175 pounds and 175lbs and also up, specifically.

We have handpicked a few of the best longboards for newbies that want to find out longboarding the simple method. We recommend purchasing a high quality longboard, as a $15 board from Walmart just won’t do. Take a look at the specifications and rates yourself!

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Pursuit Tribes Pin Kick Tail Longboard
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RIMABLE 41 Inch Drop Deck Total Longboard.
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Atom Decline Through Longboard (40 Inch).
9.8/ 10.



Longboards are skateboard’s longer and also more adaptable and also secure relatives as well as are every serious road internet user’s dream happened. However, if you enjoy feats and ramping, a skateboard is for you even though some longboards can be made use of for both cruising and stunts. What do you consider longboards? Are they for you? Leave your ideas below.

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