What Longboard Should I Get? How to Find the Perfect Fit

You may be asking yourself, «What dimension longboard should I get? Longboarding is an enjoyable activity that individuals of any ages and also sexes can participate. It resembles a skateboard, yet longboards are longer and have larger wheels. Lots of people find longboarding easier than skateboarding as a result of the additional stability.

While the majority of people ride longboards for enjoyable, there are additionally affordable races. Longboards are additionally smoother to coastline on than conventional skateboards, that makes them ideal for travelling or cruising around town.

Makers produce longboards in a selection of dimensions. The size that is ideal for you can depend on a wide variety of aspects, including your experience and exactly how you plan to use the device. It’s critical that you consider all factors when choosing the correct longboard dimension.

Just how To Choose The Right Longboard

The majority of makers make longboards of plywood, usually from birch or maple. The plywood is layered along with solid adhesive to produce the deck of the longboard. The decks are reduced into different shapes and sizes, and the metal vehicles as well as polyurethane wheels are added.

Some longboards that are customized made can be designed with certain materials asked for by the motorcyclist.

How To Pick The Right Longboard

Once you decide you are ready to longboard, you need to choose the appropriate board dimension. There are several points you should consider when selecting a board and wondering, what dimension longboard should I get? Right here are a few of them.

Riding Style

The type of riding you do plays a considerable role in the size of the board you need. You require to think of just how you ride as well as choose a board that is the right size for that riding design. If you are new to longboarding, you might just wish to pick a dimension that works for all types of riding. You can constantly choose a new board once you come to be a better longboarder.


Consider your elevation as well as pick a board accordingly. Much shorter individuals can usually do well with a board that is shorter in size. Taller people need longer boards. If you consider yourself to be average in elevation, pick a board size that is ideal in the middle.


If you are a skilled boarder, you might recognize exactly what sort of board you need. If you aren’t very skilled, you might intend to simply opt for a midsized board as they are one of the most versatile and the safest choices. You can find out how to ride on these boards prior to making a decision if you need one that is a various size for a details kind of longboarding.

Personal Choice

For lots of people, it comes down to a matter of individual preference. While certain board sizes are best for sure types of boarding, lots of people have an option. You don’t need to utilize a board that is a certain dimension if it doesn’t really feel right.

If you feel like you can control a smaller sized or bigger board than what is suggested, than trust yourself. Every longboarder is various and just because one boarder likes a certain length doesn’t imply you have to utilize the very same size.


It’s necessary to be risk-free while longboarding which means choosing a board that is an ideal length that you can manage. You do not want a board that is also small, due to the fact that it may not benefit the type of boarding you do. The very same can be said for a board that is also long. Making use of the wrong size board can be dangerous, so pick the board intelligently.

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Types of Longboarding

When choosing the best longboard, you require to think of the method you ride as well as what sort of board dimension is finest for that design of longboarding. Certain boards are developed better for sure activities.

If you aren’t certain what design of longboarding you do one of the most or if you do more than one style typically, purchase a board that is functional and can be utilized for various sorts of longboarding.


If you are planning on using your longboard for cruising, it’s finest to choose one that is in between 28-46 inches long. You may want to travel on your longboard for a selection of factors.

Some people prefer them to cars due to the fact that they can navigate faster given that they don’t need to stress over website traffic. Choosing a board between 28 and 46 inches long will permit you to rapidly transform as well as ride with comfort regardless of where you are headed.


A great deal of people enjoy longboarding downhill. They may do it competitively or just for fun. If you like to ride a longboard already, you understand there is absolutely nothing far better than riding down a hillside at full throttle. You still require to have some control, so it’s finest to choose a board that is much longer.

It’s best to choose one that is 36 inches or longer. A longer board will certainly help you get the power you require to make it down capital and aid you obtain faster. Remember, downhill longboarding is except newbies and can be harmful.


If you wish to freeride on your longboard, you require a board that is long as well as has lots of security. Freeriders will board down hillsides, up hillsides, as well as on flat surface areas. You need to be able to regulate your board in all conditions whether you are walking around edges at broadband or on flat land. Pick a board that is around 38— 42 inches for best results.


Freestyle longboarding is outstanding for newbies and also suggests you can make use of any kind of board you want for any kind of sort of riding. It’s all about checking out new sizes and shapes and also discovering just how you ride. You may discover that you favor a longboard that is much longer or much shorter than the average individual would utilize for the sort of boarding you like.

Most individuals start with freestyle longboarding until they choose what type of boarding they like best as well as what dimension board they need.

Other Things To Take Into Consideration When Choosing A Longboard

Still asking yourself, «What size longboard should I obtain?» While the length of the longboard is among the most crucial things to consider when shopping for a new board, there are various other points you ought to think about too.

These things can aid make longboarding less complicated and more comfortable.

  • Deck Style

  • Deck Flex

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  • Kicktails

  • Deck Product

  • Wheel Product

  • Deck Layout

Ideally, youngsters understand you can do anything you desire. Skateboarding can be that entrance.

— Ryan Sheckler

Longboard Safety And Security Tips

Whatever dimension board you choose, you need to be secure while longboarding. Longboarding can be hazardous for a lot of reasons, and it’s important to stay safe during all types of riding styles and affordable occasions. Below are a few safety and security pointers that can assist make you a better boarder.

Appropriate Gear

Despite just how excellent you go to longboarding, there is constantly a chance you could fall off the board as well as obtain harmed. If you aren’t wearing a headgear as well as other safety equipment, you might struggle with some severe injuries. Be sure to put on a safety helmet, gloves, arm joint and knee pads anytime you go boarding.

Board Checks

You will certainly need to check your board prior to you utilize it and also you might need to tweak as well as tighten up certain parts, specifically the truck and bearings. If your board isn’t in good working problem, you won’t have the ability to manage it correctly, as well as it could even break while you are on it as well as lead to an accident or injury. Always check your board before you ride it.

Keep Alert

A lot of longboarders select to do so on main roads where there is a lot of web traffic. While you might expect automobiles to look out for you, you can’t trust it. You ought to constantly look out and also pay attention to website traffic.

You likewise require to enjoy the conditions of the roadways and sidewalks where you are boarding, so you do not mistakenly strike a bump or split and have an accident. Constantly comply with roadway indications and web traffic policies as well as make certain to view before crossing a street.

Pedestrian Safety and security

You do not just wish to keep on your own risk-free while you are longboarding, however also pedestrians. A great deal ofindividuals most likely utilize the same roadways and sidewalks as you and also if you face them while longboarding; it can trigger extreme injuries for both of you. Ensure you look for individuals and avoid congested pathways and also roads when feasible.

Watch Your Rate

It can be tempting to go quick on your longboard but don’t go as well quick or pick up speed when you aren’t prepared. Longboarders go much faster than they understand and also if you unintentionally get going as well quick down a hill, you need to have the ability to manage the board. Certain it’s fun to go quick, however work up to greater speeds and do not begin going as well fast.

Know Exactly How to Stop

You can quit your board with the break, or you can slide to quit. Most people prefer to glide to a stop because it’s simpler and can quit them at faster rates. Still, you need to understand exactly how to use your breaks.

Practice both sliding to a quit and breaking to find out exactly how to master both of them. Method quiting on both level surface areas and hills up until you get the hang of it. If you aren’t comfy quiting one means, you can constantly choose the other