ZFlex Longboard Review: Your Capable Skating Companion

Do you wish for cruising on the open sidewalk, moving down hillsides at top speed, or gradually sculpting your way down a decrease? If your search has led you here, you remain in the ideal place. Longboarding is not only excellent exercise; it’s likewise an ideal means of transport and an one-of-a-kind leisure activity that will have you prepared to travel Venice Beach in a snap.

Whether you have actually been skating considering that you were a simple grommet or you are brand-new to the sport, there’s a lot to find out about skateboarding, as well as about longboards particularly.

Today, we’re diving deep right into the world of long time skate boarding leader, Z-Flex as well as their unique line of Longboards which are not only excellent looking yet have a history of exceptional development. So is it all hype? Or does Z-Flex outclass its rivals? We checked the Z-Flex longboard versus several other trusted names in skate boarding to bring you our outcomes. Maintain reading to see just how they stood.

What Is a ZFlex Longboard?

Z-Flex Longboards are skateboards. It’s as basic as that. What makes a skateboard a longboard is its length. A typical «shortboard» or regular skateboard has to do with 28″— 33″ while an average longboard is anywhere from 34″- 47″.

Z-Flex is the name of a longtime skateboarding business that grew from the fabulous Zephyr Skate boarding group of Santa Monica, CA. They’re world-renowned for their technological development and imaginative board layouts, which have kept this brand at the center of skate boarding society given that 1976.

Z-Flex longboards been available in a number of different layouts, including the pintail, which concerns a point on both the front as well as back of the board. The roundtail board has even more of a rounded factor ahead than the pintail and also supplies a kicktail in the back for included performance. Ultimately, Zflex provides the decline via, which has an intermediary for the vehicles, dropping the platform as well as providing greater control for downhill rates.

Z-Flex Longboard Product Specifications

Now that we understand some essentials of longboarding and are a little much more knowledgeable about that Z-flex is, we can take a closer look at the board itself.

Z-Flex boards are made with 9-Ply 100% Canadian Wood Maple, developed strong to last you mile after mile of cruising. You can fully customize to your heart’s web content and also buy everything individually, or as a full bundle, ready to ride directly from the box. Today we’re going to speak about two different models that can be found directly from the Z-Flex web site.

The Moving Sidewalk

Black Pintail board, offered on their website, zflex.com, is 38 inches long by 9 inches large, making it a perfect board for anyone looking to make a smooth change into skateboarding as a means of transportation. 69 MM, 83A Z-Flex Longboard Tires and the fishtail or pintail form cut down considerably on wheel bite (when your deck touches the wheel, triggering your board to find to an abrupt stop.)

The Shellfish Mixed drink Roundtail board, also readily available on zflex.com is 39.5″ long and also 9.5″ vast including 69 MM, 83A Z-Flex Longboard Wheels as well as Z-Flex 45 ° 180MM Opposite Powder-coated Trucks. The Roundtail, while liked by many for its kickboard, may have some issues with wheel bite so included risers might remain in order. Make sure you test your board prior to «remove,» this will certainly help you prevent significant injury!

Spec Table

Moving Pathway Black Pintail by Z-Flex

Z-Flex Pintail Longboard— Red Relocating Pathway
  • Length: 38 ″|Width: 9 ″
  • 9 Ply Building, 100% Canadian Acid Rock Maple
  • 69mm, 83A Z-Flex Longboard Wheels
  • Z-Flex 45 ° 180mm Reverse Powder-coated Trucks
  • Abec 7 Bearings & & Die Cut Grasp Tape

Store currently at Amazon.com

  • Length— 38 inches

  • Size— 9 inches

  • Product— 9 ply 100% Canadian Acid Rock Maple

  • Tires— 69 MM, 83A Z-Flex Longboard Tires

  • Trucks— Z-Flex 45 ° 180MM Reverse Powder-coated Trucks

  • Wheel Attack?— Not typical

    ZFlex Longboard Review: Your Capable Skating Companion image 1
  • Warranty?— One year

  • Cost?— $129.00 using zflex.com

Zirconia Roundtail by Z-Flex

  • Size— 39.5 inches

  • Width— 9.5 inches

  • Product— 9 ply 100% Canadian Acid Rock Maple

  • Wheels— 69 MM, 83A Z-Flex Longboard Wheels

  • Trucks— Z-Flex 45 ° 180MM Opposite Powder-coated Trucks

  • Wheel Attack?— 83A Soft Cushions (to help stop wheel bite)

  • Warranty?— One year

  • Rate?— 96.99 via zflex.com

Zed Bamboo Longboard by Retrospec (Amazon’s # 1 finest selling longboard)

  • Length— 44 inches

  • Width— 9.5 inches

  • Product— Bamboo as well as Canadian Maple

  • Tires— 70x50mm

  • Trucks— reverse authority associate accuracy ABEC-7 Birthing

  • Wheel Attack?— custom wheel well to remove wheel bite

  • Service warranty?— of course, call manufacturer

  • Price?— 59.99 using Amazon.com

Just how much Does a Z-Flex Longboard Cost?

Z-Flex Jay Adams Swimming Pool Full Skateboard— Tri-Ply
  • L: 32 ″|W: 9.5 ″|WB: 15.25 ″
  • 7 Ply Construction, 100% Canadian Hard Rock Maple
  • 58mm 97A Wheels
  • 6.25 ″ Z-Flex Trucks
  • Abec 7 Z-Speed Bearings & & Pass Away Cut Hold Tape

Shop currently at Amazon.com

A full Z-Flex longboard is going to cost you anywhere from $80— $160 depending on what kind of design you want and which graphics appeal to you most. The pintail, which we favor, is running around $90— $129 on zflex.com.

ZFlex Longboard Review: Your Capable Skating Companion image 2

Advantages and disadvantages of a Z-Flex Longboard

Z-flex Longboards are flexy, fun, very easy to make use of and look cool. They’re sturdily developed, simple to tailor and also an exceptional methods of transportation. All in all, they’re a superb buy if you’re new to Longboarding, or a master.

There are some apparent pros to consider. First, they are among the earliest longboarding companies about, they are understood for being cutting-edge and having a very excellent quality board.

The pintail by Z-Flex tends to be on the much shorter side of the longboard range, being available in at 38 inches. The advantage here is that it’s less complicated to control than state, the 44-inch board by Retrospec. The Zflex likewise includes a 1-year warranty, offering you some satisfaction when buying.

The wheels, trucks, as well as bearings are all of the finest quality and also don’t require much tweaking.

On the various other hand, the price of the Z-Flex is greater than other boards you may find on Amazon.com or at your local sporting/skateboard shop. Some might be disappointed by the size of the board, as it gets on the short side for a longboard.

There isn’t much variety in layouts or shades so this may be one you’ll need to tailor on your own. Although, numerous see the advantages in beginning with a standard board, and also including in it as they go. It’s a personal preference.

Below are the succinct benefits and drawbacks we discovered in our ZFlex Longboard testimonial. PROS Fantastic Workout Easy to learn on

An innovative as well as recognized brand Quality materials and also

strong craftsmanship 1-year service warranty

CONS Short for a longboard

  • Not much option in style Can be pricy for

  • a newbie Our Last Score: Z-Flex Longboard

  • In conclusion, the Zflex Longboard is

  • constructed to cruise

    • . It’s an exceptional skateboard with

    • some awesome attributes and is backed up by

    • being a veteran pioneer

    of the sporting activity. We enjoy its laid back, humble

    look and take pleasure in the shorter size of the board. It really appears like a surfboard, which obtains us stoked, yet isn’t troublesome. Unfortunately, the Retrospec, being a longer board, does not do it for us the method a ZFlex does. We want to have that surf sensation, the cruise sensation. Being that the Z-flex is much more

    mobile, we can not aid yet want to use it as our everyday commuter board. It’s a lot easier to carry, as well as its wheels are by far several of the most effective worldwide. The Z-flex, certainly, has its downsides. It lacks a lot of variety in style. Meaning, there isn’t much to select from as far as individual style goes.

    Nevertheless, that’s not to say you can’t upgrade and switch over things about by yourself; we desire there were even more choices as a total. Some may likewise not such as that it’s a much shorter longboard. Some might delight in the weight and feel of being on a genuinely lengthy surf-type board. As well as while that’s good for

    those individuals, we enjoy the size as well as feel of the 38″pintail. There was a great deal to think of in our ZFlex longboard testimonial. Inevitably it boiled down to, would certainly we bought this product? The solution? OF COURSE! The

    price, the appearance, the feeling, we love this board.